1984 Volkswagen Vanagon Van Blue RWD Manual BUS

1984 Volkswagen Vanagon BUS

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Vanagon
Type: Van
Trim: BUS
Year: 1984
Mileage: 99999999
VIN: WV2YB0258EH114649
Color: Blue
Engine: 1.9l Gas I4
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States

Description for Volkswagen Vanagon 1984

About this vehicleThis 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon is an original. The owner has had it for 2 years. The vehicle runs great and is used as a daily driver. Zero rust underneath. This vehicle has lived in San Francisco and Arkansas. It has never seen snow! It will need a transmission rebuild. (See pics)

I drained the gear oil and the results are in the pics. You will easily notice the gold swirls in the oil. Even though I can shift in to 4th at an altered angle and it never grinds nor pops out of gear, a rebuild is apparent (and unavoidable). I will replace that final busing by the gas tank and that is it. I am changing the price for a quick sell so I can purchase a reliable vehicle ASAP. The ladder will be removed so I can sell and use those funds for the sales tax of the next vehicle.
After a few adjustments, I took it for a 60 mile run through highway and city traffic. Zero grinding. I am waiting on the Redline GL4 and bushing. I will be adjusting the price as more expenses are added. After I can 100% declare the grinding is solved, I will proceed with the interior van life build. I will update the price and add pictures along the way.

I put the old slave cylinder back in. The pedal felt exponentially better and shifted perfectly for about 10 minutes. I experimented with different angled approaches while shifting in to 4th. If I go in at a certain angle, it shifts perfectly every time. I will play with the shift linkage adjustment and replace the bushing closest to the gas tank. It has a little bit of play. Also, I have Redline GL4 being shipped. I will upload a picture of the used gear oil when I make the change.

8-31-20 @ 1859 central time:
Transmission drama:
When I put in the new clutch kit in July, I also installed a new slave cylinder. The new slave cylinder had a longer rod. The rod actuates the mechanism when the clutch pedal is depressed.
After installing the old rod, which is shorter, the transmission was able to shift in to 4th without ZERO grinding! However, this was short lived. After about 10 minutes of driving, the grind re-emerged, but was less apparent. Perhaps the gear oil being heated up at full operating temperature is the culprit.
Before the clutch kit change, I was using redline GL4. Currently, I am using a fully synthetic of a different brand.
So, I adjusted the total sale price. I now believe that transmission issue is something much more benign, and I will continue to troubleshoot. Here is what I am going to do:
1. Break out the motive power bleeder, and give her another go. Perhaps, I have some air in the lines.
2. Drain the fluid and refill with redline gl4.
3. If the first two options do not work, then I am going to put the old slave cylinder back on and see what happens. I would not be surprised if that worked. Since starting the vanagon project, I have had 4 parts that were brand new which did not work straight out of the box.Seller's NotesI am also interested in trades. I like full size broncos and 4x4 22re Toyota’s. Specifically, I am looking for a vehicle that is 4x4 and can be converted in such a way that I can live and travel in it. If you have something to trade that does not fit this criteria, don’t hesitate to try. You never know!

This item is being sold “AS IS.” The buyer should have it fully inspected before using.This sold in July for $12k. During the transaction process, the transmission started to get a slight grind in 4th gear. I cancelled the transaction. Now, I am re-listing this again. This time, at a reduced cost to reflect the price of a transaxle repair. I recommend using Mr. Gas rebuilds.

I am taking a massive loss on this in hopes that it sells quick to ensure that the new owner will give it the attention it deserves. I have combed over every inch. I have almost every receipt available. If you decide you want to take on the transaxle repair yourself, I have the complete 091 transmission gasket kit and VW tool 681. This is a pretty good start.
Recently, the motor mounts were replaced. The transmission mount was not. For a complete itemized list of cost and investment, continue scrolling.
Here is a PDF link to receipts. Simply copy and paste in browser:
https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:96e8c85c-620e-46f1-8712-1ad34cdf9070https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:e0eb17cf-5067-49ec-ad95-8155733ff0d7ExteriorThe mirrors in the first picture are not the same. They have been changed to the Land Rover style!
Out of courtesy for your time, I will list the bad now:
After recent clutch job, I have a slight grind going in to 4th. While RPM’s are very low, and with a slow shift approach, I can get in 4th without grinding. It could be an alignment issue after re-installing transmission, but my guess is worn synchros. When inspecting used gear oil, very slight remnants of shiny brass was confirmed. I could not get it to show on camera and I had to really work hard to find it. The magnet had little-to-no material sticking on it.
The transaxle # 091301103D
As noted in the pictures, you will see evidence of bondo in the wheel wells. I had plans to cover this with fender flares. The windshield has a microscopic ding that you will not be able to see. It was filled in by a professor window repair service.
The vehicle is 36 years old and has wear that is consistent with its age. This may include bumps, scratches, dents, fading, pealing, chipping, flaking, etc.
There is no radio or speakers. The antenna is there and works. The previous owner had cabinetry installed. It has been removed. Also, he cut a couple of holes in the bottom that were coming from the aluminum tank. The holes are covered with rattletrap for now. It can be easily covered with a welded or epoxied plate. I will provide a piece of metal, but I will not weld it. I will include the old sink, and aluminum water tank, see pics.
Here is a breakdown of my expenses:
=6,360.02 parts=670.34 on cost from amazon=2,650 vehicle purchaseGrand total=9,680.36
Mr gas transmission rebuild=$1,000Total investment (9,680) minus transmission rebuild cost (1,000) = 8,600Sale price=6,850Total loss=+- $2,830

47 pages of receipts from the following vendors:•Bus Depot: $1,356.10•Van Cafe: $1,107.76•GoWesty: $1,974.33•Van Again: $338.85
$1,582.98=Assortment of vendors- Partsgeek, EBay, Amazon, AutohausAZ, BLAUPARTS, J-Bugs, Newparts Inc, Terry K, and Buslab.
(Not all expenses have been accounted for. it is estimated that an additional 500.00 worth of items has been added but I cannot find receipts. Also the the cost of new tires are not reflected in these totals. (Additional $500)
Motor is bulletproof and does not leak a drop of oil. No smoking, knocking, funny sounds, etc. No abnormal deviation when compression testing. No funky looking spark plug color too!
Get the transmission lined out, throw on a pop-top, and add some cabinets, then you can put an insane price tag on this sucker!LIABILITY
To minimize liability issues for the buyer and seller, a licensed and bonded shipping company must pick up this vehicle. The buyer must provide this information within a reasonable time-frame to ensure the credentials check out.
Payment, Pickup, Terms and Conditions
A non refundable PayPal deposit of 500 dollars is required within 48hours (after listing/auction) is over. Certified cashiers check is the only accepted payment method for the remaining balance. The buyer will mail the signed check (with indelible ink) to my PO BOX using signature confirmation. This will be done at the buyers expense.
After the the check is cleared, I will immediately take the necessary measures to transfer the ownership within the statutory specifications. This will vary depending on the jurisdiction of the buyer. In most cases, the process is very simple.
Step 1:
I will issue a transfer of ownership to my state DMV which will release me of negligent liability.
NOTICE OF TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP OF A MOTOR VEHICLE:Ark. Code Ann. §27‐14‐911 provides that the owner of a motor vehicle, who has made a bona fide sale or transfer of his title or interest and has delivered possession of the motor vehicle to the purchaser, is not liable for any damages thereafter resulting from the negligent operation of the motor vehicle by another. The selling or transferring owner, at his option, may provide to the Office of Motor Vehicle notification of the sale or transfer of the motor vehicle by completing this notice and delivering it in person or by mail to the State DMV.
Step 2:
A bill of sale will be drafted. The title will be transferred with proper signatures in indelible ink.
Step 3:
I will use an expedited certified mail service (at my expense) with signature confirmation, to ensure you get your documents ASAP. Within the contents, the keys will be provided. After you have signed for your package, the 21 day pickup limit will start. I will contact you to establish the exact deadline day.
Additional details:
Buyer will have 21 days to make arrangements for shipping company after they have received the bill of sale, title, and keys. I am firm on this. I have moved from this domicile and will be charged for another month if the 21 day limit is breached. If this occurs, buyer will be responsible for this expense. An extra month is 648.52! So please, don’t make me have to collect this fee from you! (A PayPal request invoice will be sent if necessary)
. •Right to terminate transaction•
I have sold lots of big ticket items online. This also includes vehicles. 9/10 times the transaction is smooth. However, there are a few times when things don’t go well. Nefarious buyers use certain language and behaviors that are easy to spot.
I reserve the right to terminate this transaction without refunding down payment and doing harm to my seller rating for the following reasons:
1. GHOSTING: This is a big transaction. Do not ghost me for days or an entire week after we have been conversing.
2. LACK OF EXPERIENCE: Please do not contact me about DMV, insurance, or legal questions. Due diligence is your responsibility. I have done everything possible to limit liability on both ends.
3. FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND THE TERMS OR EBAY LISTING: It happens. I will get questions about things that are clearly spelled out within the listing. I will let it slide a few times, but eventually I have to take action.
Every single steel brake line has been discarded and replaced with brand new lines. The brass junctions were inspected, and the old, cracked rubber flexible hoses were replaced with the much improved, safer flexible braided stainless steel hose.
The rear wheels had every component replaced, including all bearings. The drums, parking brake cable, brake booster, and proportioning were operating within safe spec and were not replaced. The front wheels have brand new bearings, rotors, pads, and the calipers have brand new seals.
Fully synthetic Dot 4 bremsflüssigkeit was used.
Fuel lines:
The most dangerous risk about being a new vanagon owner is the old fuel lines. Also, at the firewall, the fuel line terminates in to a plastic fitting that is notorious for being brittle and breaking. As a result, fuel is sprayed all over a hot engine, which is a major fire hazard. Rest assured, this weak link has been eliminated and is no longer a threat. Most vanagon owners replace ONLY the fuel lines within the engine bay. Not me. I replaced EVERY fuel line. This includes the hard plastic lines too. The gas tank was dropped, inspected, and updated with a complete seal kit. The injectors were removed, cleaned, and tested for proper spray pattern. A brand new oem Bosch fuel pump comes with this purchase, just in case the old one fails while on a road trip. The highly touted German high pressure reinforced lines were used.
The fuel lines in the engine bay were covered in a protective abrasion sleeve to ensure optimal safety. All fuel lines are secured with Oteiker clamps. No worm gear driven clamps on these vital junctions!
All coolant hoses have been replaced except for the 2 connecting to the radiator. The steel coolant lines were replaced halfway with Terry K’s custom steel lines.
The plastic reservoir tank was upgraded to the beautiful Van Cafe aluminum version with appropriate lid and sensors. The plastic version is notorious for leaving vanagon travelers stranded. They have a shelf life of about 3-5 years if your vanagon is a daily driver.
Brand new overflow tank with cap. Blue Ravenoff coolant was used. The cooler 80 degree thermostat was installed. New plastic bleeder valve junction. (Highly recommend replacing this with stainless version. I did not know that was an option when I bought the plastic version).
Brand new radiator with Gowesty baffles. Brand new heater core(front) with brand new dash motor fan, and coolant hoses too! The heater hoses underneath the vanagon were all replaced with 5/8” Gates brand.
The rear heater box has been bypassed and has been removed from the van. I will include it (uninstalled).
The odometer quit working because of the cable. This will need to be fixed.
Almost all essential items have been replaced. The only things I haven’t addressed is the suspension bushings. They squeak a little when on a gravel road. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Ball joints, upper and lower, tie rods...All replaced!
The CV axles are new (within 1000 miles) and were recently rotated. (flipped around)
The tires were rotated too.The fully synthetic oil was recently changed and the stripped plug repaired!
This is not everything, but just a taste of some of the good stuff:
The sunroof is in great condition and cranks open and shut. This is a rare thing. I did not realize how desired sunroof vanagon’s were. Also, the sunroof opening is wide enough in which you can easily add a pop-top without further alterations. Just get the mounting brackets and pop top!
The battery is located inside the van, underneath the passengers seat. Because of this, the length of the cable that goes to the starter is very long. The oem cable is too thin and is a bottleneck for electrical flow.
I upgraded this cable to the BEEFY 00 gauge to ensure maximum performance. Also, the alternator to starter cable had this same problem. A Gowesty alternator cable upgrade was promptly added.
The alternator mounting has been upgraded with the Gowesty alternator bracket fix. The original mounting method was a poor design and this fix addresses that. Neglecting this upgrade can cause engine failure!
Those overlooked items that add safety to your ride have been included. If you are familiar with vanagons, you will notice that many have body damage on the lower right side. This is because vanagon’s have a funny turn radius and huge blind spot. The floppy factory side mirrors were removed and replaced with the Land Rover mirrors. These mirrors solve your problems. No more blind spots and they are NEVER going to flop in the wind. Brand new Vankook tires were installed within the last few thousand miles. These tires are necessary if you are expecting to carry heavy loads.In the future, I was going to do put in the heavier suburau motor. I chose the XD heavy duty Bilstein shocks instead of the latter. This more expensive upgrade will allow you to safely carry a larger engine, while also being fully loaded for a camping trip. The shocks alone are almost 1 thousand dollars!

Rattle trap insulation: (If you decide to insulate the ceiling or opposing side, an additional roll of rattle trap will be necessary.)
The propane tank was working when I used it. It is advised that you get it inspected to ensure proper working order. A small hole was cut through the bottom of vanagon floor to allow a copper line to come through. The line has been removed. The hole remains but is covered with the rattletrap insulation.
A temporary vinyl interlock floor has been placed down. It is not permanent nor secured in place. The extra emblems were added by me. They look great! You won’t find another vanagon with this combination of emblems.The rear window decal was made by me on my vinyl machine.
Super bright reverse lights added by me in the rear bumper. Your welcome!The factory reverse lights are pathetic.
All the shifting components with the exception of one bushing and the plastic universal joint connector were replaced. A complete rebuild of the shifter and its components too!
Additional details:
It should be noted, that some of the items on the receipts may not have been installed. For example: The clutch Clevis pin repair kit, fuel pump, miscellaneous brackets, etc. All major components have been installed.
There are some backup items. I have an extra engine wiring harness, etc.

•Front wheel bearing kit:

Front inner wheel bearing 2wd

Front outer wheel bearing 2wd

Front axle nut

Front wheel bearing seal 2wd


•Rear wheel bearing and seal kit SKU 211501288K qty2 =79.90

•Front brake pads-OEM VW/Germany=24.95

•Brake Rotor Qty 2 = 97.90

•Rear brake shoes=44.95

•CV joint and boot kit-Rear-heavy duty OEM qty 2=129.90

•Suspension Ball Joint SKU 251407361 Qty 2=39.90

•Suspension ball joint SKU 251407187 Qty2=39.90


•Brake line kit=118.72

•Brake master cylinder=44.95

•Braided stainless steel brake hose kit=85.95

•Rear wheel cylinder Qty 2=35.90

•Transmission selector shaft seal 6.96


•CV joint and boot kit-rear-heavy duty oem qty 2=129.90

•Lock washer for cv joint bolt qty12=4.68

•Rear axle nut=6.55

•Cotter pin=0.38


•vacuum hose=5.95

•Engine water pump=53.95

•Engine coolant thermostat housing gasket=2.97

•Engine coolant thermostat housing gasket=4.34

•Water pump o ring=1.95

•Engine coolant outer gasket=4.50


•Engine Fuel line replacement kit=112.45

•1.9 bleeder valve=39.95

•Outer tie rod qty 2=31.90

•Boot for steering gear qty 2=15.90

•Fuse box cover, 12 poll=8.95


•rear brake spring kit=19.95

•fuel line sleeve anti abrasion kit=10.95


•hose for crankcase breather tower=9.95

•Fuel line~Hardline: hard plastic fuel line replacement kit=28.95


•Shifter selector levee elbow=40.95


•coolant temp gauge sensor 7.95

•coolant hose-water pump to h-pipe (lower) 7.95

•temp sensor for fuel injection 19.95

•freight 4.69

•Heavy duty bilstein shock qty 1=163.95

•Gasgacinch gasket dressing 10.95

•aluminum valve cover kit 29.95

•Screw and expansion nut for lower grille 3.00

•cap for pivot bolt 2.70

•instrument cluster mounting tab kit.

•freight 27.20


•red dash indicator bulb 4.95

•alternator bracket fix 40.95

•freight 10.25

•ex heavy duty bilstein shock qty1 163.95

•glove box catch strap 17.95

•freight 15.30

•Extra heavy duty bilstein shock qty1 163.95

•air intake hose 19.95

•freight 16.15

•ss liner clamp #8 qty4 5.00

•right upper bleeder housing hose to return pipe silicone 1.9ltr=56.50

•ss liner clamp #20 qty2=2.58

•Freight 13.95

•intake duct T3 petrol model 11.52euro

•retainer-T3 rear pillar intake duct 2.42euro


•Aluminum expansion tank (AKA “the tank”) 1.9 L=245.00

•T-stat housing to water outlet gasket 1.9 4.65

•thermostat o-ring=1.00

•freight 15.40

•climate control decal 4.95

•LED rear side marker lens x2=28.70

•grommet for emblems inscription qty6=11.70

•Mann oil filter 7.95


•1.9 exhaust hardware kit

•Alt harness wiring upgrade kit 40.95

•clutch pedal rebuild kit

•LED bulb kit for instrument cluster 10.35

•Radiator baffle set 41.95

•freight 19.80

•Ground tree replacement kit 9.90

•Clutch master cylinder=50.95

•clutch slave cylinder =55.45

•freight 22.70

•filler tank reservoir cap 7.50

•Fan motor 79.99

•level sensor 10.99

•transaxle removal socket 40.00rd

•gland nut socket??

•tool cv removal socket, 12pt hex??

•overflow tank expansion 39.99

•bumper end caps 39.00

•door handle seals LH and RH 10.95

•escutcheon/trim sliding door handle 3.95

•Foam gasket sliding door handle 1.95

•freight 5.53

•NLA-Coolant-Ravenol HTC 74.07

•coolant hose between passenger side head and “t” for rear heater core 49.00

•Front heater core for all water cooled vanagon 179.95

•Freight 14.95

•febi-bilstein AC and heater control valve 4.60

•febi-bilstein headlight switch with rheostat 10.88

•meyle engine cooling fan sensor 10.03

•hella window crank 3.40

•Freight 7.99

•bumper end cap FR or LR 9.95

•bumper end cap FL or RR 9.95

•Shifter base kit complete 12mm=47.95

•Freight 15.40

•thermostat housing to bleeder housing 1.9=29.95

•cooling hose-thermostat to bleeder 1.9=29.95

•Feed hose to heater core=14.95

•return hose to heater core=24.95


•behr radiator 145.68

•caliper rebuild kit x2 =27.80

•elbow hose from aux air reg to breather hose =13.95

•flex fab 1-1/4” ID x5ft 5526 blue silicone heater hose 32mm 350f radiator coolant 1.25”=54.99

•hose adapter vchoseadapter 14.28

•shift lever (German) 30.48

•drum backing plate 39.99

•fuel pressure regulator 91.95

•complete fuse bundle 4.95

•Ear clamp-stainless 14.5mm =1.90


•fuel tank re seal kit 139A= 89.95

•Bosch sealed 2 pin female connectors=7.95

•freight 13.00

•front heater valve 7.45

•shift bushing soft=7.95

•Freight = 3.50

•transmission gasket kit-2wd =56.87

LED reverse lights 29.95

Hella H4 lights x2 =70.00

Brake line clip set x 12=14.99

12pt hex cv removal socket=10.00

Gates heater hose=35.78

Constant tension band clamps x 5 =14.75

Bosch fuel pump (not installed) 131.95

Backup wiring harness with hall module and idle control valve 158.00

Missing first large order from bus depot.Tune up parts and felt seal.

Empi steel door handles 24.99

Camping emblem 39.99

Motor mounts. 50.00

Tires: 400.00.Hankook Vantra

Fat mat Rattle trap sound proofing 109.95

Helicoil save-a-thread repair kit for drain plug=29.99

Mirrors ebay 119.00

Window tint 125.00 (Passenger/driver window only)

Shift guide box 50.00

Bra=125.00 Wolf mask

Terry K stainless coolant pipes 175.00

Battery 60.00

=6,360.02 parts

=670.34 on cost from amazon

=2,650 vehicle purchase

Grand total=9,680.36

47 pages of receipts from the following vendors:

•Bus Depot: $1,356.10

•Van Cafe:$1,107.76


•Van Again:$338.85

$1,582.98=Assortment of vendors- Partsgeek, EBay, Amazon, AutohausAZ, BLAUPARTS, J-Bugs, Newparts Inc, Terry K, and Buslab.



Custom Delivery Instructions

a bonded freight/transport company

Deposits are nonrefundable.Created on the eBay Motors app