Badass 1957 VW Bug with built 1776

1957 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle - Classic
Year: 1957
Mileage: 77,000
VIN: 1536564
Color: pink
Engine: Balanced 1776 with Scat C35 cam
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Grey
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Austin, Texas, United States

Description for Volkswagen Beetle - Classic 1957

1957 Volkswagen Beetle

Here's your opportunity to buy one hell of a fun bug.

Though it's not the nicest or fastest bug on the planet, it's a well built driver that is a blast to drive and is acting as my current daily driver here in Austin, TX. Why sell my daily driver? Well, I'm a fickle f*cker when it comes to cars, and it's time for me to move back to driving a '60s or '70s land yacht.

Below I've described the Beetle thoroughly, but feel free to text/call if you have additional questions: 512.653.0773


Roaring from the rear is a nicely built dual port, dual carb 1776 with good performance, a decent but lopey idle, and general good temperament (save for really cold mornings). Stock magnesium VW block drilled, tapped, and plugged for full-flow filtering in addition to having an extra 1.5 quart EMPI sump. The filter element is a vintage multi-element fine screen with a check valve that can be disassembled and cleaned at regular oil change intervals. Oil temp is read off a VDO sender mounted in the oil pressure relief spring port plug (supposedly the most accurate place to measure the real-time oil temp). The engine internals feature a counterweighted and balanced crank, Scat C35 cam, high volume oil pump, and performance rocker arm kit (eliminates side-to-side play). Ignition system is the CB performance MagnaSpark II unit set up with the stiffest springs (I have all the springs plus advance limiting bushings). Carburetors are EMPI 40 HPMX tuned with .135 main jets. These are a touch rich for this setup, but with the hotter temps here in Texas, I don't mind running it a tad fat. Car does currently have j-tubes (sorry, no heater) plus an EMPI dual tip muffler (VERY loud). Engine does not drip oil, but there are a few little seeps showing up around two or three of the pushrod tubes (weep marks of oil). Transmission is some form of what people call a 'freeway flier', but I don't know the exact ratios. I do know that cruising at 75 below 4,000 rpm is possible (and easy). Transaxle is quiet, doesn't leak, and goes through the gears fine with no grinding or strange noises via a short-throw vintage Hurst Saf-T-Trigger shifter. The steering is tight (no discernible slack), it tracks straight down the road, and the other suspension components are quiet and stable. The front beam is a 4" narrowed and adjustable Wallentine VW unit, and the rear is stock with the arms being moved two notches. Brakes are stock (all new including pads, cylinders, rubber lines), but firm and stop straight.

Here's a list of what's been serviced/replaced in the last 3,000 miles:

  • Tires
    Continental 205/60 R15 rears, 155/60 R15 fronts.
  • Ignition system
    CB Performance distributor plus coil, plugs, and wires.
  • Front + rear brakes, wheel cylinders, rubber lines, and hardware
    With a single circuit system, you don't take chances.
  • Brake master cylinder
    Original unit appeared fine, but can't be too cautious with brakes.
  • Front wheel bearings + grease seals
    Bearings were fine, but seals were original and leaking.
  • Electric fuel pump + filter
    Original mechanical pump had issues with hot starts.
  • Transaxle mounts (all three)
    CB performance units.
  • Valve covers + gaskets
    Stock black covers with new cages.
  • Speedometer cable + grease cap
    Original cable worked, but was binding a little.
  • ISP West gauges
    Oil temp, oil pressure, and tachometer.
  • Exterior

    This bug was originally black, but has been some form of pink since at least the early '90s. Repaint was done with a fully disassembled car; every inch of the body inside and out is pink (including under the window seals, engine bay, trunk area, etc.) Paint job is older but shows very well. No real dents or dimples, but there are a couple chips and scratches which you can see in the pictures. Front apron has had its fair share of scraping the pavement, but is intact and solid. Pans + structural elements are solid (including under the battery). Hood prop is a spring loaded unit adapted from a later Type 1. Car has been converted to 12V (including the wipers), and all electrics work as they should (lights, etc.). Car recently passed Texas safety inspection and is registered as a daily driver but with antique plates (both plates included with the car). Current ignition switch is out of an early '60s bug -- I have the original ignition (not working) that matches the key profile for the doors and decklid (original Huf steel key included).


    The seats, door panels, and headliner are very nice but not stock. Speedometer is an early '60s NOS unit, but I do have the original. ISP West MotoMeter Rally pack reproduction panel (billet aluminum) with ISP West oil temp, oil pressure, and tachometer. As mentioned, everything works (wipers, turn signals, dimmer switch, horn, seat belts, windows). All window and seal rubber is new (including the pop-outs), and the car does not leak in the rain.