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1969 Volvo P1800 S Stored 30 years Solid orig. Southwest car. Reblt eng/trans

1969 Volvo P1800S

Condition: Used
Make: Volvo
Model: P1800S
Type: Coupe
Trim: 2 door Coupe
Year: 1969
Mileage: 65,569
VIN: 183451029622
Color: White
Engine: 2.0 liter 4-cylinder
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: 4-speed manual w/ overdrive
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Description for Volvo P1800S 1969

RIGHT UP FRONT: this car does not have 65k original miles. Just want to make that clear. The engine and transmission, etc. have very low miles on them because they've been rebuilt, but this car has been around for awhile..... just didn't want to break someone's heart.... or burst their bubble.....or crush their fantasy....
This car was stored for 30 years by the previous owner. At the time he purchased it he was a mechanic for the local Volvo/Mercedes dealership. He was going to restore it completely, from top to bottom. He had access to all "new" Volvo parts at cost through his employer. He purchased a good number of authentic Volvo parts while working there. Then he just dropped the project and stored all the parts and the car until which time he figured he'd get back to it. Twenty-two years later he started by rebuilding the engine and transmission. He then decided he wanted a wagon to drive while he took his time on the 1800 so he put the rebuilt engine in the wagon (a '74 "145"). He didn't use it very long before he obtained a newer SUV that he began using as his everyday car while reserving the wagon for occasional use when he felt like it. Then it became just an unnecessary overhead to insure and maintain.... so he stored it with the P1800. After a 30-year hold on the car of his dreams...his age, and a bad back, finally determined the fate of his dream project. That's where I come in ....in January of this year. I purchased both cars from him (the wagon and the coupe) since the engine in the wagon belonged in the coupe. I removed the engine from the wagon and put it with the coupe and then sold the wagon. Since the engine had been out of use for a number of years I decided to pull the head and other miscellaneous components to do a review on the condition of the internals, etc. All appears as he stated. He replaced the rings, bearings, timing gear, freeze plugs, had machine shop work done to the head, etc, etc. He did know what he was doing. He was a wealth of info on all things Volvo, and especially the intricacies on the mechanics of the Volvo 1.8 and 2.0 liter engines and their respective pairings with the various transmissions of the time. He believed this to be the "best" year for the model due to the 2.0 liter size engine, coupled with the last of the dual carburetor setup. I believe he said he also went through the overdrive unit on the trans as well. He did good work. Having peered inside this engine, it would appear that he did not put many miles on it. The cylinder walls show that the rings have seated properly. There are no unusual marks, nicks, or scarring (see pics). From the bottom all looks to be in order and clean. I tightened down the head and cam only tight enough to then rotate the crankshaft to observe the operation of all the rockers and pushrods, etc. Crankshaft and all valves/rockers work properly....nice and smooth. I have only reassembled the engine and externals to show it complete....many items are "hand-tight" only. I left it this way so as to install a complete new engine gasket kit before putting a torque wrench to it. Since I left it in this condition you may want to inspect things for yourself first before buttoning it up tight. That way you too will have a certain "peace of mind" knowing just what is inside, and what to expect. Better safe than sorry. I'm old enough now to appreciate the value of patience......
On the topic of age....that brings me to "why" I would now be selling this car after desiring it much the same way he did. I've liked these 1800's ever since watching Simon Templar driving one around in episodes of "The Saint". I've admired them at various Car Shows thru the years too........but "life is what happens, while we're making other plans".
You see, I, like the gentleman I purchased the car from, both suffer something called "age related foolishness" (ARF) We're older dogs now than we used to be, but we just keep wanting to play with our toys all the time..... and well, a broken, well-used, needing-repair toy is as good or better than most new toys..... But the law's been laid down here and now....."NO MORE PROJECTS" Apparently I have too many toys (approx a dozen....or so) that I guess I never even play with anymore.... and half of them I've never finished..... so "NO" I cannot have another. I suppose those are "word of wisdom"..... At my age I'll probably never finish half of what I started.... which means someday in the distant future some kid will want to buy that ol' piece of scrap iron down in that commercial yard. I'll think he's talkin' about the neighbor's car or something..... won't even remember I had such a thing anywhere down "where'd you say it was kid?"
I really should concentrate on what I've already started. This car would have to wait a few years for me to get to it.... and my back's already as bad as the guy I bought it from.... and that's half the reason he sold it to me.... sounds like a bad joke or something......doesn't it?
It was originally red (color code 46) with a black interior. The repaint was over 30 years ago. Most of what is underneath the white color (what's left of it) is the original red color and primer. I doubt it was a good paint job back when it was done. There is evidence of bodywork on each rear wheel housing at the top of the arch....bondo. From the inside of the fender there is no sign of accident, so I'm guessing fender-bender.... on both sides the same way. Maybe someone tried to drive like the Saint...down one of those narrow European back alleys..... The hood has a kink in it on the driver's side about midway up. With the proper tools it probably could be fixed....but it also has rust down at the front on the underside of the lip....ugly. I would opt for another used hood....save the labor of fixing this one. The gas filler cover-door has a messed up hinge that will require a small tack weld to attach a new one. There are two rust holes in the trunk where apparently someone chose to store a rag or two for too long....wet. No harm to the useability of the trunk and they don't affect the rear suspension in any way, but for reasons of aesthetics you will want to fix it or hide it....perhaps with another rag...or two... The trunk rubber seal held water at the rear corner of the passenger side and allowed it to rust over time. It rusted through right at the curve of the back edge....caused what looks like a one-inch crack in the drip ledge...could be easily corrected with the notorious JB Weld. Deck lid has some rust starting on the underside lip at the back edge and around the push-button mount. I guess moisture and the occasional rain can get just about anywhere if something isn't covered up properly at all times. But, as I mentioned before, the bottom of this car is very clean and without rust or decay. The doors close very nicely and the gaps are perfect. The glass is all original and in decent condition. Windshield has a small star chip (not in the line of sight), and the bottom of the windshield is starting to look foggy. I don't know how you fix that. The windows roll up and down with very little effort and the vent windows both open easily and lock properly. Rear deck lid opens smoothly and the alignment of the seams is perfect. I checked inside each wheel opening and all is solid. Suspension components are tight and secure in their proper positions. The car rolls and steers without any binding or resistance issues.
For those who know old cars, this car has what is referred to as "good bones". As a uni-body car that is the most important thing you can start with. Everything else is just cosmetics.
Here's the rundown............
NEW REPLACEMENT PARTS (included with the sale): most of these parts are original Volvo parts however there are a number of unopened Beck-Arnley packages as well.
New rubber seals for both front windshield and back window
New rubber seals for both rear side 1/4 glass
New upper and lower dash pads (original Volvo dealer parts) you can have the box too, if you want.
New carburetor rebuild kits
New shocks (just two)
New brake pads "Bendix" brand "Organic"s (all four wheels)
Multiple new electrical items in the original sealed bags... I didn't even open them... I don't know what they are....Surprise!!
New bushings/seals/ etc.
New belts and hoses
New front timing cover seal
New cap, rotor, points, and condenser
New thermostat
A dozen sealed bags of new items I never even opened....mostly original Volvo parts..
Water pump
Seat belts
Original lighter for dash
Engine head gasket.....has not been torqued down on
Original windshield wipers
Mechanical fuel pump (previous owner put a cover over the mount for the mechanical pump and was using an electric pump...it's all reversible if you choose to go back to original)
Door panel top and bottom (driver's door) It needs help. The material may be useable but the backboard is cracked.... would make a useful template.
Front and rear bumper rubber strips.... 3 of them are in real nice shape... the fourth one has a cut on the underside.... could be fixed with a good silicone glue and wouldn't be seen anyway.
Misc. nuts, bolts, washers...... many are rusted from being left in a cardboard box that at some time got wet.
Brackets of all sizes and shapes.... I don't know which goes to what just yet.....haven't had time to sort it all out.
Coil springs....an extra set of two
chrome around grill opening (one is available here in Phx. for $80)
driver's side front turn-signal lens
driver's side-view mirror
front fender trim strips (available New on e-bay @ $19.95each)
I apologize that I could only download to the listing 24 pictures. That's a shame, as I have many more.
There may be some things I've missed while writing up this listing but I've tried my best to represent all aspects of the car... good,bad and ugly. If you should desire any additional information or pictures please contact me early in the auction so that I may address those concerns in a timely manner, enabling you to make an informed decision. After the auction ends it is too late to make concessions for misunderstandings.
I've been with e-bay now for about 16 years and I have a 100% feedback rating. I would like to keep it that way. I want the buyer to be happy with their purchase. So PLEASE, do not hold me accountable if you do not ask questions first.
As to shipping; I can arrange it for you (I have some good connections), or I can be available to meet with your hired people and assist in any way needed.
As per this particular car.... I can mount the engine in the engine bay of the car for the purpose of shipping.... just snug it down safely to keep it in place. Or I can palletize it for loading purposes.
The remainder of the new, used, and extra parts I can box in plastic bins and load the trunk and back seat areas.