1968 Triumph TR250 - NO RESERVE

1968 Triumph Other

Condition: Used
Make: Triumph
Model: Other
Trim: N/A
Year: 1968
Mileage: 43,212
VIN: CD1328
Color: Red/Orange
Transmission: 4 Speed - Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Description for Triumph Other 1968

For those who don't know much about the TR250 (if you know the backstory of this model, eel free to skip to the next paragraph): The Triumph TR250 and TR5 was an accidental/in between model that was made. Triumph had hired Giovanni Michelotti, ho was one of the worlds premier auto designers of the day, o design and build the Triumph TR4. The car was a very beautiful car, lthough it was drastically different from the TR2 and TR3 which it was replacing, he TR4 and TR4A enjoyed a lot of sales success and is considered to be among the prettiest of the Triumphs. When the company decided it was time to designed a totally new Triumph Roadster (TR), hey hiredthe German designer, armann, o come up with a new body design to house the new 2.5L 6cyl engine. Karmann's design was to be released for the 1968 model year, ut delays happened and Triumph found themselves ready to go with the engine, ransmission, RS frames, tc. but didn't have a new body to go with it. Their solution? Take the 4cyl out of the TR4A IRS cars and swap it out for the 2.5L 6cyl and sell the car under a new badge. The TR5/TR250 was born. The TR250, ith is carbureted engine and cross bonnet silver racing stripe,is anAmericanspecific vehicle. The rest of the worldreceived the fuel injected (and faster) TR5, or emissions purposes- thanks California...Other notable distinctions between the TR4 and the TR250 are the badging and the polished trim/bead work on the exterior bodypanels. The cars only sold for one year, 968 and are the rarest and one of the most sought after Triumph's ever made.Karmann had the body ready to go and approved for the 1969 model year which Triumph released as the TR6. You can see some of the corners that were cut in order to meet the deadline of releasing the TR6 (the frame and the doors/interior tub of the TR6 is the same as the TR4A IRS).

Regarding this car: First things first, 've only owned this car for a few months. I don't have all the answers but I'm willing to tell you what I know. This car is a runner. You can get in it right now and drive it. I've put a hundred or two miles on it since I've owned it. It needs a tune up but it goes and stops well. It starts easy and handling is good. The car is complete. Everything is there if you are wanting to drive it in the warm weather since the heater has been disconnected. It's a fun car that I purchased with the intent of driving it as I restored it. Unfortunately, ork had other plans which will force me to put restoration off into the future. I'd rather someone who has the time to enjoy the car have it right now instead of my garage and car cover.

The Good:
- Runner with great drivability. I've put about 200 miles on it since I've had it, ook it on a 60 mile trip the other week.
-Passes the 20/20 eye test and is definitely a "Monet".
-Interior in decent shape and has Miata Seats
-Car is complete. (well, t's missing one of the horns. I think it's the low pitch)
-Body has very little rust (one spot above the engine compartment where the fender meets the body tub. Another spot where the trunk bracing meets the trunk panel.
-Frame has no rust holes
-Car comes with wire wheels
-Convertible top in decent shape. Windows a bit yellow and one hole in the top that was duct taped over but still useable and doesn't look bad.
-Custom Steering wheel
-FANTASTIC RESTORATION CANDIDATE (very little searching for parts, ust needs taken apart and put back together).

The Bad:
-Paint. It's not an original triumph color. It is a reddish orange and the paint is getting older. It will look good when you pass someone, ut it's not a show quality paint job. It will need to be redone. Original color is a fantastic Valentia Blue with a Tan interior (very unique and pretty color combo). There are spots in the door jams and engine bay where the original color is coming through. There is also a 1/2" square of paint missing on the trunk lid (boot if you're British).
-Chrome is pitted.
-Rear fenders are probably in need of replacement or metal work. There is a lot of putty on them and it's not apparent why exactly with the paint on.
-Wiring is redone with a non-triumph wiring harness. Switches were put in the dash and original switches aren't working. Car comes with the Dan Masters' wiring guide which looks like it was followed.
-Since the wiring isn't correct, ome of the gauges aren't hooked up including speedo and odo (actual mileage unknown).
-Car needs a tune up. The engine runs and is strong but feels like the carbs need to be rebuilt or there's a vacuum line that is leaking. I'm not sure exactly what it is though.

Bottom Line:
This is a car you can get in and have fun with while tinkering around and restoring it over the off-seasons.

The Surrey Top in some of the pictures is not for sale. True Miles unknown.

I would be happy to show people this vehicle if you're in the Pittsburgh Area. The car is kept in a well lit and heated garage. I will not deliver or ship this car, lease arrange for pickup or shipping.

PAYMENT: Certified Check, oney Order, ash/Wire Transfer. NO PAYPAL.

This car is listed for sale locally and this listing will be pulled if sold.