1966 Volkswagen Beetle - Type 1 - NO RESERVE!

1966 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle - Classic
Type: Sedan
Year: 1966
Mileage: 27,000
VIN: 116825333
Color: Blue
Engine: 1.6 liter horizontal 4
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Description for Volkswagen Beetle - Classic 1966

For Sale: 1966 Volkswagen Type 1 (Beetle)

General: This is just a nice, original, mostly correct, honest bug. It is pretty much stock and unmolested. Nobody has done any odd or outlandish modifications to it.

It is a restoration candidate - or use and enjoy it as is. It is complete and correct in all regards except the engine has been replaced with a 1.6 liter; it has an electric fuel pump; Weber two-stage carburetor; and it has been converted to 12 V with an alternator. It hales from the San Francisco Bay area though I purchased it in Atlanta. I drive it periodically between Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA. It is road trip ready but you should not plan to drive it across the country right off.

Mileage: Odometer works. It reads approximately 27,000. Obviously the odometer has turned over at least once.

Exterior Body: It has dents, dings, and surface rust as you can see in the pictures. There are a few rust-through spots around the windshield, side windows, and just aft of the right-hand jacking point. The bumpers are the slender European units with no overriders. The front left door does not fit well but it closes, latches, and locks. The car has been repainted its original Bahama Blue many years ago. It is now peeling, chipping, and faded. This is the car's biggest weakness. It will need to be refinished. There are signs that the car had a relatively minor front-end crash at some point.

Underbody: Has typical rust in the rear right pan under the battery. A heavy gauge steel weld-in panel comes with the car. All other floor boards appear to be solid.

Exterior Trim: There is not much to be said here because there is very little trim on these cars. It is all there and in fair condition - it could all use some polishing. The running boards have been replaced with semi-polished aluminum ones that actually look pretty good. The driver side window moulding is bent. Bumpers are rusty and will need to be replaced or replated.

Glass: The glass is all there. The windshield has sand pitting but a new windshield and seal come with the car. The wiper blades are fresh and the motor works fine so it can be driven in the rain. The window regulators and vent latches work as designed. None of the glass is fogged, or delaminated.

Weather Sealing: All rubber is hard, dried, and cracked. All of it will need to be replaced along with the window channel and felt.

Electrical: Battery is plenty strong. The car starts quickly. Every light on the car works. No lenses are broken. Wiring seems to be okay. The AM radio is not connected. It is probably still a 6V unit that was not reconnected when the car was converted. I have no idea if it works. A battery maintenance charger comes with the car so it will be ready to go whenever you are.

Climate Control: The heaters will run you out of the car at highway speeds but around town, not so much. The defrosters eventually deliver hot air to the windshield but it takes a while. The controls work as designed though the outlet control for the right side needs to be adjusted.

Dashboard: All gauges and indicator lamps work as designed. Gauge faces are clear and easily read during the day or at night. The fuel gauge is a bit wonky. It registers over the full range but it goes quickly to empty when you still have a half of a tank left. Speedometer and odometer both work. The speedometer reads a bit fast. Turn signals work and cancel as designed. Has working four-way hazards. The windshield washers are not connected.

Interior: Appears to be the original gray and black. The seat covers are all in excellent condition. The carpeting is original and in good condition. There are holes in the door panels where someone had mounted stereo speakers. The white vinyl headliner is there and in good condition but it is pulling away from the header in a few places and it could do with a re-dying along the windows. Interior brightwork is in excellent condition. The face plate on the front ash tray is missing.

Brakes: Excellent. No leaking. All new wheel cylinders and new master cylinder. Shoes have plenty of lining on them. New hoses front and rear. Parking brake works well - even on hills. Wheel bearings have recently been serviced. Brake lights work as designed.

Engine: 1.6 liter replacement engine with dual-stage Weber carburetion. Mechanical fuel pump replaced with an electric push unit at the front of the car. No more vapor lock with this arrangement. Also, the pump primes the carburetor if the car has been sitting so there is no need to grind away on the starter. It was tuned fewer than 3,000 miles ago (including valve adjustment) although it has run beautifully as long as I have had it. It starts easily hot or cold and runs very well. The engine is strong and smooth. It does not smoke but it does leak a tiny bit. Oil pressure light goes out and stays out once it's running - even after being driven hard in hot weather. It has excellent power and gets good fuel mileage. The power to weight ratio is favorable.

Transaxle: Functions perfectly well. Upshifts and downshifts just fine. No whining or other odd noises. Like all VWs of the era, shifting it is like stirring a bowl of soup but the gears engage as expected. The clutch seems to be strong and smooth.

Exhaust: The systems appear to be in good condition. It sounds like there might be a slight leak at an exhaust manifold. The exhaust tips are rusty on the outside but they seem to do their job.

Steering: Steering is in good condition. Has new ball joints and tie-rod ends and has been recently aligned. It steers and sticks like a go-kart.

Suspension: Front torsion bars appear to be in good condition. Ride height is normal. It is level from side to side. New shock absorbers all around. The car rides remarkably smoothly and it handles extremely well in curves; it stays level, tires don't squeal, and it has never broken into a slide - even when driven vigorously on twisty roads.

Tires: New Nexen blackwall radial tires have lots of tread left. They are too new to notice any uneven wear patterns. Recently rebalanced and rotated. There is a spare wheel but there is no tire on it because the larger radial tire will not fit under the hood.

Work that I have performed:

Replaced brake shoes

Replaced brake wheel cylinders

Replaced brake master cylinder

Replaced all brake hoses

Replaced ball joints

Replaced tie-rod ends

Replaced four bias ply tires with radials

Replaced all four shock absorbers

Aligned front end

Replaced turn signal, hazard warning, and high beam controller relay

Replaced battery (Oct 2014)

Replaced brake light switch

Replaced fuel level sending unit

Removed leaking mechanical fuel pump (original comes with the car)

Added electric fuel pump and filter at front of the car

Cleaned and sealed fuel tank

Title: I do not have a title. The car is registered, insured, and stored in Alabama which is not a title state. It will be sold with a bill of sale.

Inspection: I will be pleased to make the car available for inspection by appointment only.

Warranty: If you discover that the car is not as represented, I will buy it back for the selling price less a ten percent handling fee within seven days of the closing of the auction; however, any transportation costs will be yours.

Shipping: Buyer is responsible. I will make the car available to a carrier. I am experienced with shipping overseas. I will work with the buyer/broker. It can be driven moderate distances as is.

Payment: $500 deposit within 48 hours of closing of the auction. Balance to be paid within seven days of closing of the auction. PayPal, wire transfer, cash at time of pick up, certified check, or personal check (as long as it has cleared prior to pick up) or any combination of the above are all acceptable methods of payment.

Pricing: This is a no-reserve auction. The car will sell to the highest bidder. Please bid accordingly. The starting price is fair and reasonable -- I have much more in it. Consider my loss your gain - though I have had fun with it over the past several years.

Additional information: I encourage you to ask question but I respectfully request that you do so through e-bay. Reason: For both of our protection we need to have the exchange of information documented. I am selling it because I would like more space in my building but I do not really NEED to sell it. There are more photos available at:


Special Request: Please don't bid if you're not serious. I'm an individual of limited means. Please respect the process and the investment of my time and money. Let's keep it fair, honest, and fun, okay?

Thank you for your interest. Good luck to you.