1969 Volkswagen Campmobile Westfalia bus

1969 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon Westfalia

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Bus/Vanagon
SubModel: Westfalia
Type: Van Camper
Trim: Campmobile
Year: 1969
Mileage: 185,000
Color: Arctic White
Engine: Air cooled
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Reno, Nevada, United States

Description for Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon 1969

Sorry for relisting, olks. I just wanted you to know nothing unethical happened. The original buyer backed out of the sale. Shipping costs, erhaps?

The good news is that the bus is for sale again so here's your chance! I've started the bidding below the actual selling price so good luck.

1969 Volkswagen Campmobile Westfalia Bus

This van has been with the same owner for 34 years and has been much loved. It has seen its share of miles but is still a great driver. Being a good dry-desert car, t would also make a great candidate for restoration as it is relatively rust-free.I'm helping theowner (a very good friend) sell it in hopes it'll finda good home where it will continue to get the love it deserves.

As noted, he bus is the Campmobile version. It has a small seating area with a table behind the front seats. The areacan also accommodate sleeping. Being a Westfalia, he top opens up to reveal another sleeping area above, omplete with an original folding cot. The canvas top is showing its age and will need to be replaced, ut as you probably already knowthe top(and most other parts) are available these days.

The front of the bus can either accommodate the large "VW" logo or a spare wheel mount. This van comes with both, lus a second spare wheel mount. One mount has is three-lug, hile the other is five-lug. Actually, he van comes with a bunch of spare parts which I've listed lower in the posting.

The owner chose to not install the bumpers, ut he still has them. They look pretty straight and I think all the proper mounting hardware is included to put them back on should you choose to do so. I've taken photos of the bumpers along with the various other parts that come with the package.

Mechanically speaking: The bus drives well and is very dependable. The owner depends on it as his primary driver so it needs to be ready to go all the time. That being said, e doesn't drive very often. The engine was rebuilt roughly 10 years ago and currently has less than 25k on it. It starts right up and sounds fine. The engine feels strong, r should I say, trong for a little air-cooled VW engine pushing a bus around. I was prepared for it to be a dog but it actually gets up and goes better than I expected. We have lots of mountains around here and it handles the remarkably well.

The engineleaks a little oil when it sits, ut nothing dramatic. The owners says it leaks about the same as all older VW's so take that for what it's worth. The brakes seem decent enough though I must say I don't have much to compare them to. They might need some adjusting as the pedal has a fair amount of travel.The busalways stops when I need it to, hough. Thetransmission feels smooth, s does the clutch. I don't think anything is wrong with either. All gauges work, s do the switches. The turn signal is finicky at times. I think it needs some lubing. To be fair, lot of the bus could use a good shot of lubrication as hinges creak, he slider is slow on its track and overall things feel a bit dry. I considered lubing everything myself but decided to let the new owner choose his own poison lubrication-wise.

The bus seems to track decent enough though I wonder if it could use an alignment. I feel a little pull to the right. The left front tire has worn quicker than the rest and likely needs to be replaced. It's wearing on the inside more than the outside. The other three tires look better with no abnormal wear. The bus recently received some steering work but the owner couldn't remember exactly what. If you're interested in knowing more I can find out about that.

So, n to thecondition of the bus as a whole.The photos should give a good idea of the good and bad points, nd furthermore,I'm happy to fill in the details more by phone or in person. That being said, 'm going give a rundown of so you have some idea of what the van is like. The body is pretty darned straight with some obvious downfalls. The worst is on the back right side where an impact dented the metal. There are minor dings here and there but nothing like the rear dent. There is rust popping up here and there, ike around the windshield, long the lower body in places, nd at the floorboards (photos should show it). Again, ince we're in Nevada the rust isn't anythingcompared to cars in wetter areas. We only get 7 inches of annual rainfall so the body is representative of low moisture, ut eventually rust even happens here which is the case with the van. I don't see any scary cancer anywhere but I do see areas where the rust would need to but addressed if the van were to be restored. There are no-doubt areas that have some body filling, ut that was to address dents rather than rust based on the owner's recollection. Beyond that, he body does show well enough and the paint, hough not original, oes look decent enough.

The hubcaps have dings in them. I'm guessing they could be bumped out. The windows look nice with no real issues. The rubber on the exterior is showing its age but the van is still water tight. At least I don't see any leaks and the owner hasn't ever reported any.

The interior is clean but old. The dash still shines and I think all knobs are intact. I believe the floor mat is original or at least a nice replacement. The seat covers are shot; there's no other way to put it. Time for seat covers or new upholstery on them. The door panels are wood paneling in fair condition. The same goes for the other panels. As noted, he pop top canvas is in poor condition with the screen showing its age, o I'd plan on replacing the whole canvas. The canvas cot is intact with minor rips. The hinges and latches on the pop top are intact and seem to work as they should. The roof of the top itself is in good restorable condition. It could use seals as the rubber is disintegrating but that should tighten it up fine. The windows roll up and down and the side louvered panels work, s well. One is missing its knob.The insidehandle is missing from the sliding door. The dash is ok but obviously not perfect. The vents need to be replaced but they just pop out and new ones slide in ($15 ea.) The steering wheel looks ok. It has a cover on it so it's hard to tell condition but what I can see looks pretty darned nice.

The floor mats on the back portion are in good shape. I don't think they are original, hough. I pulled up the mats and the driver's side floorboard shows rust and a bit of rust-through. The right side has surface rust but no penetration.

The sink unit is missing completely. I guess it had issues years ago and was disposed of. The upholstery in the back is in ok shape but is looking old and weathered. It'll serve for a while longer but does show its age. The little cabinet on the left of the sliding door doesn't close tight and sometimes it doesn't close at all. It might need a new gasket or an adjustment. As you might expect, he curtains are pretty faded. What we don't get in rain we do get in sun so they're looking old.

I know there's more I could say but honestly, rom here I think it would be best to talk with interested buyers to answer any follow-up questions or to help further determine condition. I am available most every day and most evenings so feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss the specifics of floorboards or if you'd like to hear the engine run over the phone. I can also send along tons more photos if you'd like.

Coot- 775 786-2632

Here's a list of what the VW Campmobile comes with (I've also attached a couple photos to help determine what's included)

  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Spare instrument panel (from another 1969 bus)
  • 2 spare tire mounts for front of van
  • Spare driver's side mirror
  • VDO oil pressure and temp gauges
  • Used flywheel and pressure plate
  • Oil bath air cleaner
  • Sliding door gasket
  • Various smaller gaskets and seals
  • Driver's side window operator
  • Splash pan
  • Spare table (once we find it)
  • Side door inside lever (may or may not fit)
  • Misc. books, anuals and such

On Feb-17-16 at 15:29:14 PST, eller added the following information:

I've gotten a couple requests for photos of the front floorboards. I wasn't sure of the condition so I pulled up both sides of the mat and looked around. The driver's side floorboard is perforated with rust in spots. The passenger side isn't as bad with less rust and no perforations that I can see. I'd add photos but ebay says I'm at my limit. I can send photos directly to any buyer so please don't hesitate to request them.

Thanks to everyone for pointing this out! I hope the information helps further determine the condition.