1965 Triumph Spitfire Vintage Racecar / FIA / Autocross

19650000 Triumph Spitfire

Condition: Used
Make: Triumph
Model: Spitfire
Type: U/K
Trim: Base
Year: 19650000
VIN: 65F039519L
Color: Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: U/K
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: South Jordan, Utah, United States

Description for Triumph Spitfire 19650000

I have a VIN Correct 1965 Triumph Spitfire, t has been a race car since the early 70's and was last raced in 1976, ince then it's undergone a total restoration. This is perfect for someone getting started in racing.
I have had it for around 4 years. It has primarily been raced on the west coast. It does need someone to put it together which never scared me since most racers should build their own cars in myopinion. I want the car to go to a good home with an option for first buyback if they ever sell it.
Have SCCA logbooks from all race history and parts purchased during that period. I recently acquired a TVR and made a deal with my wife to sell the Spitfire. So unfortunately I have to let it go, ut all is not lost since I have my TVR.
This car is basically ready to just be put together. I've gone through and put grade 8 bolts through all the suspension front/rear. My brother built a custom aluminum panel to go on the firewall for strength. I never got around to finishing the car since I had too many other projects going on. It has been in covered storage and my fathers garage since I've owned it.
The roll-cage has been built from the ground up by the prior owner who did a beautiful job. It may not meet certain requirements for specific racing leagues, ut for SCCA Autocross it should be 100% legit which was my original intention.
  • Have a fresh 1147 CC engine balanced and ready to be put together with all new parts, he prior owner was a mechanical engineer who has built parts for Carroll shelby, hen I asked him if i needed to measure anything or if i could just toss it together, nd he said everything is matched and numbered, ust needs to be bolted together.
    • Balanced Pistons
    • Balanced Connecting Rods
    • New Plugs
    • New Gasket Kit
    • Rebuilt Head
    • Block and Head have been coated for better oil flow
    • Kastner A8 Kam
    • Rebuilt Carbs
    • New Valves / Springs
    • New Oil Pump
    • New Pushrods
    • Have aluminum and steel pushrods (boxes full)
    • New Solid Lifters
    • Repainted Valve Cover
  • Additional 1296CC engine (needs rebuild but complete and never taken apart)
  • SCCA Log Book and Inspection book from the 70's
  • Performance coated headers
  • Aluminum Racing Seat
  • Rebuilt standard aluminum transmission
  • 2 Additional transmissions
  • Vintage Correct Magnesium Racing Wheels
  • Kastner A6, 7, 8 cams
  • As well as 8+ additional cams aside from the kastner ones
  • 2 additional sets of connecting rods
  • Oil Sump system
  • Fire System
  • Rebuilt Girling Calipers by centric and new rotors
    • Calipers have been modified to allow clearance for Vented Rotors with custom spacers
    • The spacers can be removed to allow for stock rotors to be fitted again
  • Rebuilt front suspension
  • Aldan Eagle Shocks
  • Newer paint (audi blue)
  • Additional Stock Rotors and Calipers (originals need to be rebuilt)
  • Additional Front-end suspension set (originals need to be rebuilt)
  • New U-joints for the driveline and axle shafts
  • New aluminum Radiator shroud
  • New Clutch/Brake master cylinders
  • New Steel brake lines throughout
  • Rebuilt Rear Differential (already installed)
  • Additional Rear Differential
  • Custom built rollcage
  • Bags full of
    • Valves, prings, isc engine/body parts
    • 6+ crates of extra parts

I have not itemized all of the additional parts in the crates, ost of it are extras collected over the years. What i listed are the best parts in the bunch that were intended to go back on the car. I even have bags full of Triumph Lettering, icense plates and more. If there are specific questions please don't hesitate to ask. I do not have pictures of all the parts since most are in boxes stored away. But I can always get pictures of them and send additional pictures of anything requested.