Subaru 360 Deluxe (Complete, Upgraded, and one of a kind)

1969 Subaru 360 Deluxe

Condition: Used
Make: Subaru
Model: 360
SubModel: Deluxe
Type: Sedan
Trim: 2 suicide door
Year: 1969
Mileage: 26,801
Color: White
Fuel: Unleaded, 2 cycle oil injected
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Description for Subaru 360 1969

NOTE: The other auction containing this vehicle was previously ended because it was mis-categorized. After speaking with eBay support they recommended that I end it and relist under eBay motors to allow proper exposure.My apologies to those that were watching it.Thank you all so very much for looking at my Sedan. it's been a very big part of my family for many yearsI'm going to break this description down into a few parts so it's easier to get an idea of what you're looking at here.For additional photos, lease do visit my webpage.CLICK HERE-----What am I looking at?----This is a 1969 Subaru 360.I rescued this car from a barn where it sat for 14 years in a dissembled and neglected heap.If you'd like to know more about what a Subaru 360 Sedan is you can check this link to the generic wiki info about it but some details of the wiki is inaccurate and I cant figure out who to speak with to make the corrections. a prospective Subaru 360 owner I invite you to check out our website Click here to go to the Subaru 360 drivers club. If you buy this car you'll want to sign up there asap anyway.. There is no place on earth with more information or support than the Subaru 360 Drivers Club.----What makes this one so special?----Well.. for one thing, t runs and drives...Ifyou'vebeen looking for a Subaru 360 for any length of time you know that the majority of the available sedans are not ready to be driven. and usually are waiting for some major repair requiringcomponentsthat are hard to obtain..I drive this sedan as frequently as I can, t's my therapy.. and its good for the car.( The sound in this video is a little warbled due to the processing on my phone/camera )For almost a decade this particular car has been known to be one of the most experimented on Subaru 360 in the world.It's actually been dubbed "The Lab Rat" by my close friends in the communityWhat that means is that this car has not only been reassembled and returned to the streets but it has also been the test pilot vehicle forseveral previously unobtainable re-manufactured parts including brake seals, uel valves, nd also more exotic conversions in the form of 2 iterations of a complete Electronic Fuel Injection and ignition system.The likes of which has become the rage among our Japanese 360 friends.This car ran for years on a hand built MS2 ECU while testing both ITB's and a Plenum style single 46mm TB intake.As it sits now, he engine installed has been updated with some very difficult to obtain components in order to complete what is now known as the EK32/33 conversion.Basically the conversion comprises of the major components that differ from the 1970 R2 EK33 engine which was listed to have 10HP more than the EK32 found in the 360 Deluxe and Young.This conversion includes the R2's high compression cylinders and 6 bolt heads, rankcase cover which holds the reed block and reed cages as well as the R2 clutch housing and starter.Other minor modifications were made as well such as extending the cylinder base studs to complete the swap.This engine has also been upgraded with the much sought after 3 speed final drive gearset mod.This upgrade transplants the final drive gears from a 1968 3 speed sedan into a newer 4 speed.This swap offers a considerable higher top speed.As well as the previous upgrades listed, his engine has also been outfitted with a Dual Solex BS32 carb rack which was originally used exclusively on the Subaru 360 Young SS, nd of which was never imported to the states.To mate these amazing carbs to the reed valves of the EK33 it meant that I needed to design and fabricate my own one of a kind aluminum intake manifold. I did this through a process known as Lost PLA casting.This is a photo of one of the early iterations of my intakeHere is a quick video summary of the actual process.And since these are CV carbs, hey require the installation of an air-box to properly help modulate the CV slide positions.For this I again had to design and cast a custom air-box.It has also been treated to the much more tuned JDM exhaust pipe configuration.There is a bit of a tuned section that does resonate and offer a slight increase in power that you can feel.----Where's it been?---This vehicle has participated in and continues to be displayed at various shows and events since I've gotten it running.It has been awarded many trophies for special interest categories and strangely enough it took 3rd place at a Volkswagen show?....You've got me on that one...The crowning jewel of this vehicle's history must have been the time it was invited to display for The LeMay Museum at the 2011 NY International Auto Show.If you google: "2011 NYIAS Subaru 360" You will find some photo's of it parked between a Citroen 2CV and a Crosley Fire truck.That's a dash plaque I have hanging on the wall proudly.---What does it need?---Well that's a good one and fortunately the list is much shorter now.Most importantly the car needs a new owner that will care for it properly.I joke around and say "Proper care and feeding" but thats really what it is.I don't want anyone who buys this vehicle to be in over their head. It's not your typical car that you buy and drive and call it good.This vehicle needs to go to someone that is aware of all the hurdles that are associated with Subaru 360 ownership.You can't just go to the nearest SOA and order parts. Why? Well, hey just don't exist.The only replacement parts you will find for this car are provided by re-manufacturers in the membership ranks of the Subaru 360 Drivers Club. That's it. end of story.People on eBay that sell Subaru 360 parts sometimes have no idea what the parts are and claim they are super rare and charge outrageous rates for them. Other sellers sell parts and say they fit the Subaru 360 but clearly they aren't made for it at all. i.e. radiator cap??In actuality yes some parts are rare, ut if you find it on eBay the chances are that it's not as rare as they are leading you on to believe.But speaking mechanically..I will detail more abut what this car needs than any other Subaru 360 offered on eBay to date.Why you ask, ecause I don't want this car to be thrown into the back of the garage because someone got in over their head.These cars need to run to be happy, ot sit in the shed to collect dust and decay.Tires:All 4 Kumho Powerstar 758's were put on at the same time..As of today the fronts need to be replaced because of a slight alignment issue early on that wasn't corrected. A same size spare is included in the parts bundle.Brakes:Updated master cylinderRear wheel cylinders were inspected, believe I replaced only the drivers side with the updated Justy wheel cylinder,The passenger side(?) unit will be included in the parts bundle. (can't recall which side it was but only one was changed)Front wheel cylinders had been honed and new seals installed 2 years ago, have noticed a slight loss of fluid over the winter when it was in storage so the seals may just need to be exercised to clear that up. I'm not sure which ones are weeping as I haven't pulled a wheel to check.E-brake cable is present but not currently functioning.The drivers side cable hangs up a little and needs to be cleaned and lubricated so I adjusted the pull to disable the functionality.All brakes could use a fresh inspection and cleaning/adjustment.Interior:The interior is complete with the exception to the dash pad. I have it but it is in several pieces. you may have it as a template.All seats are clean and have no ripsDrivers side kick panel (wheel well) cover is cracked, have an NOS spare in the parts bin but I am not sure which side it goes to.Door panels are complete but the clips are not holding on as well as they used to, ome may be missing..The panels aren't falling off the doors, hey just aren't 100% straight.Rear parcel shelf back flashing was trimmed by the P/O. the cardboard flashing used to rise higher in the rear wall but they trimmed it for some reason.. not a big deal but collectors may notice.all seat belts available as are BOTH of the ashtraysExterior:The car could use the magic touch of a professional body man..I don't have the skill or the nerve to work on this thin metal so the little dings and scratches the car has are chalked up as patina.I have only once been caught out in a storm but typically I never drive the car in the rain.One reason is that the rear fly windows need new seals (reproductions and alternate options are available).The front cowl vent need a new seal.Drivers and passenger doors "could use" new seals.I have a replacement rear window for the sedan.. in the early 1969 production run these cars had acrylic rear windows, n late 69-70 the window was switched to glass. this updated window will be included in the parts bundle.The car is solid with no rust anywhere and is about as complete as they come.Engine/Drive train:The engine and drive train are complete but could use a little tinkering to iron out a few bugs..One is the carb could be better dialed in.I have installed an LC1 Wide-band O2 Sensor in the exhaust but because I don't have a gauge I haven't been able to fine tune the jets in the carbs. it runs well but there are a few horses somewhere that can be unleashed. ( the LC1 was installed to work during the EFI test)The distributor should probably be replaced with the newer static timing version available via club members. The R2 used a static 16*BTDC and the dizzy installed is from a 360 sedan which uses timing advance which may be the cause of the missing ponies.There is a slight repetitive clunking in the drivers side axle.It sounds as if the universal joint may beginning to develop some play.I have a second hypothesis and that is that I forgot to install a thin shim on the differential carrier and the diff if moving slightly side to side when under load and the rear axles pull and push it as they rotate.I have installed a brass shifter linkage bushing, ome say it's harder to shift so urethane bushings are also available via the club if you'd like to swap it out.Fuel tank is fine with no leaks or damage. <--- That alone is worth the price of admission.I've seen other sedans on eBay move for ridiculous prices and then the owners show up in the forums and felt taken advantage of or lied to.I assure you this is not my way. I am trying to be as honest as I can about the cars condition, nd what it has or needs.More importantly, 'm trying to help you decide if this car is right for you.Is it perfect? Absolutely not. But if it's perfect enough to be on display for over 1 million visitors at the NYIAS then it's perfect enough for me.Most of these vehicles are long gone to neglect, r decomposing due to being out in the elements.This car is always garage kept.---Parts bundle---Along with the car will come many of the original components I had swapped out to convert this engine to an EK32/33. That means that with exception of the original carburetor and intake, ou'll have pretty much everything to take the car back to factory stock.I will include the ECU I built for it, he plenum and ITB components that were tested on it and most of the EFI harness.I also have other assorted spare parts that will go with it. (clutch parts, lywheels, tarter parts...)I have amassed a huge shop full of tools and skills to support these rare and beautiful vehicles. But hard times can sometimes make us sell things we don't really want to.Below is a slideshow attached to my photobucket account.Please feel free to watch it or you may visit and browse through my projects. Click here for my photobucket album Hopefully this little guy can bring as much joy to your garage as it has mine.I drive this car as much as I can to work which is approx 30 miles round trip.Note:Because this vehicle is older than 45 years of age it is being sold AS-IS.Shipping is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.A non refundable deposit is due at the close of the auction.All Sales are final an non refundable.Please ask any and all questions you may have before you bid.