1989 Toyota 4Runner, 22RE, 5-Speed 4WD, Southern California

1989 Toyota 4Runner

Make: Toyota
Model: 4Runner
Year: 1989
Mileage: 180,999
VIN: JT4RN62D4K0245513
Engine: 22RE
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Tehachapi, California, United States

Description for Toyota 4Runner 1989

Looking to sell our 1989 Toyota 4Runner. I've owned it since 2004 and have only put about 19,000 miles on it. Currently under 181,000 miles. I can send additional pictures if areas of particular interest.
I have never put it in 4 Wheel Drive or taken off the rear roof.
I've done most of the basic maintenance over the years to include hoses and the ignition system (rotor, cap and plugs) when I first got it. Most recently I've done the rear differential seal, and put in a new clutch master cylinder and U joints in the drive shaft. It is leaking coolant from what appears to be the head gasket externally. It is very well hidden behind/under the exhaust manifold and difficult to take a picture of but I have one i the listing. There is visually no indication of coolant in the oil, and the previous oil analysis have never shown coolant in the oil. If interested I'll have to dig up copies.
I have a new radiator that is part of this along with what I believe is the entire power steering system from a 1990(?) pickup so it should be compatible. (my assumption) I also have extra rear seat backs, I should have the rear head rests, but haven't found them yet... I may have a few other parts but I'll have to look.Deposit is non refundable, since Ebay charges me non refundable fees, so check out in person if interested.
In California I plan to smog before transfer. Smog has been very close for many years. If I recall I only passed within like a few PPMs in Hydrocarbons (HC)

Picture 9 is where the head gasket is leaking.The head would more than likely need to be machined to be thorough, even though I've seen ZERO issues with overheating.

Zero issue with Power Steering, I only mention additional parts as a bonus backup/extra parts in case anything ever went in the future. Same with Radiator, the leak showed up with low coolant and I thought it may be weeping from the radiator. It could still be very lightly but I have seen any obvious leaks from the radiator.

The AC has never worked, never cared.

The switch which controls the back window needs to be fixed or replaced. I took the switch out and you can either use a jumper wire or the key in the back to roll down the back window. Either way works, so it's internal to the switch. I cleaned and lubed the rear window mechanisms over a year ago for smoother operation and avoid additional scratching on the back window you may see in the photo. It really didn't do much.

There might be a leak on the top of the transmission somewhere, I haven't traced it down because it's so little. When it's cold I need to use the clutch bypass switch to start the truck. Only when it's cold and I can hear the relay clicking so it's lazy for some reason. It's been like this for about 2 years, again only a cold weather phenomena.

I tightened up the passenger side wheel bearing about 6 months or more ago. (normal stuff but I noticed whomever worked on it before butchered some of the specialty nuts/washers,etc. I put back together and it's still functional, but I was going to order new OEM parts from Grapevine Toyota so that I could replace them the next time the wheel bearings needed tightening.

Clutch is great but not a lot of power on big hills, more of a flat lander vehicle. Never been in 4 Wheel Drive, so unknown to me.

I've used it as a daily driver when I was working on my other dailies last year.

I think this truck is more for someone who wants to maintain and take this truck up another notch by working out the rough spots and dealing with any maintenance issues as they come up and as a second vehicle . If you're looking for a 365 daily driver you'll probably want to look elsewhere.

All questions are welcomed and encouraged.