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1989 VOLVO 240 Wagon Very Reliable Professionally Mechanic Maintained

1989 Volvo 240

Condition: Used
Make: Volvo
Model: 240
Type: Wagon
Year: 1989
Mileage: 192,000
VIN: YV1AX8858K1829095
Color: Gold
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Air Conditioning

Description for Volvo 240 1989

I bought this car from Al at AL's Volvo in Jacksonville Florida in March of 2013. Al a well known and very well respected Volvo man for many many years. My previous 940 died. He told me and I will tell you that he maintained the vehicle for 7 years and did all work and maintenance that the vehicle ever needed for the owner. He also told me and if you know Al he was not concerned with the pretty cosmetic things. In fact if it was mechanical he would insist on fixing it but if it was cosmetic or something not necessary to the safe operation he was not concerned. Really a good guy. Al did all maintenance for me up until about 2 years ago. I work in St. Augustine and just was unable to bring it to him for issues repairs or maintenance. So...I found Mr. Motorheads and Joey and John there. They have done everything and anything that it ever needed. If it needed to be done or they recommended something it was done. They have all the records and so does Al. (sorry I didnt save my copies but I am sure they will provide copies if you ask.) i cannot give exact mileage as I drive it currently. There is a slight dent in the rear under the train sticker. The drivers side rearpanel is discolored I haveno idea why it was like that when I got it. Maybe you can paint the car cause it would looknicer with a new paint job.
I sell stuff on ebay to supplement my pay. I am a very honest ebayer see my feedback. I have never sold a car on ebay I do not want to write a novel here and cannot guarantee I will be telling you about eachand every inch of the car. Not a professional car sales guy. I will start off by saying this is an old car. OLD. It is not a perfect looking car. Not a show car. Not a $4000.00 car. Not a $3000.00 car. See I am honest. Its probably a 2000.00 plus a little more car. If you are looking for mint perfect go elsewhere. This is what I have to say about the car: One of the most reliable cars i have ever ever owned. This car will get you safely wherever you need to go. I have driven it up to Detroit to see my mom. I have taken it to Louisiana. I have been allover Georgia and Florida in it. Have never ever broken down. The AC is cold and works fine so does the heat. In Florida the AC is needed. I got the car with 118000 miles I think. I now have 192000. See I drive alot (Jacksonville to St. Augustine 6 days a week) plus all my other driving. It has many many more miles left. Why am I selling? Believe me i do not want to sell. My gas is about 20 mpg. Not bad but I was able to get a corolla that gets 40 mpg. When you have to watch your money and every penny counts like me I cannot afford to keep two cars. My son is 16. Has a drivers permit. Gets real license in November.i was giving it to him. He wants a truck. I know you know the Volvo is perfect for him. And he can have it. However, to a 16 year old football player, wrestler, honor roll student and Rotc Captain its not cool. He wants a truck. I am not rich but I am a very proud parent I cannot get him a truck. He has a part time job. Hes not out on Fridays and Saturdays with other high school kids doing whatever they do nowadays he working as a busboy at a restaurant to make money so he can get his truck. The best I can do is give him the money from the sale of this car. He has about 800.00 saved not bad but not enough for a small reliable truck. More info on this car: engine runs perfectly smooth, transmission shifts fine, brakes very good, tires very good, No leaks no burning oil. Issues known: rear wiper not working this wiring is also connected to the rear window center light which is also not working. All other lights work fine. The inside could use a good cleaning. The seats have some splits in the material. The dash has cracks. The plastic center console is gone. Old cracked felll apart. Replacement one can be obtained on ebay. When I got car no stereo. Al not concerned. Hegave me one I had it installed and it works not professionally installed but it plays am fm and cd. Battery is 2 months old cost me150.00 It needs nothing mechanically. Cosmetically, yes paint on roof shot a few dings and other things around the car. You can see the pictures. All I can do is 12 pics I am not hiding anything.Like I said not a show car just a very good reliable car. Also prior togetting it has slight fender bender under the front head light on passenger side. Al fixed it with screws. I cannot deliver the car I cannot ship the car. I guess if you live around here i can deliver. BUT you must pay for it in full no payments no deals outside of ebay. Please pay as soon as possible after the auction. High bidder will get it. As long as no bid is on the car I am willing to make abuy it now and revise it for you if we agree on a fair price. Message me if interested. NO WARRANTIES NO RETURNS NO CON ARTISTS. THANK YOU.No shipping by me. You need to come get it.