1986 Turbo Charged Suzuki Samurai 1.6 16v Super Rare! NO RESERVE!

1986 Suzuki Samurai Turbo

Condition: Used
Make: Suzuki
Model: Samurai
Type: Convertible
Trim: Turbo
Year: 1986
Mileage: 14000
VIN: JS4JC51C5G4122371
Color: Orange
Engine: 1.6L 16v Turbo
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Ignacio, Colorado, United States
Ram Assist Steering, Rear Disk Breaks, Turbo, 4-Wheel Drive, CD Player, Convertible, Leather Seats

Description for Suzuki Samurai 1986

You are bidding on a very clean and very RARE Suzuki Samurai. This was a very long project vehicle for me and to be honest it was one of my top project vehicles i have ever got to work on. Many years, engineering, fabricating, and money has went into this vehicle to make it, dare i say, the best all around Samurai. Below i will explain in detail the improvements made and why Me and many other Samurai enthusiasts say its one of the best Samurais they have ever seen!

The first upgrade was the pitiful 1.3 liter engine that came with the stock samurai. I immediately upgraded the stock engine to the popular Suzuki 1.6 16v conversion and although that was a huge improvement it still lacked sufficient power especially with a lift and larger tires. I took this Sami with an upgraded engine to the dyno shop and realized why the 1.6L engine was not enough it makes 90hp at the flywheel and only 45 hp by the time that power got to the rear wheels. 45 hp!!!?????!!! That is embarrassing and disappointing!

I worked with my Tuner, read many books, and consulted with many turbo guros and designed a turbo system similar the turbo systems in the Audi 2.0L engines. The internals of the engine were revamped to handle high boost. This 1.6 has custom Wiseco Forged pistons, Arp Studs, forged H Beam connecting rods, and a Suzuki Racing head gasket for high boost installed. You will also find a Front mount intercooler, larger custom made radiator, higher capacity race fuel pump /fuel system, and a fully programmable stand alone ECU installed on this Samurai.

This vastly upgraded engine and its components are capable of handling well over 20 psi of boost on safe tunes. After trying a few turbos, the best turbo we found was added to the mix and is a hybrid Franken Turbo, similar to a borg warner k03/k04 but on steroids. The tuner tuned the Micro Squirt ECU to take this stock 45 rwhp engine to produce around 160 rwhp and 180 torque on a safe tune at only10 psi. We added Meth Injection but i have yet time to get the tuner to get the meth injection system tuned. With the meth injection the engine should produce around the 200 rwhp range safely at the same 10-12 psi. We did experiment with a wild profile custom cam but found the stock cam to produce better results with lower psi. We reinstalled the OEM cam. The existing Tune needs to be fine tuned eventually by your tuner to the OEM Cam. The engine starts and runs fine and idles fine too. This samurai has zero problems with highway speeds, accelerating/passing, and keeping up at highway speeds fully loaded with more then enough power.

Your tuner can make you tables/tunes you can switch to to make the engine perform at its max or he can make it very fuel efficient or even make you a rock crawling tune. All programing of the ECU/Engine Computer is done via a laptop and running the tuner studio program. This engine was remanufactured by marshal engines. After breaking it in and driving it for a year i started in on modifications. The engine has less then 5,000 miles on it from the time it was remanufactured. This engine has always had low oil pressure hot at idle. The analog gauge reads 10 psi at idle. The engine was sent to the machine shop to double check all tolerances to see if there was a loose or out of spec bearing or part, nothing was found and everything was tight and with in spec, so i have lived with the low pressure at idle and have never had a problem. The pressure at rpm builds like it should. All Smog and Emission controls are removed. The exhaust is a custom fabricated high flow exhaust system installed by a performance muffler shop. The alternator was upgraded from the 35 amp stock to a suburban alternator making 115 amps.

Drive Train/Suspension
This Samurai sits on a 6.5'' Epic Trek lift from Trail Tough. This is hands down the best lift in my opinion on the market for these vehicles. Not only does this lift provide amazing articulation, but is very stable on the road and at high speed and is one of the softest rides on a leaf sprung vehicle. The Nitrogen charged shocks really provide amazing handling. The Transfer case was built by Low range off road and feature the awesome 6.5:1 Low range gearing. This is such an amazing upgrade for off road. Both the front and rear differentials were rebuilt and ARB lockers installed by Trail Tough. The front and rear drive lines were custom built to this samurai and are Double CV drive lines built to 1/2 ton truck Specs. Double CV Shafts allows you to run at highway speeds in 4x4 with out any vibrations. The transfer case is seated in a trail tough mighty kong unbreakable transfer case mount. All mounts, tranny, transfer case, and engine are mounted with unbreakable full circle mounts. The front and rear axle housings are trussed and the front axles are the upgraded chrome molly double tough V axles. The rear drum brakes were converted to disk breaks and a line lock was installed for a very robust parking break. All gaskets, bearings, and seals were replaced new on the axles. The tires are 33'' x 12.5 wide and are in good condition with American racing aluminum wheels.

The Clutch is a center-force clutch and was replace with the new 1.6 engine. There is Zero slip in the clutch and has a very nice positive lock up. This Samurai has a hydraulic ram assist steering system. All the steering components were put together by PSE. You can steer off road with your pinky even with the front locker engaged. It really makes it easy to drive off road. I do not have the ram attached to the steering linkage while on the road. The hydraulic ram makes the Samurai a little twitchy to drive at 75-80 mph and it takes some relearning to drive with the ram attached. The reason why it takes getting used too is because there is almost no road feedback, so any bump you hit on the road it does not adjust your steering and your front wheels remain unaffected. Its not hard to get used to, but for daily driving i remove the front ram and cap the ports on the steering pump. It takes 15 min to reconnect the ram to the front axle and a few more minutes to bleed the power steering system of air. The under carriage is protected by a 1/4'' skid plate over the transfer case and transmission and the aftermarket fuel tank also has a nice thick skid plate. The fuel tank features a 15 gallon capacity tank with a Walbro racing fuel pump. The ARB compressor is not only set up to air the locking differentials but it also has a quick disconnect to provide air to power a air tool or to air up tires.

The hard top is a few years old and in good condition. Although a little faded from the UV... A soft top will also be included too with all the hardware to run a soft top. The windshield has the fold down kit and the doors have quick disconnect hinges to remove the doors in seconds. The jeep wrangler flares were installed to keep mud from flying. The entire interior and exterior was stripped down and professionally painted. The clear coat is peeling on the hood ( Dang Colorado Sun!) and there are a few spots here and there that got scraped or chipped. I will include the custom paint code and left over paint. The bumper front and rear are made by Trail Tough and powdercoated black.

Inside you will notice a custom welded roll cage, leather seats with orange stitching, aftermarket steering wheel, newer carpet, and white stock gauges with AEM gauges for Air/Fuel ratio, Oi, and Boost Controller. The Stereo is awesome by the way! There is a powered 8'' sub under the driver seat and a kenwood amp powering 4 speakers. What you dont see in the photos is the entire floor board and doors are lined with a Dynomat like material to block out road noise. It is so effective you can actually have a conversation with out yelling.

Final Notes

I will be including a ton of extra misc parts that are in boxes, bolts, belts, etc. There are not any weird noises, vibrations, or drive train issues, everything works as it should, everything is tight. This is not a Hack Build, everything was well thought out and planned. The only Part that hasn't been rebuilt is the transmission. There is nothing wrong with this transmission and works just fine. Should it ever go out they are very easy to get rebuilt and cheap. I took this Samurai to the mountains 2 times and to moab 2 times. I trailered it to all the trails. I am not a hardcore 4 wheeler, i mostly drove to town to the grocery store and back.

You will find the 1.6 16v engine is extremely easy to work on should you need too. The website "KickFix" is your best friend for this engine. Actually all the parts are easy to work on, especially compared to newer cars. I firmly believe you could get 250 to 280 hp out of this engine, but you would need to increase the fuel injectors and might need to get a larger radiator Consult your tuner for help if you want more power.

Speaking of tuning... I would get this to a competent tuner in your area to fine tune the engine to your liking and get the meth injection kit tuned for your tune. This shouldn't cost more then a few hundred dollars.

Why am i selling this? I just don't have the time anymore to appreciate it. It sits more then i drive it. With 2 young kids/ family responsibilities, and a business my time is needed elsewhere. I hate seeing this vehicle just sitting, it needs to be used and provide many hours of fun to the new owner.

This vehicle has been my passion for years! I have put over $20,000 in this project and never regretted it!!! I Hope you enjoy it! Its fast and fun! My best friend nick named it "The Ninja" once you get in it you will know why he calls it that instead of a Samurai. People love this Samurai and believe it or not it gets noticed... Especially when you spank a new v8 jeep wrangler trying to race you...

Serious bidders only

See pics for more details