1967 volkswagen deluxe sunroof bus 21 window VW

1967 Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon deluxe

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Bus/Vanagon
Type: deluxe bus
Trim: deluxe
Year: 1967
Mileage: 129,000
Color: Red
Engine: 1600 cc
Cylinders: 4
Interior color: mesh platinum
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Overland Park, Kansas, United States

Description for Volkswagen Bus/Vanagon 1967

1967 volkswagen deluxe bus- very solid example of this unique and very desirable model bus. I have owned this bus for 16 plus years and know it very well. It is one of the best driving buses of this era you could hope to own. I just drove it for an hour and a half mini- roadtrip and it performed flawlessly. It starts right up, idles perfectly, drives straight and true with tight steering and goes down the highway 65 mph with no problem. (original 67 transaxle that has higher gearing for better highway cruising). The brakes perform exactly as they should with no issue. (read on for all the brake work performed).

I have over 100 pictures at the following website. I have take a picture of ALL the bad stuff (which really is very minor, but I believe in full disclosure and don’t want anyone to ever say I did not represent this bus accurately.)

1967deluxebus@shutterfly.com go to the website and then click on “pictures and videos” then click on “view album” on bottom right then choose “all”. When you click on one of the small pictures, it gets bigger and you can scroll through all the pictures this way. Enjoy the pictures.

Paint- nothing to hide here, it is probably a 30 year old paint job, so when you decide to make this a trailer queen you will want to get it painted, otherwise enjoy it the way it is and don’t worry about it since you can see it actually looks pretty good. I have taken a picture of some of the larger imperfections in the paint/body. When it was painted all the skylight windows were removed and the rubber window seals were replaced on those windows, and I believe most of the others as well. (except the front door window trim which is original)

Tires-brand new Hankook light truck tires (all five tires), in original size, with newly painted rims although I am not real happy with the paint as it is thin in some places, although you would have to get up close to notice.

This bus has very unique all aluminum trim around each of the popout windows which looks fantastic. The glass is all original in every window.

Body- No wrecks ever that I can tell and as I said I know this bus well from working on it and having most of the interior panels removed at one time or another. Nose is perfect with no rust or dents. I have taken pictures of a few very minor dents and paint coming off in rear corners of bus on the red paint. The long rocker on driver side was replaced before it was painted and you can see some of the spot welds and a line about 4 inches up from lower rocker trim along about a 10 inch long line. Just needs to be addressed before repainting bus. Super easy to fix while bus bodywork is being done prior to painting whenever you decide to do it. Cool thing about this bus is the paint and body look exactly the way it did when I bought it 16 years ago so there is nothing scary lurking under the paint waiting to come out. I did not find any bondo anywhere on it, other than the obvious skim coat used on the long rocker that was replaced. I can find no other body work anywhere on the bus. The belly pans are extremely solid as well as the jack points. I could find only one rust spot on the belly pan which I took a picture of. This bus is almost rust free with the exception of a few minor areas that I took pictures of. The outer 2 inches or so of the cargo door floor needs to be replaced. (well I say that but it has looked the same way for the last 16 years, so do what you want) No other rust on any of the floor of the bus, other than some surface rust as you can see in the pictures. The gray primer on the cargo floor was done over 20 years ago and was only done to cover surface rust that was sanded at the time and it has not come back through. Just wanted to let you know nothing hiding there. (I know this from the previous owner who had bus for 5 years sitting in a climate controlled warehouse).

Bumpers- original deluxe trim, new rubber inserts, bumpers stripped to bare metal, primed and painted recently and re-assembled including restored splash pans on rear bumpers with all new hardware and seals. This paint is awesome as you can tell by the close-up pictures I took.

Mechanical- new wheel cylinders on ALL wheels, all new brake hardware inside drums, new brake shoes, drums turned, all NEW steel and rubber brake lines and NEW german master cylinder with new switches (dual circuit, one year only master cylinder). Basically every component of the brake system is like new. Engine is a 1600 dual port and is tuned to run perfectly as it should. It has never left me stranded and has plenty of power. I have no idea the specs on it or rebuild history but have never had a reason to pull it as it runs so good. I put new seals in the reduction boxes years ago and new rear axle seals/boots. The bus shifts great in all gears and has NO issues with the clutch or transmission. It has no issues with anything mechanical. All the lights work, and the rear taillights have new housings which I grounded which makes the lights brighter than I have ever seen them. I wish I had figured that trick out 15 years ago.

Interior- NEW front door panels, front seats, middle seat, including restored seat frames. All other panels are original. The seat color is called mesh platinum and is original to the deluxe bus. You can see the original seat material on the 3rd row seat. The back is worn, but intact and the bottom of the 3rd row seat is toast and needs to be replaced. I just did not get to it yet as we never used the 3rd seat. Shoulder belts in front two rows of seats for that extra safety factor for the driver and passengers. Headliner was replaced when painted and I think they did a lousy job. I would put a new one in someday.

EMPI steering wheel-that is right, it comes with the bus! This is the holy grail of EMPI steering wheels. When was the last time you saw one? I searched for years before I found it. Very unique flat dish for the bus steering wheel. It is beautiful and perfect, although the keyway location causes the wheel to not be in “center alignment” with wheels pointed straight ahead. Minor inconvenience that I only point out for full disclosure purposes.

Sunroof- Same canvas cover on it from when I bought it. Looks a little old but is not damaged and works perfect to keep water out when I wash it. (of course this bus is not driven in the rain, although feel free if you are so inclined). The sunroof mechanism and handle appear to be all original and are in perfect working order.

Locks- all locks work with the key and all door latches and windows work as they should.

Misc- I do have the trim piece that goes under the 3rd row seat that is original to the bus and I bought a used trim piece that goes on the side of the 2nd row seat (very hard to find) that is in rough shape, but can be fixed and installed on this bus. (both included with the sale)

I can’t think of anything else to describe. I believe the pictures will speak for themselves but please ask if I have forgotten something you want to know about. I took pictures of every single rust spot on the bus, which as you can see is very minor. The largest rust spot is directly under the battery just for reference.

I have this bus advertised for sale locally and will end the auction if it sells.

Bus is a super solid example of a real 21 window sunroof bus that you can drive and enjoy from day one and then finish if and when you want. No hard to find parts to buy as this bus is complete and even has extras as I have described. You can reach me (Jim) by e-mail at Jamorse@sbcglobal.net or cell phone (913) 645-9092 during normal hours. I am in Overland Park, KS, just outside of Kansas City. Thanks for looking and Happy VW’ing!