1950 STUDEBAKER CHAMPION STARLIGHT COUPE Runs so smooth must see! price drop!

1950 Studebaker Champion

Make: Studebaker
Model: Champion
SubModel: starlight coupe
Type: Starlight Coupe
Year: 1950
Mileage: 38255
VIN: 4056202850
Color: Green
Engine: Starlight panoramic rear seat viewing
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: gas
Transmission: manual with overdrive
Interior color: White
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Safety: not many in 1950, brakes!
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Lexington, Oklahoma, United States
Starlight panoramic rear seat viewing

Description for Studebaker Champion 1950

This Starlight coupe had only three owners its whole life. The last owner had it 42 years! This car has been refurbished Twice in the last 42 years, that explains its exceptional condition.
There is very little rust in or on the car. It will not need any panel replacement. Just look at the patina. It took 20 years to get it to this point. I might want to putclear on the body just to protect the patina! I am a mechanic for a living and have been doing it for over 25 years.
When I first inspected the engine after sitting for approx 20 years it turned overby hand. I mean it was smooth, not stuck at all even in the least little bit. I put marvel oil in every cylinder just to be safe. Rotated the engine several times by hand. Put a 12 volt battery in her that has one bad cell so it only has 10 volts. After putting a small shot of gas in the carb I cranked it. First time the engine rotated it huffed, next time to spin it came to life aftersitting 20 some years!
I was amazed at how smooth and quiet this engine is.
I have the fuel line unhooked from the carb to gravity feed the carb from an externalfuel tank. The fuel line was just hanging there and fuel started to pump out of the tank.

The only reason the car was parked was because the master cylinder developed a leak. I am sure the car will at least need the brakes all taken apart and cleaned, possibly new brake components but in a few days work you could be driving this gem while fixing it up or just enjoyit every day like it is! The Champ has a windshield visor,headliner material and bows and plenty of extra chrome pieces and bumper parts. This car has hill hold, most all of you Studebaker fans know what that is, for you youngsters(anyone under 40 or so) it means the car has two brake master cylinders. One is for the regular brakes and one is for holding the car in place in case your on a hill and you do not want to rollback and hit the person behind you. You simply push the brake down and pull a lever, as soonas you start moving forward the "hill hold" brake releases.
The trunk will need a couple patches to fix a couple rust holes. There are just a couple spots on the body that have minor surface rust. The rust on the body is not all the way through and will be easy to fix. The deck lid down low will need some work. It is rusty but does not go clear through the deck lid. For those of you who are afraid to buy a car in the dark, (without seeing in person) Just send me a message of what area you would like to see and I will take pics of any area you want to see. The car rolls with ease!!
On a flat surface you can push it with one hand!
The original six cylinder engine has been rebuilt twice. The last rebuild the car was driven approx. 2500 miles, and was in top running condition.

There are plenty of underneath pics just to show you the amazing rust free condition. If your interested in restoring one then this is your new car. If your interested in making aresto mod then this is your new car.
If you just want to drive around and watch people rubber necking then this is your new car.
Business owners (especially used car dealers) just paint this car red and put someshiny wheels on her and just sit back and watch all the people stop in just to seewhat kind of car that is and how much you want for her! The solid body will save youmonths of work and thousands of dollars in sheet metal!
Remember the " Muppets Take Manhattan"?
One of these Starliner's was in that movie and the car was good enough for the Muppets then it will be good enough for anybody. I keep thinking how cool would it have been to ride in the back seat of this car, you wouldget a unique view to say the least.
CHECK MY FEEDBACK and BUY with CONFIDENCE. You can give me a call at 405 620 2850. Texting is best because I work as a diesel mechanic and cannot hear the phone ring most of the time. Get this car now while you can. The is only the second time in 40 plus years that it has been offeredup for sale.
Who knows when it will be for sale again??
Lucky buyer to pay a 500 non refundable deposit within 32 hours and is on the buyer

Thank you for looking at this Starlight auction and have a great rest of your life!!!
Danny aka onefatman!

ps:,, Do not be afraid to throw me an offer.