Condition: New
Make: Toyota
Type: 2 DOOR
Year: 1987
Mileage: 57,680
VIN: 00000000000000000
Color: White
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: COUPE
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Houston, Texas, United States

Description for Toyota MR2 SUPERCHARGER 1987

Freshly Imported from Japan!
VIN: AW110114416 (Have to list it with zero’s because eBay’s VIN decoder will not accept anything less than 17 characters)
( JDM japanese domestic market vehicle, RIGHT HAND DRIVE rhd)
57k Original miles. (92K-kms)
5 Speed Manual with LSD - Confirmed
Hardtop! (Extra Rigidity)
TEXAS TITLED – NO FUSS WITH paperwork and DMV issues!
Tastefully modified – Gymkhana setup
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AC Motorcars/ Texas Vintage Imports is proud to have this amongst our stable… This is the car that got me into everything. I’m 34 now, got my first MR2 when I was 17 and have never been with out an MR2 since then. I have great experience in everything MR2’s. This is a really clean example that I don’t think you’ll be able to find a cleaner one with less miles for less than I what am selling it for, not to mention all the goodies that it has on it.
Mechanically solid car! Runs and drives very nice! You CAN daily drive this if you want with no issues. Since taking delivery of this beautiful MR2 I have personally put more then 500 miles on it and I have had the pleasure of being able to tool around town in it. Engine and transmission are in tip top shape. Fluids are clean, including the supercharger oil!(People don’t like checking this or changing it out because it is hard to reach). The 1.6 4A-GZE supercharged engine pulls nicely and smoothly. It has a an upgraded HKS crank pulley that puts out slightly more boost over stock. It gets around town quickly. The transmission has no grinds and it has been retro-fitted with a Limited slip differential and is tied all up with a nice TRD short throw shifter. The motor is extremely healthy and clean, no leaks under the vehicle. It is fitted with the following engine related parts – HKS FCON Super V Tuneable ECU (removable if desired), HKS Crank Pulley(mentioned above), HKS Cam gears(stock, normally equipped camshafts), clear cam timing cover to see those pretty purple cam gears, Custom (well designed) exhaust system that looks great and sounds great. Piping size is 2.75” and its not obnoxiously loud at all. It has a nice throaty sound. (you can still hear the supercharger whine at upper RPM levels). To help keep the oil cool during spirited driving events, the car has also been fitted with an external oil cooler that has been professionally mounted under the car – also has a remote oil filter mount(still uses the same oil filter)
If driven easily the motor will get over 30MPG on the freeway. There are no mechanical malfunctions with the car NOR does it need any type of mechanical attention. The underside is clean, there are photos for reference. There are two videos available for this car available in eBay.
Suspension is tight and nimble. No funny noises coming from the suspension that you would normally find in other first generation MR2’s. No shaking or shimmy in the suspension. On the freeway, the steering is light. Brakes are tight and stop well. Rear rotors are slotted, fronts are solid vented discs. It has been upgraded with stainless steel braided brake lines, a brake master cylinder brace located in the “Frunk”, Tien pillowball tension rods on the front, has an underbody front brace that triangulates and stiffens up the chassis, upper Cusco front strut tower bar, rear upper strut tower bar, poly-urethane bushings, larger rear sway bar, fully adjustable rear tie rods with spherical end bearings, bump steer correction kit under the ball joints that gets the control arm at the right height for correct geometry. Lastly, the entire suspension is tied in nicely with a set of coilover struts( un-sure of brand, uses stock strut housing, rides extrememly complaint, yes firmer the stock but still a comfortable ride)
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The interior is complete. Nothing missing or broken. Everything is intact. All buttons, knobs, and switches work correctly. AC Blows cold, Heater is Hot(yes the AC works!) NO CRACKS in the dash! The original radio was removed because it would just not power on anymore, the connections and wiring are all there and complete. Above the radio sits a trio of “Defi” gauges; oil pressure, oil temp, and coolant temp. The radio surround trim is still intact and not broken. The door cards/panels are in great shape. The windows operate with ease and work smoothly. No clunking from broken power motor gears!(common MKI MR2 issue). The hardtop is a nice feature which means you won’t get wet when it rains like the TTOP cars. Trunk area is nice and clean nothing broken. The FRUNK(front trunk) is also nice and clean – the spare tire, jack, and other accessories are all there. The car will even come with Japanese Inspection reports(shown in photos).
The exterior of the car is in equally nice shape for the age of the vehicle. Paint work shows consistency with age and miles. No major defects. Very clean car again. The front spoiler is intact which is usually a piece that starts to sag and goes bad early on. The “eyebrows” are there and in good shape. That said, there are a few cosmetic imperfections around the vehicle that I have pointed out in the pictures. I know no one wants or likes un expected surprises so I like to give full disclosure to my customers before purchase.
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You will be hard pressed to find a better deal on an MR2. Please have your financing in order. If you need assistance with financing there are a few options listed below: web address’ are spaced out because eBay does not allow HTML links so please be sure to get rid of the spaces! Also, if you need the vehicle shipped please ask!!! I work a huge network of auto carriers and I can get you a rock bottom price to have the car delivered to your door! All I need is your zip code.
I hope my description, pictures, and video have made this purchase an easy decision. Thanks!
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Option 1: JJBest LLC
Website: https:// jjbest .com
Requirements; 650 minimum credit score or Co-Signer, 10-15% down.
Dial extension 204 or ask for Joe Forte
Joe Forte is our lead agent
We recommend JJBest for people have taken out a car loan previously.
Option 2: LightStream Lending
Website: Lightstream .com/
Requirements; 630 minimum credit score or Co-Signer
(Each situation is different)
We recommend LightStream for people who have taken out a loan before and have some established credit. Good or bad, the rates are very good for a classic car
Option 3: Woodside Credit
Website: https:// woodsidecredit .com
Requirements; Each situation is different.
Classic car lender.
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