Triumph TR4 1962

1962 Triumph Other BLUE

Condition: Used
Make: Triumph
Model: Other
Trim: BLUE
Year: 1962
Mileage: 66,500
VIN: CT3360L
Color: Blue
Engine: 4CYC
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Glendora, California, United States

Description for Triumph Other 1962

1962 Triumph TR4 - Family owned 48 years, Low Mileage, California Black Plates
If ever a Triumph TR-4 could write a memoir, serial number CT3360L’s would be a great read. The stories that accompany this car’s life are perfection and live on through the extensive records kept by the original father and son owners during their’ 48 years with the car. Documentation includes original participant rallye medallions from the early 1960’s, original bill of sale from Ed Fawcett Imported Cars in Silicon Valley dated April 29, 1962, factory maintenance voucher book, personal ownership log, and nearly every service invoice since new. The original owner was an early member of the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the Four Cylinder Club of America and was a participant of the 4th annual Crazy Man’s Criss Cross on January 27th 1963, the Jinxed Sorry Safari rallye in May of 1963, the F.C.C.A.-S.C.V.C.’s Crazy Man’s Press on Regardless rallye on January 26th 1964, and the Tri-Angles Rallye De Boondocks VII in 1963. The car was a regular at local car shows and was often accompanied by a trailer carrying the owner’s Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.

The writing in the original TR-4 sales brochure is brilliant. Below is a brief excerpt describing the driving experience.

The TR-4 “has what engineers call ‘high torque at a low rpm.’… whether you’re going 30 or 110…. You can let ‘er rip when you climb, haul, cruise or pass another car. The TR-4 actually goes from 0 to 50 mph in just 7.75 seconds! You’ll have a lot more power for ‘bread and butter’ driving at lower speeds. You’ll stick to the road better, with a smoother ride. You’ll find the TR-4 easier to handle–far more responsive than a car with power steering. And run more easily through all the gears - even shift into first while moving.” The “four major engineering innovations” separating it from the most influential sports car of the past decade are “higher torque, a wider track, lighter, more precise rack-and-pinion steering, and synchromesh on all forward gears…. The TR-4 also stops as well as it goes. The front brakes are the famous disc-type, the kind that never fade. The rear brakes are track-tested ‘drum type.’” The “steering is light–as effortless as power steering, and a good deal more direct and positive. Only 3 turns of the wheel take the TR-4 lock to lock.”

The exquisite design of the TR-4 is the work of Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, famous for his work with Ferrari, Lancia, and Maserati. This car is finished in the original Powder Blue exterior with a Shadow Blue interior and white piping. One of my favorite features of the car are the rare, jewelry-like, convex Jaeger Le Coutre gauges and the diamond patterned stainless steel center console. These gauges with the bubble glass were a carryover from the TR3 model and appeared only on early 1962 model year TR-4’s. The TR-4 metal dashes were all painted white, with early cars having stainless trim and later cars black. In 1964 a wood veneered dash was offered as an option.

Mechanically the car runs and drives well with excellent oil pressure (~65 lb. at idle). The car only has 66k. miles. At 58k. miles the transmission was rebuilt and a new clutch, pressure plate, and pilot bearings installed. Most recently, a new exhaust system was fitted. The car was looked over by a Triumph expert who commented the engine runs extremely well and the body and frame are incredibly rust-free. The windshield has the original stamping and is in great condition. This car comes with a new white convertible top. Recently the original steel wheels were refinished and fitted with new tires. The spare still has the original white wall Dunlop Gold Seal tire. Below is a summary of the entire service history for the car. The original bill of sale, warranty book, brochure, and black California license plates remain with the car. The car is available for inspection in Glendora, California. I am planning to advertise the car locally as well and reserve the right to end the auction at any time. Vehicle is sold as-is, where-is with no warranties expressed or implied. All trades considered. Car underwent a full re spray. The aero screens were attached to an extra windshield frame no modification to the car. The original frame has had all new rubbers installed and is in very good condition. To install the windshield is done very easy just remove the two top windshield bolts and lift the assembly off. The aero screens are a lot of fun to drive with on a nice day a whole different experience. This is by far the best TR4 I have seen and we have enjoyed this car.I have some extra prats that will go with the car

Complete Service History:

05/03/1962 – 500 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – service, lic. brackets, chk rt. door rattle, squeak in hood, turn ind. sticks, poor mileage (tune), install TR4 radio

No date – 503 miles – change oil, lube chassis, change transmission fluid, change differential fluid

05/14/1962 – 781 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – balance front& rear wheels

05/27/1962 – 1,006 miles – lube front chassis

07/18/1962 – 2,170 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – 2k mile service, lube chassis

09/18/1962 – 3,218 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – 3k mile service, change oil, lube chassis, chk radio, door & top bow rattle, oil pressure relief valve rattles, tune, install door mirror

01/10/1963 – 4,324 miles – lube chassis

05/01/1963 – 5,984 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – 5k service, change oil & filter & chassis, clean air cleaner, lube covered springs, repair brakes, steering column rattle

07/05/1963 – 7,403 miles – change oil & chassis, clean air cleaner

08/01/1963 – 8,466 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – lube chassis, repair clutch, install sunvisors

08/28/1963 – 8,718 miles – replace mufflers

11/11/1963 – 9,594 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – change oil& chassis, chk window rattle, chk steering, new generator, chk steering, heater sticking, fix horn, chk spare

01/23/1964 – 11,143 miles – lube chassis

02/10/1964 – 11,667 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – 10k mile service, change oil & filter, lube chassis, pts, cond, plugs, needles

02/25/1964 – 12,399 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – lube chassis, replace defective mufflers as needed

05/02/1964 – 13,806 miles – lube chassis

06/17/1964 – 14,609 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – change oil& chassis

07/03/1964 – new battery

08/30/1964 – 16,388 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – change oil, lube chassis

01/15/1965 – 18,065 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – new pts, plugs, condenser, adjust brakes, chk tappets, chk oil pressure, & lube chassis

01/18/1965 – 18,129 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – repair clutch, new cover, plate, & pin

02/25/1965 – 18,704 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – replace leaking manifold gaskets

05/10/1965 – Ed Fawcett Triumph – repair, new rr fender, lid, taillight, ariel, medallion

05/21/1965 – Ed Fawcett Triumph – replace inner & outer wheel seal, shoes, filter

04/06/1966 – 23,437 miles – Ed Fawcett Triumph – 24k service, new upper ball joints, plugs, filter

04/12/1966 – Babe’s Muffler – new left muffler

03/13/1967 – Ed Fawcett Triumph – new bar, guard, tube,& rim

03/17/1967 – Alongi Bros. – new front bumper

06/12/1967 – 29,114 miles – Larry’s Foreign Car Service – new gearbox mnts, inner whl. bearings, exchange wheels

07/14/1967 – 30,590 miles – Holiday Motors – replace fan belt

08/21/1969 – 37,220 miles – Larry’s Foreign Car Service – repair gear shift boot

07/14/1971 – 41,765 miles – Larry’s Foreign Car Service – change oil & filter, flush transmission fluid, new starter, manifold gaskets

07/21/1971 – 41,836 miles – horn repair

08/02/1971 – New tires, balance wheels

11/02/1971 – 42,500 miles – tires

02/14/1972 – Cousins Battery Shop – new battery

03/30/1972 – 43,320 miles – Foreign Car Repair Center – change oil & filter, adjust brake & clutch

04/20/1972 – 43,679 miles – Foreign Car Repair Center – lube chassis, chk gas leak, tighten sending unit & filler pipe

09/15/1972 – 44,543 miles – Foreign Car Repair Center – change oil, reset points, new fan belt

04/04/1973 – 45,216 miles – Foreign Car Repair Center – change oil, wire trailer hitch

05/09/1974 – 47,842 miles – Foreign Car Repair Center – change oil

11/06/1979 – 55,882 miles – Larry’s Foreign Car Service – change oil, new ball joints, control arm bushings, & voltage regulator

03/05/1980 – Ross Tire Service – mount & balance tire

10/08/1980 – 56,538 miles – Larry’s Foreign Car Service – 500 mi. service front end, needs tires

01/14/1982 – 56,964 miles – Larry’s Foreign Car Service – major service, new plugs/wires, new hoses & distributor cap/rotor, flush engine, tune, repair radiator, new generator belt

01/14/1983 – 57,200 miles – new front control arm bushings, align front end

06/16/1983 – 57,577 miles – rr generator system

07/12/1983 – 57,802 miles – adjust generator, new fan & pulley

04/15/1985 – new battery

07/31/1986 – 58,870 miles – new outer tie rod ends & control arm bushings

08/05/1986 – 58,894 miles – rebuild transmission, new clutch disc, pressure plat, t/o brg, pilot brg, trans. mounts, motor mounts, carb kit, clutch master & slave, oil change – total $2,183.25

09/03/1986 – new tires

10/03/1986 – new choke cable

10/24/1986 – 59,486 miles – new brake master cyl.

08/26/1987 – 60,051 miles – new fan belt, oil change

02/22/1988 – 60,290 miles – new thermostat, radiator repaired

05/25/1989 – 60,829 miles – flush brake system, change oil

09/14/1989 – 61,019 miles – new rear brake shoes, new rear wheel cyl.s, change oil

01/15/1998 – The Roadster Factory – new soft top & stiffener kit

02/22/1999 – The Roadster Factory – brake caliper repair kit

03/12/1999 – Long Motor Co. – adaptor for spin on oil filter

06/11/2001 – Triumphs Only – starter solenoid

06/28/2001 – New battery

2013 – Wheel Techniques, Sunnyvale, CA – Original steel wheels refinished

2013 – Bridges Tire, Burlingame, CA – New tires mounted

2014 – Collins Classics, Burlingame, CA – New brake master cylinder

2014 – Collis Classics, Burlingame, CA – Complete new exhaust system installed

2015 – Interstate battery, Burlingame, CA – New battery

Rallye plaques:

Crazy Man's Criss Cross
F.C.C.A. Fourth Annual
Santa Clara Valley Chapter Participant
January 27, 1963

'63 De Boondocks VII
Tri-Angles Rallye
Sorry Safari San Lorenzo, CA
BTFSPLK I Participant
May 1963
Crazy Man's Press on Regardless
January 26, 1964