1972 Land Cruiser FJ40 Convertible, Untouched Original, OEM Toyota Canvas Top

1972 Toyota Land Cruiser Convertible

Condition: Used
Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
SubModel: Convertible
Type: SUV
Trim: FJ40 Convertible Canvas Top
Year: 1972
Mileage: 65,109
Color: White
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: White
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Helena, Montana, United States
It will climb the steepest hill by itself
Warn Premium Locking Hubs, 4-Wheel Drive, Convertible

Description for Toyota Land Cruiser 1972

Hello. Thanks for stopping by....

For Sale: Factory Original Untouched, o body work, o bondo, o touch-up paint 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. Factory OEM CanvasConvertible and Soft-Top Framing/Bows. With Soft-Top/pickup drop-down tailgate. The Land Cruiser is a blank slate ready for your vision. . .no guesswork; nothing is hidden with crappy body work, ody filler, r paint.

"Factory Original" does not mean it is 100% original. I have invested and installed a lot of new or rebuilt parts which are all listed below. By "Factory Original, ntouched," I am referring to The Body, aint, nterior, nd Canvas Top.

This is the Original Toyota Canvas Top, ot an aftermarket, amp; not a Dr. Exxxx Paki Top. The FJ40 Originally was purchased in December 1972. The Canvas Top was removed just a few months later, ometime before March 1973. It had been stored indoors safely for 39 years when I got it in 2011, nd was in MINT Condition. . ..until I damaged 2 zippers during an unexpected September snow storm and rapid temperature drop last fall 2014.

There is a wordy and lengthy history, s I know it, o follow below. If you're not interested in such things, croll down to "THE STORY IS OVER- - START HERE."

Again, ne Quick Note: There is a somewhat wordy, istory of the FJ40 to follow. Including the explanation of how the Mint Condition OEM TOYOTA Canvas Top (the canvas) survived the last 43 years and avoided sun damage, ot, ildew, old, odent damage, nd basically any wear and tear at all, he clear plastic windows don't even have any yellowing. So, f you're not interested in such stories, croll to the bottom, nd read the specifics.

For Sale to Good Home Only

Unfortunately, will not be able to complete a restoration of the land cruiser. This FJ40 deserves to go to someone who has the ambition, nd the resources to restore it to its former glory. Someone that will appreciate it as much as I do, nd give it the care it deserves. I always envisioned a stock restore with original paint, xcept with a black grille and some minor changes; power steering, ome bucket seats and a console, houlder seatbelts, oll Bar, isc brakes and 33X9.5X15 BFG's if I could find them, 0.5's if not.

However, fter driving the for the last 4 years I've changed my mind. I'll save that vision for another FJ40 project someday. I think this one should stay stock, nd be as close to Original as possible. Of course the 33" skinny BFG's should still go on it! That's my 2 cents. But if you buy it, t becomes your vision.

Let it be known: I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE. And/Or...I won't sell it. I do not have to sell it. I will just keep driving and enjoying it the way it is, n all of its unrestored glory.

Aside from some new parts, nd mechanical work. . . This is an Untouched, nd very awesome Factory Original 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser Canvas Top FJ40. Low mileage: with only 66109 original miles. (there will be a few more, 'm going to drive it a bit before I sell) It has very little cancer/rust and will only need minimal body work. That's just my opinion, nd I'm not an Auto Body/Paint professional. The body damage and rust isn't intimidating, weld a bit and was going to attempt the body work myself. The Toyota purrs like a kitten, nd is tuned to perfection.
The factory steel drop down tailgate was only offered on factory soft-top models and the Pick-Up (FJ45 I think???) truck models.

This Toyota was manufactured in July of 1972. In just a few short months it made its way to Bozeman, ontana, .S.A. The FJ40 was bought and sold at a small dealership named Neibauer-Toyota in Bozeman, ontana on an early December day in 1972. I do have the Original Montana Certificate of Title issued on 1/12/1973. It was voided when I transferred and registered, ut I was able to talk the DMV into letting me keep it. I haven't decided yet if I will include the Original Title of Ownership in the sale,....for it has private information of the First Owners. ***Ok, ack to December of 1972: After purchase, he new owner(s) drove the Land Cruiser 120 miles Northwest of Bozeman to a small ranch near Helena, ontana where it would spend the next 39 years. After only 3 or maybe 4 months, he Original owner decided that he did not particularly like the Soft Canvas Top. He took the top off, olded it up, ealed it in a plastic bag, oxed it up and stowed it away into a closet inside his home. A rancher in Montana can fix or build just about anything out of any material. He needed a new Top for his Land Cruiser. He fashioned himself a Plywood-Top complete with stainless steel hardware/fasteners and mounted it to the existing Toyota Soft-Top framing and bows. Next, ome plywood covers were cut to cover the soft doors and mounted. The entire Plywood Top and doors then got two coats of white latex exterior house paint to keep the weather out. For the next 39 years, he Toyota put on a few miles, ot many, ess than 1700 miles a year if you average it out. The Cruiser did take the family of four from its Montana ranch out West to California and a visit to Disneyland once in 1977 or 78. It managed to rack up only 65,xxx miles in 39 years. The wooden top kept everything dry. It even kept the factory plastic sun-visor dust covers intact, he visors not ever seeing a spec of dirt or dust in all of that time. I took them off, had to see the sun-visors, nd they are mint. At some point in time, he fj40 was either driven into a garage with the hood up, r more likely, he hood latches were not latched and a gust of wind blew the hood up whilst driving, hich cracked the windshield and dented the hood. The impact put a bit of a dent in the hood, nd even split it a little. Also, barely noticeable imperfection in the windshield frame near the center. After that, latch and padlock were installed to keep the hood down securely (now removed). Unfortunately, didn't take any photographs of it with the wooden top, wish I would have. It was very unique, o say the least.

In the summer of 2011 my Dad and I became the 2nd owners of the '72 FJ40 via a mutual 3rd party, pal of my Dad. When I first saw the fj40 I thought it was more than a bit bizarre. Here sat this near perfect FJ40 with a goofy wooden top and wooden doors, ll of which (the top) is painted with brushed on white house paint. "Weird," I thought. "Well we can find a real Toyota Hardtop for it," I thought some more. What's the first thing to check after unloading it from the rollback? Will it turn over with a wrench? Yes it did. Next, luids check. All full and pretty clean. However there is a tank full of the rotten gasoline. People could smell it from miles away! It was nasty. Disconnect the fuel line at the Carb. Attached a home-made gravity fed fuel supply designed by my dad that hangs from the hood. New Battery,check. Prime the carb, heck. Pump the pedal twice, heck. Pull the choke out and keep one hand on choke while you turn the ignition key. The 40 fires right up and after manipulating the choke for a short time, t idles. It's not purring like a kitten, ut it is idling. We next grabbed the fuel line and pumped all of the bad gas out (using the Toyota's own mechanical fuel pump) and into portable gas cans and jugs for disposal later. Next, he tank was sloshed with fresh gas, nd then pumped out. Repeated again and again AND again several more times.

I had never seen a FACTORY TOYOTA Canvas Top FJ40. I didn't even know that they existed to be honest...sure a BesTop topped FJ40 I've seen 100's or more. Furthermore, never really cared for the bestop look. And up until that point, hat hot summer day in 2011,... I actually thought I knew something about Land Cruisers. Getting Stung with the Addiction somewhere around 1994 and 6 or 8 or 10 Cruisers later and nearly 20 years, looked inside under the wood top and when I saw the framing and bows, remember thinking that the rancher sure spent a lot of effort and put a ton of planning into designing and building this frame for this ug. . .I mean. . ..unique wooden top.

Next task. Remove wooden top and wooden doors. It wasn't until I removed the plywood from the doors and saw the soft doors, hat I took a step back, nd realized what sat before me. The rancher did not build this frame! That looks like factory. After confirmation, was floating on cloud 9. I hurriedly dug through the glove box and found an old registration. A quick look in the local phonebook and I placed my first call to the Original owners. I explained who I was and the woman's voice on the other end was very nice. I asked "You wouldn't happen to still have the soft-top that came with that Toyota when you first bought it would you?". . .. . .. . .she replied, OH yes, 'm sure it's around here somewhere. You should have it with the Land Cruiser; we have no use for it. You know my husband never liked that top and after a few months he took it off and built that wood top for it. I'll look around for it and ask my husband. It may take me some time to find. Call me back in a week."

That seemed like a very slow and long week. Finally day 7 came! I called her back, nd she said, oh yeah, 've found it, ome on out and have a look." "Can I come now? Great! I'm on my way!" It was laid out on the cement driveway when I arrived. I couldn't believe it, t was beautiful. Sidenote: These were the nicest people you could ever meet, woman and her adult son met me in the driveway just as I stepped out of my truck. Her son was visiting from out of town. She told me that her son had discovered "on that interweb" that these tops are extremely valuable and that she would have to charge me for it. I did not argue. We settled on a price and bid our farewells, oth happier than we were before we met.

The Top was in Mint Condition. I couldn't believe it. I was speechless. It had been stored in the perfect environment out of the sunlight, way from critters, nd out of the weather for nearly 40 years. It was unbelievable and I was very excited.

The rest is history. I cleaned up the Land Cruiser, hich I probably shouldn't have, should've left the patina on it, s it was pretty cool looking. I put the Canvas top on which fit like a glove. I tuned it up. Replaced quite a few parts, ebuilt this and that (all of which I will list later). Had a new windshield installed. I got it purring like a kitten, nd started driving it around like a giddy teenager. It is a head turner! I get compliments EVERY single time I take it out for a drive. It is so much fun to drive. The Trans and 4x4 shifts and works flawlessly. And just like the first 40 I ever rode in, his one too, ill drive itself nearly straight 90 degrees up the toughest terrain. Yes! It will drive itself up the mountain in 4 Lo and 1st gear, nd you can hike beside it. I like to tell people it'll drive upside down!

It has old but very cool, eather checked tubed tires, 5X7 M+S. I have no idea how old the tires are, ut I like the look of them so much and they have plenty of grab and all of the tubes hold air, o why replace them? I never did.

I removed the running boards and the spare tire carrier as I planned on beginning body work. It has very little cancer. Obviously from the pictures you can see clearly that the rear corners are ate through. The rear corner reinforcement horns behind the rear corner sheet metal are basically all gone as well. There is some surface rust on the rear sill (below tailgate) which is cracked through the paint in spots. I don't know the condition of the sill reinforcement behind the sill sheet metal. I planned on finding out, ut haven't. The tub is solid, loor boards are solid. The floor in the rear cargo/rear seat area has a good dent in it. . .but it's solid, o rust that I know of. The hood could be repaired and straightened I think. . .or replaced. Not a lot of body work I don't think. It's a solid truck. And yes, t's basically a short truck. It rattles, nd drives choppy like a truck. If you're looking for smooth, uiet luxury. . .please visit your local Toyota dealer and custom order your 2016 Land Cruiser, on't forget to bring $85,000.

Why am I selling? This was originally a joint investment between my Dad and me. We thought we could get it running good put a Toyota hardtop on it and make a bit of profit in the resale. After I discovered what it was, nd had found and acquired the mint canvas top, forgot about that plan. I put permanent plates on it and planned to have it forever. Which. . . I may still have it forever. Like I said before, don't HAVE to sell it. But, imes ARE tough for me, y Dad needs a new roof on his home, nd I really would like to get back to working on the FJ55. So that's thtat. My Dad thinks I'm crazy, e says not to sell, hat I'll never find another like it, o just drive it and enjoy it. My Dad is right; I'll never find another like it because there isn't another one like it that exists. But I think I'm ready to sell and move on to the FJ55 project that I've had for the last 17 years!

So, t may be time for YOU to enjoy and appreciate this time capsule.

For those that skipped through- THE STORY IS OVER,------ START HERE.

I will not sell the OEM Canvas Top and Frame Separate. If you're planning on buying the rig just for the top (dismantling for templates) and becoming the newest USA remanufacturer of Toyota Canvas or Vinyl Soft-Tops, ornering the market from Dr. Eshan and Paki Tops, nd retiring with all of your HUGE profits from your new business that I helped create, et ahold of me. Maybe we can work something out. Actually, 'm not even sure Paki Tops is still around or in business. Anyway,

Work and Parts since 2011:

New Windshield, ew brake M/C, rebuilt brake wheel cylinders by me with rebuild kits from NAPA, new or remanufactured brake wheel cylinders to replace 2 that I couldn't rebuild (frozen solid), ew clutch slave cylinder, ew starter, ew plugs, ew plug wires, ew distributor complete w/ innards, oints. rotor, tc. and cap, ew coil, ebuilt Orig. Carb by me with NAPA kit, ew air filter, ew intake/exhaust gasket, ew steering box oil seal, ew rebuilt OEM FJ40 radiator, ew upper and lower radiator hoses, ew radiator cap, ew tie-rod boots, ew shocks Front &Rear, ew tailpipe, new turnbuckles for the soft-top to tub fasteners from either SOR or CCOT, can't remember. (I'm still not sure how these work on the side windows, think I'm missing some trim pieces for those three fasten points on each side window), ew shift boot and handle for transfer case floor shifter, t does have new NON Toyota NON OEM general truck tail/brake-lights from Napa. (The OEM mounting brackets have been ground out to fit these aftermarket lights), might think of more. . ..it's hard to remember when you didn't write it down thinking you'd never sell. . ..oh Yeah, t has a new set of hood bumpers rubber (set of 6) that mount on the top front of the bib and on the top of the upper fenders, lack rubber bumpers to cushion the hood, ew front and rear differential oil, ew transmission and transfer case oil.

1F starts right up every time ---if you know how to start an old Land Cruiser--two pumps on the gas pedal and feather the choke just the right way. They're a bit finicky. If you can start one, hen you can start any of them. This will even start in -20F with a warm battery. I make sure and start it and run to operating temperature every month of the year. It purrs like a kitten once it has warmed up and you have the choke all the way off. I'll drive it in the snow if it's not bitter cold. . ...I don't like the idea of the soft top being under the sun AND in the freezing temperature at the same time. I've lost my notes from 2011 when I did a compression check, o I don't have exact numbers, ut all 6 were very close and all at or very close to 150#. Transmission is good. Clutch is good. Transfer Case is good. Brakes are good, s good as you can get with all drums anyway. . ..properly adjusted drums are perfectly fine in my opinion. 4X4 is Excellent. Manual Locking Warn Premium Hubs are good. It could probably use a knuckle rebuild kit, ut I've washed them off and they do not appear to be leaking. . ...but then again, hey are 43 years old and probably have never been done.

The OEM Toyota Canvas Soft-Top is in remarkable condition. It was stored securely out of the elements and OFF of the Toyota for 39 years, ndoors. The canvas itself is in immaculate condition with no sign of sun damage, nd shows signs of very little usage. There is one small piece of canvas on the outside on the top rear right above the left zipper, n the roof-top, o to say. It's about 1 ½" square. I can't see a hole underneath this piece on the inside because the piece is directly above where one of the snap flaps is located. There may be a pin-sized hole somewhere in the very top. When it rains, have a single drip toward right rear cargo area above jump seat. It might not even be a hole, 've looked and cannot find one. . ..it just may need a new protective spray on coating. Outside (of the Canvas Top) is white, he inside is blue. I've added some removable stick on rubber bumpers (kind of) to the backs of the snaps where the top attaches to the frame bows. The snaps tend to rattle on the frame tubing, t sounds much better with those snaps covered with the soft material. The plastic windows are plastic windows. They have some scratches. But they definitely do not look 43 years old, hey are clear, ith no yellowing! They look really nice if you rub some plastic shiner on them.

Until last fall, ll of the zippers were all in mint condition. Last Fall I damaged 2 of them. We had a quick and extreme temperature drop and snow very early and unexpected in September. I had all the windows rolled up and the 40 outside in the driveway. I foolishly decided that I needed to button up the Land Cruiser to keep the snow out. . . instead of just pulling it into the garage! Definitely was hurried in the cold and snow, nd not thinking rationally! Ugh! So yeah, damaged the two zippers on the rear window. On one side I popped the zipper off the track (left,driver's side), nd on the other side (right, assenger side) I pulled too hard in the cold and slightly tore some stitching out between the zipper lining and the canvas. Less than 4 inches, oughly. (See Pictures) That sucked. But, t should be an easy repair for a seamstress I would imagine. The buckles and tie-down straps along with the roll up window straps and small buckles are all in Mint Condition.

The Soft Top Frame and Bows are perfectly straight and have no rust. There are some small holes drilled in the tubing where the previous owner had fastened his wood top. The soft doors also have small holes drilled in it where he fastened the wood and homemade latches. There are holes both through the soft canvas and the steel door frames. The doors need new weather-stripping, nd so does the tail-gate. The Dash isn't perfect; it has a few cracks some damage on the passenger side. The heater box needs some work: it is missing some linkage to maneuver it to the defrost position. It needs new defrost hoses. And it needs a new rubber sealer from the heater fan inlet to the heater box. The heater core is good and does not leak. The twist-valve shut-off inside under the hood does work well. The front seats need to be recovered and possibly re-springed. You'll probably rip those out and put in some awesome bucket seats anyway! All of the lights and gauges work as far as I know, VEN THE MAP LIGHT WORKS on the passenger side! I have 3 Original Toyota ignition keys with imprinted codes and trademarks. There are no locks. The gas cap is not original for 1972. It is from an '85 FJ-60, nd it works (pressure) with that tank and that carb as tuned. I tried a '69 gas cap, nd the 40 ran like crap. The latches/hood hooks to hold down the front windshield are missing from the hood. I do not have them. As I said before: Currently the running boards and spare tire carrier are removed. They DO go with the Sale. The running boards, hould probably be replaced, ut could be repaired if you're a purist (running board mounting channel underneath is pretty well rusted). Included are what is left of the running board mounting nuts/bolts ( 8 of them I think). Even after soaking in PB Blaster for days, uite of few of them broke. The spare tire carrier is in good condition complete with latch and hinges. The FJ40 comes with 5 factory steel wheels and 5 hubcaps; 3 solid hubcaps and two with center holes for the locking hubs. Also, t comes with 5 very cool, ut old knobby weather checked 15X7 Tires and Tubes, 'm guessing from the 70's, ut I don't know for certain.

I think I've covered just about everything I can think of (for now, urther editing may follow), mail any questions and I'll be glad to answer to the best of my ability.

HAVE A LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!! There are a lot more pictures!

They are worth a thousand words right? Unfortunately, opefull I can figure out how to include a slideshow in this post. Two Slide-Shows Actually. One from 2011 when I got it, nd one from 2015 just a few weeks ago. I'll try to attach the slide-show at the end, nd if not I'll leave a link to where they can be seen.

A couple hundred pictures = a couple hundred thousand words. If you would like specific pictures sent that I didn't photograph, 'll be happy to oblige. Just let me know what you would like photographed and I will email them directly, r through eBay. Come to think of it, don't think they allow direct email address exchanges.

Until I can think of more we'll go right to the boring details that most everybody knows anyway, ut I'm going to post them regardless. . .

The 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Convertible:

F Series 3.9L (236.7cu in) in-line 6 cylinder, ater cooled, verhead valve, asoline engine.
90" wheelbase
4 X 4, X 2
Warn Premium manual locking front hubs.
3-speed (on the column) manual transmission with synchromesh on 2nd and top gears
Transfer gear: a 2-spd, elical sliding gear with front drive selection (hi-lo)
Leaf Spring and Shock Suspension Front and Rear

The OEM Toyota FJ40 Canvas Top; a.k.a. Soft-Top or Convertible
Drop-down Tail-gate. Factory Toyota Soft-top frame and bows. Factory OEM Toyota made Canvas Top (Stored 39 years off vehicle indoors). Turnbuckle Top to Tub Fasteners X8, ew OEM. Originals were Gone when I got it.

Clean, lear, nd notarized Montana Certificate of Title in Hand. Just waiting to have your name written on it!!!

If you're from out of town and cannot come look at the Toyota personally, can and will supply the names and contact information for 3 different local private vehicle inspection professionals at your request. These are inspectors that are also recommended by a little company called Copart. We do have a Copart facility here in Helena. Furthermore, have never met these people/inspectors. They have never seen or inspec. . .. . ..well, hey may have seen me driving the fJ40, t's a small town. But, hey have never inspected the FJ40 and I have never met them before.

If you need the FJ40 shipped, will be glad to work with you and your shipping provider which will all be your responsibility and your cost. I would highly recommend a closed container to protect the Canvas Top. If on an open trailer, ossibly have it shrink wrapped in that white plastic wrap like you see on new boats?? Something anyway. Or, ave me ship the top separately.

If you are a Land Cruiser Guru (I thought I was one but now know now that I most certainly am not one), nd know everything there is to know about them. And know something that I don't, r something that I said in the Ad that is incorrect, lease reply to correct me, would appreciate it, nd I will make the proper edits to my Ad. Most of what I stated is my opinion. I most certainly *may* have some facts wrong. I've only stated what I've learned and know to be true since my Land Cruiser Addiction began in the mid 90's.

As mentioned long ago in this ad, would like to reiterate that I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. I reserve the right to cancel thisauction at any time.

Thanks for Looking. I know it was probably the longest AD you've ever read and also a tiny bit redundant. I'm glad you read all the way through!

I'm seeing other 40's up here for exorbitant "buy it now" prices. One I saw is over $85,000! So, am going to but a "buy it now" price, f what I think it's worth, ut will tell you that my reserve price is much lower and near the end of the auction I will drop the reserve if the auction meets a reasonable price, nd if someone REALLY wants it, hey can Buy It Now.

Everyone of the fj40s up here on eBay are unique, nd there isn't another one like it in the world. They are not made anymore. Every One of them is different and Unique, nd beautiful in my humble opinion. They may be built to the nuts Rock Crawlers, rame-Off Restoration, useum quality, aily drivers, riginal, nd again this is just my opinion;there is some junkup for auction that are way overpriced.Furthermore, aybe, he one I saw for $85K really is worth it, don't know, t's pretty nice for sure!.

I'm going to try to post links to slide-shows of many more pictures here, opefully it will work.



Buyer Responsible:
Winning Bidder is responsible for all shipping fees and arrangements. Any damage that maybe caused by your shipper, ou and your shipper shall befully responsible for and is between you and them, 'm out of the picture at that point! However I will work with you and help in any way that I can.

$1000 Deposit via PayPal within 48 hours of end of Auction. Full Payment is expected and due within 7 days after end of this auction. Remaining Balance after Deposit shall be paid in cash, oney order, ank transfer, r verifiable Bank Cashier's Check.

I am handling this auction for my father. I will be handling the Q&A, he vehicle inspection professionals (if requested at your cost), will help with shipping in any way that I can be of service, owever, o reiterate, ll shipping fees, nspection fees, ransfer fees are buyer's responsibility. I will be handling the deposit, ith the remaining balance to be paid to my father. We can discuss that after the end of the auction.

All Sales are Final. There are no warranties expressed or implied. There will be no returns.

Also, f you DO start a soft-top manufacturing business by disassembly of the Factory Toyota Top for Templates. I WILL NOT bother you for 49% of your business and profits, ut I would appreciate a few tops and frames free of charge! :)

With all of that, am finished for now. Thanks for looking, nd happy bidding!

Thank You, nd Kind Regards

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