69 VW Baja - 4 Seat Fully Street Legal - Built for East Coast Trails and Terrain

1969 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle - Classic
Type: Baja
Year: 1969
Mileage: 488
VIN: 119316754
Engine: 1776
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States

Description for Volkswagen Beetle - Classic 1969

East Coast Baja Built for East Coast Trails and Terrain

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Video Walkaround and Drive


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$21,000 invested in parts, materials, professional fabrication and welding.

2,000 hours of owner/builder labor.

Clean South Carolina Title.


Near perfect, no holes chassis pan.

3” T-Mag body lift kit, full rectangular tubing (not C-channel).

Smittybuilt 6-point roll cage, 1 ½” diameter, 0.110” wall mild-steel tubing. This roll

cage was chosen because it fits tight to the interior of the car, and window cranks

and vent windows clear the roll cage with the doors closed. Center hoop is

kicked out so that passengers can enter and exit rear seats.

1 5/8” diameter, 0.083” wall semi-seamless chrome moly tubing is used for the rest of

roll cage, frame rails, and front and rear bumpers. There is a total of 117’ of roll

cage tubing in the car, and an additional 55’ of 1” diameter square and round

tubing used for nerf bars, bracing and mounts. Total of 172’ of tubing in chassis.

10 body to cage connection points (I said 6 in the video, but it is 10).

106 total ½” and 3/8” grade 8 bolts with grade 8 nylock nuts bolting the cage, body, pan,

and suspension together. The entire chassis can be unbolted, the cage removed

from the interior, and the body lifted off the pan if need be.

1/8” steel skid plates for front end, transmission, and engine.

Custom trailer hitch on the rear bumper cage.

Front Suspension – 7” of wheel travel (stock is 3 ½”)

8” stroke KYB Gas-A-Just shocks (stock bus length).

Clearanced ball joints.

Gusseted steering arms (reamed for Ford truck tie rod ends).

Sway-A-Way polyurethane stops for compression and rebound travel.

Wright Place off road racing center mounted rack and pinion steering (1 ½ turns lock to

lock) with Sway-A-Way polyurethane stops.

1” diameter Wright Place 2024 T-3 aluminum tie rods with Ford truck tie rod ends.

Dual Bilstein gas charged steering dampers.

30” tall 7.00-15LT CO-OP Grip Spur tires.

15’ x 5” Jackman steel racing wheels (with 5/16” centers).

Sway-A-Way chrome molly wheel studs with rolled threads and NASCAR starting

shoulder. Sway-A-Way lug nuts (torqued to 110 ft/lbs).

Rear Suspension – 7 ½” of wheel travel (stock is 3 ½”)

Dual 8” stroke KYB Gas-A-Just shocks (stock bus length).

Fully boxed and reinforced stock trailing arms with triple shock mounts.

Sway-A-Way spring plates.

Sway-A-Way polyurethane spring plate grommets.

Spring plate retainer straps.

EMPI polyurethane A-arm bushings.

Sway-A-Way crush proof rear wheel bearing spacer set.

VW Thing stub axels.

Type 2 (bus) CV joints. (Type 2 CV joints can run at a constant 17 degree angle. The

rear suspension is set to run at 16 ½ degrees at full suspension droop – on the

bottom stops).

Sway-A-Way drive axels (made of torsion bar material that can “wrap-up” to absorb

drive line shock).

Bus snubbers for suspension compression stop.

32” tall 12.00-15LT CO-OP Grip Spur tires.

15” x 10” Jackman steel racing wheels (with 5/16” centers).

Sway-A-Way chrome molly wheel studs with rolled threads and NASCAR starting

shoulder. Sway-A-Way lug nuts (torqued to 110 ft/lbs).


Front – stock 69 drums with new brake shoes, new wheel cylinders, and new hoses.

Rear – type 3 two-piece drums (you do not have to take the axel nut off, the drum just

slides off of the hub). New type 3 wide brake shoes, new large type 3 wheel

cylinders and new brake hoses.

New 69 dual master cylinder with attached brake fluid reservoir.

New Park-Loc hydraulic parking brake (on rear brakes).

New Valvoline Synthetic Dot 3&4 brake fluid.

Engine 1776cc (just rebuilt, 488 miles on the engine)

New stock standard/standard crankshaft.

New stock weight flywheel.

New 1 7/8” chrome moly gland nut and washer.

New bearings, gaskets, and seals.

#34 Eagle Racing camshaft and lifters, 0.427” lift, 274 degrees of duration.

Treuhaft custom oil pickup and oil sump cover.

CB Performance oil pump with external full flow oil filter.

4.5 quarts Valvoline VR-1 20w-50 racing motor oil.

New Cima thick wall 90.5mm pistons and cylinders (case and heads cut for 92’s).

Big valve (40 x 35.5 SS) ported heads with dual valve springs and fresh valve job.

8.5:1 compression ratio (runs on regular gas).

New Bugpack 1.25:1 needle bearing ratio rocker arms with lash caps, hardened rocker

shafts and chrome moly head studs. (Yields 0.534” valve lift).

New Bugpack 3/8” chrome moly push rods.

Dual Weber 44 IDF carbs with 6” tall K&N air filters (new washable K&N elements).

Bosch 050 distributor.

New Bosch 09001 plug wire set and new Bosch plugs.

New Bosch Blue coil.

Bosch 55 amp alternator.

Rapid Cool 8-pass oil cooler.

CB Performance oil breather kit.

36hp fan shroud.

New 1700lb. F&S pressure plate with new stock disk and new bus T.O. bearing.


New chrome Tri-Mil 1 5/8” header.

Supertrapp muffler/spark arrestor.


Stock 68 bus (type 2) with 5.375 ring and pinion.

The gear ratios are spot on for the car. With the 32” tall tires, the gear and final drive

ratios are almost identical to a stock bug with the stock tires. 70mph in forth gear is a

comfortable 3300rpm.

Fuel System

10-gallon spun aluminum fuel tank with fuel shut-off petcock and custom TIG welded

mount for VDO fuel tank sensor.

New standard VW fuel filter between fuel tank and fuel pump.

New Faucet electronic fuel pump (3 psi).

New Russell 40 micron fuel filter (#645060) at rear of car before fuel line “T”.

New genuine VW 5mm and 7mm (German) cloth braid fuel lines.

All threaded fuel line fittings sealed with Aviation Permatex (#80019).

Removable aluminum firewall installed between fuel tank and dash.

Electrical System

Hand built electrical system with single point termination and 100 amp capacity.

22 page comprehensive wiring diagram.

Each circuit has an individual fuse and there are 100 amp main fuses at battery and at

dash power distribution.

Single point termination – each wire is terminated with a soldered ring eye and connected

to a terminal block. All multi-wire connections are made in the terminal block,

as there are no wires twisted or crimped together. This makes for an extremely

reliable system, and easy to expand.

There are two extra switches on the dash, two extra fuse holders in the dash, and three

extra wires in the front to rear harness (one 18ga., one 16ga., and one 14ga.).

New Bosh auto stick starter with Ford starter solenoid.


Gauges: VDO Cockpit Series Indicator Lights:

Speedometer* Left Turn

Tachometer Right Turn

Oil Pressure Oil Pressure

Oil Temperature Alternator

Amps Cylinder Head Temperature

Fuel High Beam

* - Speedometer was not geared correctly for the tire diameter. Since this is an older

speedometer, VDO does not offer the gear sets for it any longer. VDO still

makes the Cockpit series, so it would need to be replaced.


Start Running Lights

Ignition Head Lights

Windshield Washers KC Daylighters

Windshield Wipers (Low/High) Fog Lights

Fuel Pump Prime* Backup Light

4-Way Flashers Dome Lights (Trunk, Interior, Engine)

Aux. (Spare switch) Aux. (Spare switch)

Dash mounted horn button.

Stock Ignition Key – the ignition key switch on the steering column locks the steering

column and shuts power off to the ignition, start, wash, wipe, and FPP switches.

Stock Turn Signal Switch – the stock turn signal switch operates the left and right turn

signals, and pulls to switch the headlights from low to high beam.

* - Fuel Pump Prime (FPP) switch bypasses the fuel pump relay to pressurize the fuel

system. The fuel pump relay is connected to the oil pressure warning light. If

the engine is not running, the fuel pump is turned off (for safety).

Other Controls

Formuling France steering wheel.

Hurst shifter.

Modified stock pedal assembly.

Wink 4-panel wide-angle rear view mirror.


Stock headlights in stock headlight buckets.

Front running lights/turn signals.

KC Daylighters – 150watt, 385,000 candle power off road lights.

Jackman Fog lights with true General Electric “gun-slit” fog light bulbs.

Dome lights in trunk, interior (under dash), and in engine compartment.

Rear running/brake/turn lights.

Rear KC backup light.

License plate light.

Standard “flat-4” trailer light connector next to trailer hitch.


Beard Super Seats (front) – lightweight tube frame full suspension racing seats.

Deist 5-point racing harnesses (front) – 3” lap belts, 2” shoulder and 2” crotch strap.

Unique Metal Products adjustable seat slides with custom built mounts for Beard seats.

These allow four-position movement (front to rear) of front seats. To tip front seats

forward for rear seat access: Unclip shoulder harness from floor mount plate and

remove two ½” push button aircraft locking pins.

Beard fiberglass bucket seats (rear) with matching padded seat covers.

4-point sand buggy harnesses (rear). 2” lap belts with 2” shoulder harnesses.


Body work is 75% done, all hand blocked. New hood seal installed to protect electrical

system. All other seals original to body. Windshield has scratches and some welding

splatter, some minor splatter on other windows. Head liner is in excellent condition,

except for two small cut outs next to center roll bar for cage to body connection.

Wheelbase – stock

Weight – with full tank of gas: 2,140 lbs. (820 front, 1320 rear).

Tire pressures – Front 25psi (max load each tire 1,720 lbs. @ 45psi).

Rear 15psi (max load each tire 2,850 lbs. @ 45psi).

Ground clearance / Ride height

Back of engine skid plate – 14”

Back of transmission skid plate 12”

Lowest point on front end below skid plate (front torsion tube clamps) 11”

All measurements at ride height with rear suspension set 2 1/4” into travel and

front suspension set 3” into travel.

Tow bar – I modified a standard VW tow bar to bolt to the lower front torsion housing

clamps (once the front bumper/skid plate is removed) with four 3/8” grade 8 bolts. The

wiring on the tow bar ties into the electrical system to operate the running lights and turn

signals on the rear bumper. When I moved from Alabama to South Carolina, I towed the

car 440 miles with this setup and had no problems. All that you need to tow the car is a

hitch with a 1 7/8” ball, and a standard flat-4 trailer light connector (ground, left turn,

right turn, running lights).

Reserve – I have invested $21,000 in the car in parts, materials, and professional

fabrication. My reserve is 1/3 of what I have put in it (not including my labor) $7,000.

Fast Times at Farmington #30 – If you are going to the VW event at Farmington

Dragway in Mocksville, NC on Oct. 21, 2018, we are only 87 miles from the track.

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Special Thanks to: Chris Bollinger at Bollinger Images for the great video work!