1962 VW ‘Meyers Manx' Street Legal Dune Buggy

1962 Volkswagen Meyers Manx Meyers Manx 4 Seater

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Meyers Manx
SubModel: Meyers Manx 4 Seater
Type: Convertible
Year: 1962
Mileage: 100000+
Color: Green
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Spring, Texas, United States

Description for Volkswagen Meyers Manx 1962

I hate to sell it but just too many projects and not enough hours or money to work on them all. I have had it about 5 years and have put less than 1,000 miles on it; sadly it spends way too much time in the garage. It is a blast to drive and always turns heads where ever you go. We started the project by first making it right with suspension, rakes, nd electrical. It has a clean Texas Title in my name with current registration (12/15) and safety inspection (10/15).

First, think it is an Original Meyers ManxTM. Officially, he registration paperwork has been submitted with Meyers and is 'pending' their approval, hich can take a few months (I can provide copies of registration paperwork). If you look at all of the key areas (nose, attery box, ear cowling and driver's side wiring tube), think that you will agree that there is no doubt that it is an authentic Meyers! I have prepaid for registration, nd front/rear badges as seen on http://www.meyersmanx.com/realmanx.shtml.

I see a wide range of Buggies on theSamba and eBay for $5-25k but I have only seen one that is a 'Genuine Meyers' and they are asking $35,000!!! Therefore, am setting the opening the bid at $7,500 and if you want to buy it now I would probably take something in the neighborhood of $10k - that is what I have it listed for locally.

This Buggy is not perfect but we have been working on it part-time for years to get it closer and closer to being perfect. Mechanically in good shape, ust needs some TLC to finish up... You will need to turn a few wrenches on it. Let's be clear it is not a show car yet - but it wouldn't take a whole lot to get it there basically just paint, nterior and some dress up - unless you want to also do the motor. Then you will have a show quality Genuine Meyers Manx - which there a fewer and fewer available...

I will try to list everything I know about the Buggy and be as perfectly honest as I can, owever, s with any used car there can be items that I am currently unaware of - Especially when the vehicle is 53 years old. Therefore, t is being sold as is with no warranty of any type (stated or implied). If I don't list an area of concern for you - just ask and I will tell you what I know or send you a picture of what it is...

Buyer is responsible for shipping or local pickup (I will assist as reasonable). I also have cross posted the Buggy locally in Houston so I reserve the right to end the auction early if it sells through a local resource.

First the GOOD:

· Street Legal - Completely Street Legal in Texas (Clean Title, urrent Registration and Safety Inspection)

· 4 Seats - Yes, t seats four people, ot that the people in the back are that comfortable but you can fit 4 in there...

· Solid Pans - Minimal basic surface rust on the floor pans - some minor issues here and there but unless you want to do a complete restoration, o need for any concerns...

· Brakes - New metal and flex brake lines, aster Cylinder, rake pads and turned drums on all 4 wheels

· Electrical - 100% new wiring harness installed with all proper VW components: flashers, i/low floor switch (old school), urn signals, tc. Also, eplaced the 12v generator when we did the wiring harness. All lights work: High/Low headlights, arking, rake, urn signals and license plate.

· Taillights - Went away from the oval stock VW taillights and actually put in some 1960's Pontiac... Just wanted a different look on the back... Plan was to go LED down the road and have them pulse like the new Camaros...

· Engine - 1600cc Single Carb Engine - stock and basic as the day is long, o hype here...

It runs fine, t currently has a slight lifter rattle which is common with Air Cools that sit a lot. It had an idling attitude this past weekend but I imagine that was caused by sitting over the winter.

Currently, t has new plugs, ap, otor, ires, nd coil. If I was keeping it, would probably do a carb rebuild on the single barrel - again as I said because when it sits it gets a little attitude. Probably should also put a timing gun on it and check the timing, eems to be a few degrees off. I plan on tightening everything up, ime and Houston weather permitting that is... Motor just needs to have some miles put on it to get the bugs out of it.

· Wheels & Tires:

o Centerline Style Rims: no real curb rub or scuffs, hey just need a good polishing...

o Front BF Goodrich P205/65/R15 w/ ~80% tread life

o Rear BF Goodrich P275/60/R15 w/ ~80% tread life

· Interior:

o 2 New Adjustable Front Seats (JC Whitney) w/ Bestop Seat Sliders - not completely installed, ot sure if I wanted to keep them, hey are a bit large - two new seat risers; one cut down to fit in buggy as a test. I am 5'9" and both of my sons are over 6' so we needed adjustable.

o New Carpet kit - Stock, lack, ot currently installed

· Tow Bar - Buggy comes with a custom tow bar that attaches to the front suspension that makes it very easy to toe to where ever you want to take it.

· Car Cover - I kept the vehicle in the garage beginning on the day I got it home but I do have a tan VW car cover for it - it is actually for a VW Bug (could never find one cut for a Manx) so it is a bit large but it gets the job done if you are out and about and get a freak storm.

· Also, emember it comes with a standard 8 gallon VW tank and gets about 20+ to the gallon so you can run around all day on the gas money budget you had back in high school and have a blast doing it...


· NO Seatbelts - Texas law says you don't need them if the vehicle did not come equipped with them and in 1962 they were an option for VW's and not offered with the Manx.

I have some stock VW belts included but if you're going to be off-roading I would highly suggest adding something better - these were put in to keep the wife happy. A final seatbelt decision was part of my interior plan so I have not addressed the issue as of yet.

· Tachometer - it is installed in the dash but I have not crawled under the dash to hook everything up...

· Emergency Brake - needs to be adjusted, t grabs and holds but it is at the top of the pull so need to adjust the linkage... Should not be an issue or difficult.

· Interior Finished - never decided on which way to go so you basically have a blank slate here, ll necessary components are included with Buggy: Front Seats, ear Seat, ide Panels and Roll Bar Cover. I even have an old tool kit cover for tire iron that matches existing interior; it is dry rotted but kind of cool... Can use it as a template for the one that matches your new interior (that was my plan)...

I have been quoted $1100-1600 (depending on exterior material chosen) by a local upholstery shop for a custom matching interior using existing setup - I didn't want to use seat covers... or the common 'dune buggy' seats. You can probably go cheaper if you want to order out of a catalog or spend a bunch more if you want to go custom crazy!

· Paint Job - again never decided on which way to go, urrent paint is decent but it is nowhere near show quality, t will not embarrass you when you go for a ride but it needs some love. Small damage to fiberglass on front fender and rear cowling (see photos).

I have a quote from a local (Tomball, exas) repair shop to fix all the fiberglass issues and spray it a single solid color for $1,400.

· Engine Dress Up Kit (Tins, oghouse, irewall, ulleys, tc...) - this completely depends on which way you want to go paint to match or chrome.

This will set you back anywhere from $300-600+ depending on your chosen style; you can find some crazy stuff online.

· Bumpers - the chrome on both the front and rear is a bit worn but it wasn't on my to-do list until I decided on a final paint & interior. If you're going to paint the bumpers to match what is there will work just fine, f you want chrome you will need to work on it.

· Engine - as I said above it is a 1600cc which puts out about 40 horsepower, o I would consider an upgrade at some point if you want to go to the beach or make it a daily driver. However, -4 of us can pick this thing up and put it in the back of my pickup so it doesn't need a lot of horsepower to get down the road.

My plan was to build a new motor after paint & interior. Current motor will get you down the road. I never got a serious quote for a new motor but I have seen stock long blocks on theSamba for $400.

Also, will include all of the spare parts I have collected over the years - brake lines, eat adjusts, aster cylinders, xtra set of drums and miscellaneous other stuff at no extra cost...

Again, he Buggy is not perfect; if I was keeping it, would adjust valves and lifters, ebuild the carb, heck timing and maybe change the points, bout $100 bucks in parts and 4-5 hrs. of work. If you're experienced with Air Cooled VWs then you know this is all fairly minor and common stuff...

Thanks for looking and taking time to read everything above! If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to ask - my personal email is pstrikejr@yahoo.com