1972 Triumph GT6 MKIII. Mostly Complete for parts or Restoration

1972 Triumph GT6 MKIII

Make: Triumph
Model: GT6 MKIII
SubModel: It's a car! Not a submarine.
Type: Coupe
Year: 1972
Mileage: 1000000000
VIN: 14065790884
Color: Red, Rust, Grey, a little Blue & some Brown
Engine: 1600
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Manual With Over Drive
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Safety: Brakes, Windbag (sits rt. seat) backseat driver
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Belgrade, Montana, United States
2/60 A/C, Armstrong Steering, No power anything
Engine, brakes, transmission, Seats

Description for Triumph GT6 MKIII 1972

1972 GT6 MKIII for parts or restoration. Not currently running.

This came in with another MKIII that was sold some time ago. It looks like a previous owner started on a restoration but didn't go very far with it.There doesn't appear to be any major body damage and any rust looks like it's just surface rust.Vehicle has been kept covered but outdoors.Status of the frame is unverified but our mechanic says it's straight and good to go.We were going to do an inventory of what's there and what's not but the number of items to have to go through was just too extensive and would have been too time consuming. From the looks of things however, it appers that most of the big, important (read: expensive if you have to buy it) things are all there. Take a look at the photos and judge for yourself.Most of the gauges are in good shape and should function.We are uncertain as to the status of the teakwood dash panels or dash medallion but will keep looking just in case.Mileage unknown but easily obtained. We'll post it as soon as we have it. Vehicle has the overdrive switch in the shifter and as far as we know, the overdrive works and the switch is in functional condition. Vehicle has clean notarized title ready for your name.
PLEASE, no tire kickers. But, if you absolutely must know if a specific part is there, ask us; IF AND ONLY IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS BUYER. And no we will not pull and sell just that one particular part.
Judging from the noticable lack of listings for complete MKIIs and MKIIIs or major items for them like the engine, transmission, doors, gauges, on Ebay or anywhere else this car is worth more than we are asking. Found on internet and/or Ebay: Reconditioned gearbox w/OD - $1287 +shipping. Engine/gearboxonlycombo listed on Ebay is going for two grand so we didn't think $2500 for the whole enchilada was too bad.
NO, at this point, we DO NOT want to have to part it out. To crate and freight major heavy items would take too much time and cost you several hundred bucks more to have our team pull, clean, crate and ship them. The engine, transmission, doors, bonnet come to mind here. If the car doesn't sell, then maybe we would consider parting it out.
We would prefer it if the buyer came to pick up the vehicle in person. But, if you really want the car that bad and just can't get out to Montana, we can arrange to have it shipped to you. For this to happen, you will need to pay in full for the vehicle and the cost to arrange shipping, cost to actually ship (a quote can be provided) get the vehicle to our warehouse as it is not currently at our facility, and cost to insure. Again, all costs must be paid before we can ship the vehicle.

We have had a lot of inquiries about the date stamp on the photos. Whoever took the pictures did not set the date on the camera so the indicated date is incorrect. These photos were taken on October 3rd, this year so, about three weeks ago. Still trying to obtain the mileage on the engine. Oh yeah, ALL NUMBERS MATCH. Did we mention we have a clean title in hand, signed and notarized? Item is also for sale locally and on select antique/vintage car sites.
Did you catch the part where we said the transmission had the factory over drive? This option is highly sought after. Don't wait! Buy it now before it someone else steals it. We have already had local offers for the same amount as this is selling for here. However, since we isted it here first, Ebayers have the chance to get it first. If it doesn't sell here, we have two solid offers from local enthsiasts. As we mentioned earlier we'd really like it if whoever buys it could come pick it up but we've pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we might just have to help you get it shipped. Of course the more YOU do, the less it will cost. If you buy it, pay for it but can't pick it up right away, we can arrange for storage at a rate of $50/month.