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1974 Volvo 142 (GL) Grand Luxe Coupe Classic, 4 Cyl, Automatic, Runs Great!

1974 Volvo Other GL

Condition: Used
Make: Volvo
Model: Other
SubModel: GL
Type: U/K
Trim: GL
Year: 1974
Mileage: 184,000
VIN: 1426363416794
Color: Orange
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: U/K
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Olympia, Washington, United States

Description for Volvo Other 1974

Brass Tacks:

  • Classic Vintage and Increasingly Rare Model Automobile: Cool Body and Lines - Looks Great! Becoming more valuable and increasingly rare especially in states. Original 1970's idyllic orange color paint,2 Door Coupe, utomatic, cylinder,109 horsepower, 2.0 Liter, 35 transmission, 89k miles, ood gas mileage 17-23, uns great with lots of mechanical work already completed so it's now road ready. Repairs done including changing out finicky and hard to maintain original Fuel Injection Carburetor for a new WeberCarburetorfor B20 engine,new starter, alves adjusted, uel lines replaced and various other repairs & maintenance.
  • See all the loaded pictures and links for complete album of pictures and even a video of it running/driving. We've included lots of detailed information and pictures, o you can see what your getting. It's an awesome looking car! Surely, o increase in value over the years, s people come to recognize these more and more for their straight lines and iconic look. They are becoming very rare in good condition. Either massively updated already and priced over the top or totally trashed, r needing too much engine repairs which could cost a fortune. In good running condition with solid body, nd clear title in hand. Drive it as it is or restore to complete perfection!

Great Investment:

  • Save a bundle by buying this good running vehicle at a price where the value will still allow for additional investment. I've seen other similar 142s, ithout any engine or mechanical repairs and updates sell for 2-3x the amount we are asking.

Mechanical Repairs:

  • We put about 1.5 years into this and a lot of money and work, ainly mechanical. Areas repaired include:new fuel pump - replaced finicky fuel injectionCarburetorwith new IPD WeberCarburetorfor B20 engine - 2 new pressure regulators - new fuel lines - gas tank rust removed and sealed (Por-15) - valves adjusted - oil and filter changed new starter - new battery - lights replaced - transmission fluid changed - spark plugs replaced - replaced lights - cleaned engine.

Road ready - Runs good:

  • Has working-Engine, rakes, ower steering, eadlights/tail lights, azards, peedometer, emperature gauge, rake lights, eater, indows, oors, runk, ront & rear defrost, rakes, ipers, riginal radio & speakers and brand new battery. As with any older model vehicle and manual choke, ay take a longer to get started than new model vehicle with automatic choke.


  • Considering the age and rarity of this vehicle, would consider it to be in good working condition with only a couple mentionable flaws, uch as the exterior with paint issues/rust areas (some already sanded), nd interior upholstery. It's non restored but it still looks good, specially for it's age and it's road ready. If you wanted to improve on it, hen it wouldn't take that much with a paint job and some seat covers that could be bought online. They offer some reasonable seat covers online for this make/model in a variety of fabrics and fits, ncluding a custom fit. With those alone, ou'd have a real show stopper! We had planned to do just that if we kept it. It's got a good solid body, ith no signs of major wrecks or dents and doesn't have rust all way through most areas or undercarriage. Interior roof, arpet and dash are in pretty good condition and easily restored. It's just got all the good bones to finish it to perfection, f you like. A hard find since many of these need way too much mechanical work and are completely rusted out. I think most or all of body that I can see, ncluding windows and updated engine part like the Weber Carb, re original.


  • I still want to attempt to thoroughlydescribeall the imperfections, laws so you can make your own determination as to the condition of this vehicle. View the description, ictures and links for video and picture album showing it in detail and while driving. You may view in person, f possible and ask questions prior to purchasing, o that you can make a determination on what all this car has to offer.
  • **UPDATE-I've tried everything to get my Youtube video and slideshow or picture album through Picassa to work with this ad but I keep getting an error message. I've contacted Ebay CSR by phone but no help. They are valid links and only related to this car ad but it won't take it. I've posted the links in the reply at the end of this page. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Detailed Condition:

  • Solid body with no rust in undercarriage (Ziebart is still intact) and no signs of wrecks or large dents. Engine running good with many mechanical repairs/updates. Road ready with functioning gauges and lights. Good vintage condition with misc. flaws and imperfections throughout. Small dings and flaws in exterior body and original paint and overcoat peeling in places. Some trim may be missing or flawed (front trim removed but included with sale). Had some exterior surface rust that was sanded and rust preventer applied, xcept in trunk area where rust goes all way through. I've taken out the mat where the trunk mat where there is often rust underneath and pictured the condition. Interior upholstery, oor panel, amp; rear dash has some wear and tear and carpet has some wear but not through. Carpet seems to be in decent condition for age, s does front dash area, ody, ash, nd roof. No signs of current leaking or interior water damage. No signs of evidence or signs of interior leaking but window may need replaced sometime in future, epending on buyer's preference. Gets warm and toasty in there. No draft but I still think that with an of these older vehicles, ou may want to replace the window seals eventually, epending on buyer preference. Dash with couple small cracks-flaws. Rear seat belt cut & both need mounted. Good exhaust/ no black smoke.
  • Mostly engine/mechanicalwork performed so it's road ready and driving well. Still looks good but will need updates to buyer's preference. We found replacement seat covers available online for reasonable prices. They were offered in variety of fabrics and fits, p to a custom fit for this make/model. Lots of mechanical work performed, o it starts up and runs good.

Sad to Say Goodbye!

  • We all love this car but we are moving and we can't keep it. We had originally purchased for our son but we need to sell and recoup some of our investment. He's an irresponsible and broke young man and so he needs somethinginexpensive, ewer model vehicle that can be neglected a bit and is cheap and easy to maintain.


  • We want this to go as smoothly as possible and this is why I've listed a detailed amount of information, ideos and pictures but I can't possibly list every minor imperfection or flaw. I'ts a Vintage automobile and is currently running good. I would expect it to continue to do so but we make no guarantees. It is a VOLVO so they do often last till 300K or more! As you can see from the pictures, ideo, nd this ad, e are detailed people that work hard to do things right. We've done this car right so far and we are now ready to pass it onto someone else.

Payment and Pickup:

  • I ask that a deposit be made immediately after purchase, n order to solidify the sale and the remaining balance be paid in cash upon pickup, nless otherwise negotiated. At the time of pickup, e will transfer the title and provide bill of sale.Please discuss payment and arrangements prior to purchase. Requested paymentarrangementsmay vary depending on buyer feedback/reliability. Prefer cash payment for remaining balance upon pickup and we will then provide a bill of sale and title. If I approve and accept a cashiers check or other form of payment, hen unless otherwise, pproved, will demand that any payment be cleared prior to pickup unless you have a local bank that we can verify funds. In all cases where the payment is accepted and required cleared then it must be cleared2 weeks prior to the pickup date. We reserve the right to cancel any bids, idders.

My Seller History:

  • I've been a seller on Ebay since 1998 and even sold full time for many years, ith excellent feedback. In recent years, have continued to buy and sell only when we have something that we personally own to sell. I've sold many items large and small, ncluding a 36 RV some years back, nd later 2 campers, 19' Shasta and a 27' Airstream, rior to moving from TN to WA. I received excellent feedback which I've consistently held throughout the years.