1972 Volkswagen Dune Buggy Meyers Manx Roadster 1972 Meyers Manx Used Manual

1972 Volkswagen Dune Buggy Meyers Manx

Condition: Used
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Dune Buggy
Trim: Meyers Manx
Year: 1972
Mileage: 15461
VIN: 119721817
Color: Green
Engine: 1600 CC
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: United States

Description for Volkswagen Dune Buggy 1972

This 1972 Volkswagen dune buggy is the automobile distilled into pure fun. Sure, it's still transportation, but this car was built to put a big grin on your face and nothing else. It offers lots of recent work, so it's not only great looking but also ready to enjoy. We can all but guarantee you'll be the only guy tooling around in one of these even though the look is instantly familiar. It is a Meyers Manx, which is the original VW dune buggy, although this is strictly a 2-seater thanks to the big stereo speaker box in the rear deck area. The look is familiar, of course, and the whole design is very professional and well-executed so nothing looks sub-standard. Repainted two years ago, the fiberglass is in good condition with no major signs of age and that brilliant green paint offers a great gloss that's quite appropriate to something of this vintage. This is motoring distilled down to its barest essence, so there isn't much chrome, but it does have a bunch of lights up front and that big, upright windshield that is framed by the built-in roll cage. In back, the VW Beetle engine and its wild exhaust system becomes an integral part of the overall look and it's fascinating to watch this sucker run down the road. More minimalism inside where fresh Procar bucket seats and RJS harnesses keep you in place. The vinyl upholstery wears well and is weather-resistant enough for its alfresco duties in the open VW. Hop over the side of the tub and it's easy to settle in behind the wheel and you'll find that the driving position is more early British roadster than German economy car, and with those big pontoon fenders out there, you can clip apexes more easily than you ever thought possible. Creature comforts are few and that's entirely the point here; anything that wasn't necessary for the job of having fun was omitted. That means no windshield wipers, no heater, no windows, but it does have that kickin' stereo system that works well even when you're screaming along the beaches. The VW's original gauge pod is joined by a Sun Super Tach, as well as a Grant GT steering wheel and a toggle switch for the headlights. Sisal floor coverings are institutional and easy to maintain, which is this car's mantra. VW's air-cooled flat four needs no introduction, and this 1600 cc unit provides plenty of power for the flyweight dune buggy. Painted bright green to match the bodywork, the engine is mostly stock to keep it reliable, although it's nicely dressed with a bit of chrome. The exotic exhaust system is from EMPI and includes the standard muffler shown here as well as a stack setup for really running off-road. The Beetle's 4-speed manual transmission and floor pan made the transition intact and with the low center of gravity, handling is adept. Obviously this was never someone's winter beater, so the underside remains in very good order with no glaring trouble spots. Lots of finned aluminum helps with the air-cooled engine at seed and you'll undoubtedly find that this car loves to play. The suspension, transmission, and rear differential were rebuilt and the undercarriage is protected with a light dusting of undercoating so you don't have to worry about going into the rough. Simple steel wheels with baby moon hubcaps are the ideal '60s look on a Manx and carry sharply staggered 175/65/15 front and 235/70/15 rear blackwall radials. A party on wheels, this VW dune buggy recalls an era when the Beach Boys were on the radio and cars were all about having fun. Call today!