1989 Volkswagen Golf

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Golf
Type: Coupe
Year: 1989
Mileage: 151754
VIN: 1VWDC0172KV007488
Color: Red
Engine: 1.8
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Miami, Florida, United States
Air Conditioning

Description for Volkswagen Golf 1989

Fully Restored 1989 VW GTI 16v in original tornado red. 151,754 miles

I purchased this beauty and the car was on Oregon “$2000.00” cost to transport to Miami, Florida.

I have to let it go because I don’t have the time due to another project.

These is the best GTI that has been posted on eBay on the past 5 years.

Have taken it back to stock and done a full rebuild with the intention of bringing it back to original 1989 spec. full interior restoration in Spring 2018, replacement of all exterior trim and emblems Spring 2018, Full restoration of OEM teardrops spring 2018. full front window out repaint in January 2018, Full rebuild of engine and transmission including new clutch in October 2017.

This has been my weekend project for the past 9 months. It's finally ready. It runs like a bat of of 1989 hell and is tight all around.

Exterior is 7-8 out of 10. Paint job was good, but not a rotisserie job at $3000. Looks perfect from 10 feet, looks great from 3 feet, From 1 foot there are a few minor imperfections I don't love (pictures of defects included.) Under left rear window an area of rust was sanded down and repaired poorly. It was sealed, primed, and painted, so should not be an issue, but I'm bummed they did this poorly. Has been 4 months and haven't seen and degradation.

Interior is in exceptional shape, with not rips or tears in the seats and floor carpeting in good shape. All plastic trim has been replaced or repaired. Dash surround is in perfect shape

Stereo is OEM stereo with new speakers front and rear March 2018

Engine has been taken out and fully rebuilt. New valves, new piston rings, new head gasket, new timing belt, new timing belt tensioner, new oil pan, new oil pan gasket, new intake manifold, exhaust manifold repainted in OEM colors in October 2017 - February 2017. Less than 2,000 miles on new engine.

Transmission has been fully rebuilt with a new clutch in October 2017. Less than 2,000 miles on new clutch.

Drivetrain and brakes have been fully restored with new brakes and rotors in October 2017

Coolant system has been fully rebuilt in April 2018.

3 modifications from stock -

1) H&R Sport springs 54748F front, 113264R rear, 1" lower than stock

2) Bilstein sport shocks and struts

3) Euro-sport exhaust (a little more snarl, no drone)

The Work:

April 2018 - New fender flares, OEM front spoiler

April 2018 - Bumper restoration including repainting of red trim

April 2018 - Full restore of coolant system - new thermostat, coolant sensors, fan switch, wiring, coolant flush, OEM coolant, new recovery tank hoses, new recovery tank flap

March 2018 - New door locks and handles

March 2018 - New trunk lifts

March 2018 - New rear trunk fabric

February 2018 - $800 restoration of OEM teardrop wheels including refinishing, repaint, new clear coat

February 2018 - new engine oil pan gasket, oil and filter change with

February 2018 - repair of alternator bracket

February 2018 - repair, restoration of rear windshield wiper motor and mount

February 2018 - restoration of interior - sourced new front and rear seats, door cards, OEM new old stock floor mats, replaced stereo with OEM unit, new speakers front and rear, full rebuild of dashboard including new dash bulbs, fan controller, dashboard panel surround, fan regulator

January 2018 - New OEM 16v GTI front and rear badges

January 2018 - New OEM Key

January 2018 - $3000 repaint in original tornado red, stripped, front window out, full seal, prime, paint

January 2018 - New front windshield

December 2017 - New low pressure oil switch, new high pressure oil switch

November 2017 - New tires

November 2017 - New OEM front grill and OEM VW front grill badge

October 2017 - $3000 full engine and transmission rebuild. pistons restored, valves restored, engine out, transmission out, new clutch, new motors mounts, repaint exhaust manifold, repaint transmission, new oil pan, new timing belt tensioner, new timing belt

October 2017 - new brake pads and rotos

October 2017 - Full rebuild of suspension and drive axles

October 2017 - New black headliner, all plastic trim replaced including new old stock visor clips

October 2017 - New shift linkage

October 2017 - New pressure regulator

October 2017 - New crankcase breather hoses

October 2017 - New intake manifold

October 2017 - New battery

October 2017 - New headliner in black

March 2014 - New water pump

February 2014 - New knock sensor

February 2013 - New OEM tail lamps

January 2013 - New alternator

February 2012 - new drive axles

February 2012 - New struts and Springs, Blistein and H&R Sport

February 2012 - New speedometer cable

September 2010 - New motor mounts

July 2010 - New in-tank fuel pump

April 2010 - New inner and outer bearing races and grease seals

April 2010 -New heater core and heater hoses

April 2010 - New fuel pump relay

The remaining niggles:

- I don't love the suspension. If I had more time, I would probably go with OEM springs

- The windshield sprayers don't work. There's a small wiring issue in the stalk, i haven't been lucky enough to find a working replacement yet

- The headliner is great but the dome light doesn't fit quite right

- The new front fender flares don't sit perfectly flush. Have been trying to source replacements

- The black trim under the grill above the bumper should be red. I have replacement trim already and tornado red paint coming and will likely be able to finish this before sale. Will update during auction if I'm able to complete

- As mentioned above, the paint job is not perfect, with a quarter and dime sized rust area not treated in the way I would have if i'd done it myself. No worry about further rust, just not a smooth repair.

- The rear interior seats are not a perfect match with the fronts. Fronts are grey with red stripes, rears are grey with light grey stripes.

- The red stripe on the center of the dash has a crack on it. It’s been repaired but it isn’t perfect.