1970 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle - Classic
Type: Coupe
Doors: 2
Year: 1970
Mileage: 6,859
Color: Red
Engine: 1600 CC
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only
Cassette player

Description for Volkswagen Beetle - Classic 1970

Today, as it was decades ago, it's cheap and easy to get into a VW Beetle and start enjoying the best hobby on earth. This cheerful bright red 1970 Volkswagen Beetle is simple, honest transportation and a heck of a lot of fun for not a lot of cash.First off, restoration costs on a Beetle aren't any cheaper than for any other car, so your best choice is to simply find one that's always been well-maintained. This car has a great look but it isn't perfect, and there's no shame in that. This bright red Bug is exactly the kind of car you would have purchased in, say, 1973 when VW counter-culture was at its height. In fact, this one might be even nicer, given the improvements in paint technology over the past forty or so years. The shine is certainly eye-catching, thanks to two-stage urethane paint, and while these were famously well-built little cars, there's some charm in the fact that this one has a few character marks around the edges. Nevertheless, panel gaps are quite good, the finish is uniform with a few touch-ups, and it all fits together very well indeed. Fans will appreciate the early style taillights, chrome bumpers, and exposed running boards, which are all part of the Beetle's charm.Interiors in the Beetle managed to be both spartan and cheerful, with smartly designed shapes and materials that were virtually indestructible. The textured vinyl buckets have been re-covered, of course, and show the proper pattern that's remarkably comfortable, even in the hot sun. The instrument panel is simple, with a single round speedometer that also houses a tiny fuel gauge in its center, but little else. With a steering wheel that's an exercise in minimalism, is certainly a basic car, but that was the whole point, and it only seems to add to this car's honesty. Besides, you'll be having too much fun running through the 4-speed's well-spaced ratios and listening to the famous flat-four engine note to worry about turning on the AM/FM/cassette radio. The forward trunk is correctly finished with gray mouse fur upholstery and carries a correct spare tire that just might be original to the car.That engine is 1600 cc of air-cooled simplicity, and in terms of reliability, few cars can match the Beetle's track record. With good torque and needing virtually zero maintenance aside from making sure there's oil in the crankcase, this is the kind of car you can jump in and just drive anywhere without worries. It's perfectly happy with today's pump gas, and with prices creeping upwards, perhaps a thrifty hobby car is the smartest decision you can make; even today, the Beetle's fuel economy is impressive. The engine bay is clean and full of correct components, from the massive air filter housing to a correct Bosh distributor cap, and a great big generator atop the engine itself. The carburetor also appears to be recent. The underside is tidy, with one patch in the floor that was clearly done a long time ago, and it appears there are newer shocks that give it a smooth ride. Standard steel wheels with hubcaps are a familiar look and they carry 165R15 whitewall radials for a period-perfect look.If you're looking for an inexpensive, fun way to get into old cars, this Beetle is always a great choice. Call today!