1979 Toyota Land Cruiser

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
SubModel: BJ41 / 2B DIESEL
Type: SUV
Year: 1979
Mileage: 156,190
VIN: 00000000000000000
Engine: 2B DIESEL
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: DUNE BEIGE CODE 416
Drive side: Right-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Temecula, California, United States
Front Locking Hubs, 4-Wheel Drive, Sunroof

Description for Toyota Land Cruiser 1979

Hello you guys. I am selling Vin Number BJ41005826 from my Land Cruiser collection. It is an extremely rare BJ41 / RHD / 2B DIESEL / 4 CYLINDER CRUISER with Engine Compression numbers as follows: 400 psi / 360 psi / 360 psi / 400 psi. The Cruiser does not blow any white or blue gray smoke upon cold start, at idle or when traveling at highway speeds. The 2B dieselis a wonderfulToyota factory engine and this oneidles perfectly. Please note that the B, 2B and 3B / 4 cylinder Diesel Motors from Toyota were rated 3 of the top ten motors Toyota ever produced and are capable of reaching 500k miles if properly maintained. The Land Cruiser currently has 156,190 KILOMETERSon it which is accurate. That equates to approx. 95k miles.The compression on this motor is excellent and has been well taken care. No leaks and no adverse smoking. The 2B has plenty of power and wonderful torque totake you anywhere you want to goBUT PLEASE BE AWARE that none of the "B" series are very fast. If your looking for big speed then do NOT, in my opinion, buy a diesel Land Cruiser. You won't like it. It will be too slow for you. These diesels are like Tractor Engines, lots of torque for off road climbing and camping trips and will do fine on the highway with a top speed of about 75 mph. The 2B engine will certainly save you money though as it gets about 25-30 mpg. The Cruiser has done very little off roading and was mostly a garage queen most of its life. This Cruiser was repainted by the original owner in Australia in a factory Dune Beige ( Code 416 ). Please note: Original color was Olive from the factory. Also note that Dune Beige is the most sought after color for the Toyota Land Cruiser and is the easiest to sell if you ever decide to part with it. Seems everyone loves this Color including myself. It is my favoritecolor.Once I purchased the Land Cruiser I spent $4300.00 repainting it,keeping it Dune Beige. The paint itself was in fine condition when I purchased it but bubbling had begun in 4 or 5 areas so I addressed each area and just decided to repaint the entire exterior and completely repaint theflooring in the interior from Cargo to completed front area.That was just done within the past 3weeks. Also, brand new carpet hasbeen added to thefront area with protective rubber mats included. Cargo area has been kept in the factory steel condition but has been freshly repainted. All four wheels are new condition stock steel wheels with caps and BFGOODRICH All Terrain 32 x 11.50 x 15 tires which are alsoin "new" condition.The Transmission and Transfer Caseboth shift as they should. I just replaced thefront DifferentialPinion Seal. ALL FLUIDS HAVE JUST BEEN CHANGED INCLUDING: OIL AND FILTER, COOLANT, FRONT AND REAR DIFFERENTIAL FLUID AND BOTHTRANSMISSION AND TRANSFER CASE OIL. A compression check was just done and I just did aVALVEADJUSTMENT lessthen two weeks ago.NewFront Brake Pads were just puton a few days ago. Cruiser stops straight and brakes are in excellent condition.Both FRONT SEATS are in excellent condition. Both CARGOSEATS are invery good condition with justminor scratches on one seat. TheMoonRoof functions as it should. The Headliner is in Excellent Condition with no rips or tears. All lights function as they should. No electrical issues at all. Odometer is accurate and Speedo functions as it should. All gauges with the exception of the Temp Gauge functionproperly. I am in the process now of trying to find a working factory temp gauge and will install that as part of the sale. The cruiser has a tow hitch. Undercarriage is in excellent condition with no cancer rust, all body and motor mounts are in greatcondition, cruiser suspension is solid, steering is tight and solid and in our opinion nothing has to be done to the cruiser at this time toimprove those areas. It feels 100% safe and solid when on the freeway. As you know the Toyota Land Cruiser islegendary. The BJ41 Diesel is extremely rare and one of the best cruisers that Toyota ever produced. I have owned many of them and have always loved the2B motors.These engines have been used in Japanfor smallcommercial busses, fork lifts and generators.They are fuel injected and as mentioned above, get great fuel mileage and will last twice as long as a gasser if takencare of. PLEASE NOTE: I will be adding a VIDEO of the Cruiser atCOLD START, IDLEandOPERATING MODE for your review. The Video will be posted below by the end of the first day of this ad.I can't give the cruiser away but have priced it fairly in my opinion based on its rarity, its condition, current market valueand its comps against others that I have owned. I do have an appraisal of a BJ42 DIESEL Land Cruiser from a few years back that I used toownif anyone would like to review it. Just let me. Not the same cruiser of course but similar and condition was not as good as this BJ41 that I am selling above. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. I want to offer full disclosure. Any additional pictures needed? Let me know. Concerned that you wont be able to find parts? Please do not worry. I have owned several Diesel Land Cruisers, currently own 2 others and can tell you that parts are readily available if ever needed and I will always assist anyone looking for parts. I do it all the time for folks around the United States. Glad to assist. You can start by checking out www.SOR.COM . Great place to find parts. I just replaced both mirrors, a pinion seal andfront brake padswith new ones from SOR. Undercarriage has just been repainted with a rusto protection paint. The Cruiser is solid and in our opinion we have no doubt that the cruiser could easily venture to Alaska tomorrow with no issues. It has been very well taken care of over the years. Thanks for the interest. I have owned many Land Cruisers. I choose them carefully for myself so therefor feel that I am passing along a good one to you.PLEASE ALSO NOTE:I have a very reliable contact for transporting the cruiser that I will pass along to the buyer. Will also pass along receipts that I have for work that I havedone on the cruiser. Cheers, Dave