1981 VW pickup truck rabbit caddy new 1.9 diesel AAZ

1981 Volkswagen Rabbit

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Rabbit
Year: 1981
Mileage: 150,000
VIN: 1V1KG0172BV128362
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Kailua Kona, Hawaii, United States

Description for Volkswagen Rabbit 1981

This is a used vehicle sold "as is" with flaws, no complainers please. Listed far below what the engine is worth, so convince yourself your buying a nice engine, and be happy with a running legal VW.
I bought this off Ebay 3 years ago for 7,500. Plus many fees on its way to Hawai'i. It was descirbed "like new." It had like a crack in the bottom end of the engine with JB weld smothered on it. So I had the guys at Bears VW in Hilo put in a BRAND NEW 1.9 AAZ Diesel. All jokes aside another 7,200 with tinkering and labor etc...
Thing has been a nightmare, it's got rust, plenty, especially under the lower window seal you can poke your finger through it, but it had been undercoated prior to my receiving it and it's all like recent rust from me kinda neglecting it and it being inoperable so much, clear coats all peeling etc. Yet the "lago blue" gets compliments everywhere and everyone wants it, but nobody wants to pay for it, chicks dig it.
At this moment i've just replaced the master cyl for the 3rd time, breaks were grabbing, now not but pressure is really low, it needs the correct master cyl, as the 2nd i had bought was faulty, the 3rd being a cheapO from Orileys the port where the push rod sits is larger then it should be creating low contact for brake pressure. Push rod adjustment you say? Nah get the master it's about 150 bucks for the right one. I'm just in living situation where I can't even wash the bugger so I gotta let it go before it kills me.
It starts right up every time. Runs great 5 spd tranny feels decent, I just put a new clutch cable and there's an O ring where the tensioning nut sits that could be found or improvised for it just sits on the tranny now. So you know its got a personality this truck like the owner can drive it like a dream but don't let your friends chick borrow it!
It's all complete ready to jump in but I would re do the master for improved braking, and of course you gotta bleed. Also replace the rear passenger bleeder screw while your at it. I've got parts, i've got a new injector or 2 if ya need I know the thing quite well. But again it's sold as is, no complainers, it's loud inside and rattles, the window felt on the passenger is gone so the window kinda bounces around. The dash board is crack and after market cheap stuff has evaporated. Again there's rust! You can poke holes under the rear window, posts have slight crust, surface in the bed, but despite 3 years in hawai'i she's still pretty solid. I've done what I can.
I've seriously got over 20 K in this rust bucket...oh decent interior too i've had wet akoles on like new interior since I got it, tight headliner, newer looking carpet that I've had heavy duty floor mats on. Un real milage! Super good climber in the low gears fun to drive in turns and stuff around Hawaii. Chicks dig it. Let see what else. Oh yea rust, and that dang master cyl! Get the ATE one made in USA very important, why not replace all the bleeders while your at it. I'm driving it as is, but that me I know her you know?
I'll drive her over to HILO HAWAII where I will ship VIA PASHA to you on the mainland LA SD they have all the options, this is at your expense, you pay shipping you look into that! I do not, you pay shipping, I think it starts at like 800 bucks, so look into that please. If you would like to talk story i'm a very honest guy taking a serious loss on this, I'm in what you may call a "toxic relationship" on many levels so rather than suffer I'll set her free at a great value, again the engine alone would probably fetch 3-4K as is. It's got less than 20K on it, cars got around 150K.
Again sold as is with rust, i'm currently running painters grade blue masking tape under the rear window, if you got a skills with welding your stoked if you got a buddy with a body shop, even better. Otherwise replace the master and drive it around for 7-10 years before the rear window falls out? Due to the under coating I don't think the seats would fall through the floor for another 20years. Remember your bid is a contract, so contact me and ask all ?'s prior to bidding, I want your money, I want you to love this car! If Ebay lets us go ahead and send your number and best time to call, i'm happy to answer all your ?'s.
Included is the shop manual and i'll make you a flat rate box or 2 with some GOLD in it!!! Fuel lines an injector or two drain plug crush rings, whatever you need to keep it going down the road. Tires prolly get another 10K decent cheap to replace too costco was around 100 each mounted. anyways bid for the stars! with aloha from HI remember you gotta pay to ship it! VIA PASHA covered and safe!!! aloha