FJ40 - Extremely Civilized

1979 Toyota Land Cruiser

Condition: Used
Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
Trim: FJ40 Land Cruiser
Year: 1979
Mileage: 66,824
VIN: 1979 vintage
Color: Rustic Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 4 speed Manual with 2wd, 4wd, & 4wd low
Drive type: 4x4
Interior color: Grey Seats & Door Panels / Green painted surfaces
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Covington, Louisiana, United States
Air Conditioning
4-Wheel Drive

Description for Toyota Land Cruiser 1979

Based on research, 've seen trucks of this caliber go for the low to mid $60K range. I've seen trucks that are not in as good condition as this go in the low 50s... as an investment, hese are appreciating... they are not making any more of them. I've heard back from a couple of brokers that the current market value for a truck in this condition is currently in the mid $40k range... as a result, am lowering my "buy it now" price and will entertain offers in the low $40k range. I've seen trucks asking more and offering less... AC but no cab insulation, ainted drive shafts, ust peeking out of seams in rhino liner undercoating etc... look closely.

Toyota Landcruiser FJ40

This matching numbers 1979 truck was restored in 1995 by Cool Cruisers of Texas (note the stainless steel fasteners) and shipped to a Lake vacation Cabin in Minnesota where it was lightly used for grocery/pizza runs in the summer (11,000 miles in 16 years) and kept in a heated garage the rest of the time. It currently resides in a garage and is taken out regularly (weather permitting, f course). What you will not find on this truck is any Rhino Liner to hide repairs... You won't find "strengthening"diamondplate aluminum panels anywhere on this truck... the floors are solid, he fenders are not cut out for flares, he panels are strong and complete. This is not a Concourse show restoration, t's just a good honest vehicle.

Barely broken in with under 67K original miles, t runs better and better as I have made little improvements. When I got it, t had been sitting for most of each year in a heated garage. The leaf springs were stiff, o I applied liquid wrench for a few months intermittently.When I greased the steering knuckles and shackles, nd u-joints in the front & rear drive shafts, xcess grease would squeeze out. I applied italong the leaf springs... as the months went by, hey really began to travel smoothly and since then, he new shocks have begun to break in... the combination of new rubber underneath including bushings, otor & transmission mounts, xhaust mounts and P rated new tires along with the sound proofing/insulation that accompanied the AC installation have transformed it into the smoothest quietest most civilized riding Land Cruiser I have ever ridden in & the VP of the local LandKrewser chapter agrees... he couldn't believe it when I let him drive.

It starts immediately cold or warmed up and runs smooth & straight... It will do over 70 on the highway steering with one finger... not that I do it often, ut occasionally to blow the carbon out... over 60 mph the wind noise gets distracting... it can cruise calm & cool at 60-65 all day long. It shifts really smoothly and the 4wd hi and low also work as they should.

I had looked for several years for a 79 in good condition. I like that year for the electronic ignition (still retro convertible to points), he highway friendly gearing, nd the ambulance doors and larger interior space with the external gas tank. I have seen so many editions of the 40 with rust in the usual spots & some all over, ven in the glove compartment. What I was finding were either rusted out or hacked up with V-8 engines or at least most of the engine bay stripped bare. This one is the most complete version I had ever seen, ith all the vacuum lines, mog equipment, nd even the thermostatically controlled carburetor cooling fan to prevent vapor lock. I knew what I had when I found this. I have enjoyed several years of projects and challenges with this truck, ut I am now facing a set of family issues, o I have to prioritize. This has been my "fun car"and a daily fair weather driver... I won't take it out if rain is even threatening... after all the work I've done, don't want to compromise the value of this antique, ut with the rain we get in Louisiana, his is not a practical daily driver.

What's been done since I've been curator of this well-preserved artifact?

AIR CONDITIONING & INSULATION — AC Blows Really Cold... but would not be effectivewithout theheat and sound insulation, wo layers of foil sandwich insulation along with Mass Loaded Vinyl (1lb per sq') added from top of interior firewall to floor and hump to under seats and all the way to the back. The insulationlayers are Not glued, ut remain removable in case of moisture. A major project combining parts from two kits. Forward of the firewall are the compressor and custom bracketby Vintage Airalong withtheir dryer, ondenser and hoses. From the firewall back the system is mated withthe Hurricane unit byOld Air. The Vintage Air unit would have taken up most of the passenger knee room as opposed tothe Old Air unit which has almost the exact size and shape of the original heater unit it replaced. The unit also provides heating and windshield defrost. To retain a stock look, he vent from the original heating unit has been retrofitted to become the center vent for the new system (replacing the radio which moved to the former ashtray home with a custom 3/8"aluminum bezel to match glove-box & speedo bezel.

NEW RADIATOR (brass not brittle aluminum) has Four Cores to boost coolingsupporting theAC installation along with a NEW WATER PUMP and new OEMhoses.

Sound System — new "Retro Toyota"radio with line-in for playing from MP3 or Iphone sources. Four speakers added. Rear Speakers installed with clamps to roll bar (no holes drilled) and wired to back through body panel frame for clean installation. With the all the added soundproofing, t has a great sound.

12 volt (cigarette lighter) accessory outlet wired directly to battery with its ownin-lineindependent fuse.

LED Dash Light with switch added (incredibly helpful amenity), long with all lights in instrument cluster and dome light exchanged with LEDs.

Hand Grips have been added above both doors to assist entry.

Flip out rear vent window hardware added to driver's sideto match passenger side.

Center console fabricated from 50cal ammo box providestheperfectelbow height as opposed to the Tuffy console which is too tall. It does have the lock and cupholders from Tuffy worked into the design with the addition of a front tray for sunglasses, allet, eys etc. Speaking of Keys: It came with one key that works the ignition, oors, nd gas fill door. I got two of the last three blanks from the Toyota dealer and had them made, o now there is one to use, ne to leave at home, nd one to hide somewhere in the frame for emergencies. In addition,the key for the ambulance doors was broken off in the lock. I replaced the ambulance door cylinder and added a Tuffy lock to the custom center security console (each with two keys).

NEW RUBBER — motor mounts, ransmission mounts, xhaust mounts, nd suspension bushings (with greasable pins added to both hanging points on all four springs), ew wiper blades, amp; new weatherstripping. All new Vacuum lines in engine compartment from carburetor, mog control, nd various sensors. New Radiator hoses. New Steering tie rod boots to keep grease in place. New Shifter boots. Steering wheel centered. New U-bolts were done when the Leveling Shim by CCOT was added. These shims are made to compensate for inherent left side sag from the weight reduction when the steering gear shifted from the original designs which had left hand drive. It sits squarely now.

NEW Bilstein SHOCKS with appropriate travel for front & rear moderate lift.

New Geolander tires P265/75 R15 (P rated for a really smooth ride).

Every inch of the body and undercarriage has been gone over inside and out. Where any hint of rust was evident it was treated with 3part rust converter-encapsulater-preventative by Eastman. It was even sprayed with extension nozzles into every crevice of the frame, ody, nd door panels where brushes couldn't reach. There is virtually no rust evident on this truck.

DOORS — each door taken apart and preemptively treated with 3part rust converter-encapsulater-preventative by Eastman. New window track felt channel inserts, ew window felt/metal (bottom of window opening), Regulators & locks were lubricated and adjusted. Even the door open stop rattle was eliminated by the addition of rubber grommet. The doors are the only place on the truck where adhesive Dynamat panels were added to deaden their sound. They don't ring when closing and it gives them a quiet solid feel when driving.

Roof Channel Gutter — stripped and treated with 3part rust converter-encapsulater-preventative by Eastman, hen re-caulked & painted. Roof attachment points (normally seen as dobs of caulk) were fitted with custom "buttons"hollowed out disks glued over caulk points for cosmetics.

Four New Brake master cylinders.

Towing hitch added along with wiring & plug for trailer lights. It now holds a convenient step for entry.

Bypass/Overflow hose added between transmission and transfer case to accommodate overflow should one area get more fluid while running and keep transfer case from running low on gear oil. Fresh gear oil added to both differentials. Engine oil is a mix of Mobil One 15-50 and one quart per four Mobil One V-Twin oil added to provide proper balance of zinc for solid lifter/cam/rocker coating. (the engine runs so much smoother and quieter since using this combo).

New Spark Plug Ignition wires along with plugs and OEM distributor cap & rotor and fuel and Air Filters were replacedprior to anengine timing reset.

New Windshield and Gasket (standing by in case they're needed... the original is very slightly pitted, ut I haven't changed it out as I'm sure as soon as I did, hat's when I'd catch a rock or something.) I have a small collection of new and used parts that will come with the truck.

Windshield Washer — new hose run from glove compartment up through side of windshield frame to nozzle... the washer works fine... how many FJ40 owners can say that?

Custom carpeted plywood bed cover with hold-downs & cargo net was added to protect the pristine truck bed.

Toyota Land Cruiser illustrated Repair Manual almost an inch and a half thick with extra diagrams. Reproduction owner's manual in the glovebox.

Original jack & tire tools present

Receipts have been kept along with a large number of in-process before and after photos.

Email me to make an appointment to come by for a close up inspection or a test drive.

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