1967 Volkswagen Type 1 Sedan - VW Beetle - VW Bug

1967 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle - Classic
Type: Sedan
Year: 1967
Mileage: 500,000
Color: Java Green
Engine: 1600cc
Cylinders: 4 cyclinder
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Drive type: rear wheel drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Description for Volkswagen Beetle - Classic 1967

Ready for trailer pick up in north Florida
1967 Type 1 Sedan Price: $5000Engine: 1600cc with about 15,000 miles on rebuildVehicle Mileage: 500,000+Color: Java GreenAccidents: Front fender bender repaired back when lead was still used as filler.Recent work: replaced torsion springs in rearSpecial Features: Car has most of its original parts and includes the original sales receipt
This 1967 Type 1 Sedan is a high mileage car that served as a daily driver until it was put to rest in our pole barn approximately 12 years ago. We are the third owners having purchased it from an acquaintance who was the second owner back in 1993. We drove it every day for 10 years and enjoyed it's reliability. As I got older I found it more difficult to find time to maintain it and also found it difficult to source quality parts and service so we finally gave up and stored it.
The car is a "southeast" regional car which is to say that this car has never been exposed to salts from either snow or beach environments. It was originally purchased in Alabama, as evidenced by the original sales slip that you will receive with the car, and it has spent the past 35 years here in north Florida. The car has areas of obvious surface rust but the car is pretty clean for it's age. It was well maintained when it was used as a driver and so the important parts, things like the heater channels under the side doors are still in good shape.
The engine was rebuilt by one of my favorite mechanics and had fairly low mileage when we stored the car. We had a few VW sedans and rotated engines. I believe that this block does not match the VIN anymore. This car will need a lot of work to get it back on the road but I believe you will find that engine will be reliable while you work on the other areas of the car. We used to start and drive the car up the street once a year whether it needed it or not but stopped doing so about 8 years ago.
This car needs a lot of work before it is put back on the road. In particular the brakes will need a thorough maintenance and in fact I have backed all of the shoes off simply so that we can push the car around the driveway. The car is unsafe until a complete brake job is performed.
This car will be a good choice for someone who wants to do a full restoration but doesn't want to start with a bucket case or a "paint job". The car will appeal to someone who values getting a fairly complete set of original parts as they came from the factory back in 1967.
The drivers side door needs to have some window hardware replaced as the linkage has broken.
There is a small rust through hole, the size of a quarter, on the drivers side door.
The torsion bars in the rear broke and were replaced just before we retired the car as a driver. I believe the car has over half a million miles on it so I guess it was time. The new torsion bars are a bit beefier and so the car rides a bit higher than it did with the old sagging springs.
There's not much more to say. It's a one year, 1967 sedan with a clear title. It is one of the few on the market east of the Rocky Mountains. It was the last of the metal dash cars and the first of the 12 volt systems. They drive great and feel fun.
The buyer must use a trailer to take this car away. The car is not road ready.
I have been asked these questions about the car and have posted the answers as a convenience for others:
Q: Does the engine run well
- The car has not been started in over 5 years. The car has not been driven daily in over 10 years. The engine has about 20,000 miles on it since it's last rebuild and was running well when we decommissioned the car. The engine builder was an old friend who specialized in VW engine work. The engine is still a 1600. I drove the car within it's limits and would get well over 120,000 miles out of a rebuild (and I know lots of other guys who could fry a VW engine in well under 50,000) so I expect that this engine will run nicely once the carb is cleaned and it is fired up.
Q: and how is the transmission?
- The car has driven an estimated 500,000+ miles. 3rd gear was, on rare occasions, starting to slip if it you shifted in to it too casually while accelerating up a long hill. It wasn't yet an issue that concerned me as it worked fine if you shifted into 3rd at the proper time.
Q: Have you cleaned the fuel tank and lines?
- No.
Q: Any rust through areas?
- There is a rust through hole in the driver's door. It is about the size of a quarter. The pans have been serviced in the past with half pan replacements. They seem clean.
Q: How is the front end?
- Car was driving straight and true. Ball joints seemed OK. The beam was straight and pivots were smooth. Steering box had a slight amount of play. Grease was shot into all the zerc fittings on a regular basis.- The car had a fender bender years before I bought it. One of the fenders is a replacement as is evidenced by the fact that the vent hole is in a slightly different place. You can also see lead filler was used in the crumple zone when looking under the hood near the gas tank. All in all the repair seemed successful as I never had anyone mention that they noticed that the car had been repaired once.