1972 All Electric EV Super Beetle 120 Volt System (130VDC) Warp 9, 230VAC Charge

1972 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle - Classic
Type: Coupe
Year: 1972
Mileage: 999,999
Color: Red
Engine: Electric Brushed DC "Warp 9"
Cylinders: None
Fuel: Electric
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Electric (10 12V AGM Batteries)
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Tehachapi, California, United States

Description for Volkswagen Beetle - Classic 1972

Up for auction, my electric Bug: I did this conversion back in 2008 when there were no factory electric cars available. I've used it as a daily driver, had it in parades with the Electric Auto Association, and shown it off at events. People really get a kick out of how quiet and quick it is. I've had it up to 70mph with no problems. But lately, I don't drive it much. It will need a new accessory battery, just a 12volt deep cycle to operated lights, horn, etc. The traction batteries are still good, although the range has diminished somewhat. It is good for about 10-20 miles before it needs a charge, depending on how fast it's driven. I've installed an RV heater that runs on propane, it's tied into the stock heater vents so the passengers can get warm, as well as defrosting the windshield. Unfortunately, it quit working and will probably need a new circuit board.....pretty common components at an RV dealer. I also started to install AC, but never completed the installation for I think the additional load would really decrease range. There is also a small solar charger to keep the accessory battery charged (the one that needs replacement, LOL).Now the bad: I chose a rather worn out Bug to begin with, plenty of rust. I thought one day after I got the system working properly, I'd transfer it to a better car....never happened. The aftermarket sunroof leaks. The brakes are sketchy, and constantly need adjustment. The body is pretty bad, and the paint is terrible. The speedometer doesn't work....AM radio does!
Runs on ten 12 volt AGM batteries. When fully charged the system is at 130 volts.Power controlled by a 1000 amp Kelly Controller.Motor is a Netgain "Warp 9" nine inch DC motor with accessory pulley.Running through stock clutch and transmission.System charges with a Zivan 230 volt charger on board. It has a long power cable with a standard 230 volt "Dryer" plug.
I've represented this item to the best of my knowledge and poor memory. No guarantees, expressed or implied: this vehicle is being sold "AS IS". More pictures available upon request.