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Sweet 1970 Volvo 142S in great condition!!

Condition: Used
Make: Volvo
Model: Other
Type: Sedan
Year: 1970
Mileage: 188,500
VIN: 1423441
Color: Red
Engine: B20
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Littleton, Colorado, United States

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Private seller

Description of 1970 Volvo Other

1970 Volvo 142S

Those familiar with the Volvo brand know of their longstanding reputation for reliability. These cars were built to withstand Sweden’s harsh winter and road conditions. Designed with safety in mind, Volvo built these “tanks” with cast iron engines and robust transmissions that were engineered to go well over 100K miles. I’m guessing most of you know of Irv Gordon’s three million miles he put on his 1966 1800S.

The 140 model built upon the successes of the 120 Amazon series. This workhorse was the typical family car one might see in a coastal city where Volvos were popular. Equipped with four-wheel disc brakes, a collapsible steering column, a padded dash, a synchronized four-speed transmission, and three-point seatbelts, 140 models were well ahead of their time. Their success established the foundation for the 240 series. Volvo’s most popular model, 240 cars cemented Volvo’s reputation inside the United States for reliability and safety. These were automobiles that could be passed down through the generations.

Quick Description

My 142 is one of the nicest you will find in the country. It is not a trailer queen, but rather a super-clean driver, it is ready to be driven cross country right now. You want to enter it in a show? I took second place in the 140-160 category in the 2011 Volvo National Meet. I drove it from Denver to Salina, Kansas and back with zero issues. This car is sweet. It evokes fond memories whenever people see it in public. Equipped with new front and rear main seals, clutch, throw-out bearing, fuel sender, center-bearing, engine and tranny mounts, and recent oil change, it is ready for the road. When was the last time you saw a two-owner, clean 140 on Ebay, Hemmings, or IPD? When was the last time you came across a 140 owner who took meticulous care of his baby and is now willing to pass along the product of his efforts to a proud new owner? This car has never seen rain or snow since I have owned it. It is always in a climate controlled garage at night.


Details you ask? I’ll do my best to describe the car. If I come up short on any aspect, I invite you to reach out. Do you want a close-up pic of a particular part of the car? Just ask. I have driven this car nearly 25K miles. There is nothing about it that I cannot answer candidly.

Mechanicals—I replaced the twin Strombergs with a newly refurbished pair of twin SU carbs. They are in balance and perfectly tuned. I installed a dual choke for easy starts in the winter. The engine was supposedly rebuilt by the owner, although I have no evidence to back that up. Compression is where it should be and the car does not leak oil. Like most B20 engines, it burns about a half-quart of oil every 1K miles. It runs beautifully on 10W-40 Quaker State.

Interior—The old rubber floors had become brittle when I bought the car. I had grey carpet installed and it still looks great. The front seat covers are OEM and are less than seven years old. The panels are perfect. The headliner, hat rack, seals, and seatbelts are all perfect. The sunvisors are solid.

Paint—Exterior is less than six years old. Clear-coat still shines beautifully. Please note, there are minor chips. I can send you pics. Some are extremely hard to see. Please remember that I do drive this car on the weekends. With Colorado’s sandy roads, some chipping is inevitable. I am happy to take photos as requested. THERE IS NO RUST. Colorado’s dry climate precludes the possibility of rust when the car is not taken out in rain or snow.

Fluids—Oil was changed within the past 1K miles. It has all the proper coolant, tranny and brake fluids to be driven long distances.

Brakes—The bearings have been repacked within the past 6K miles. The pads were replaced within the past 15K miles. The car stops on a dime with no shimmies or squeaks.

Steering—I had the old worm and roller steering box rebuilt. It tracks perfectly straight.

Glass—There is a very minor, superficial fissure in the lower part of the windshield—about a half-inch and very hard to see. It has been there since 2007 when I bought the car and has never expanded—even in cold weather. The windshield is original as are the other five windows (you can see the “Volvo” stamp—all of which are tinted to protect the interior.

Dash—Do you see any cracks? How rare is that! I keep a dashmat on it to ensure that it stay preserved in its perfect state.

Gauges—All work flawlessly. No, the speedo does not dance around. The temp and gas gauges are both accurate. My mechanic tinkered with the new gas sender and has it perfectly dialed in. The odometer is also perfect.

Climate control—The heater is like a blast furnace. Get it up to temperature and the heat will protect you from the Swedish cold. The three climate “wheels” function perfectly. The interior fan works perfectly at both speeds.

Ignition—Remember the days of points? Ugh. Well, your worries are gone. I swapped the old point set-up with an electronic ignition from a 1975 240 for increased reliability.

Switches—The lights all function perfectly. Hazard lights, lighter, dome light, glove-box light, and AM radio all work perfectly (although the radio does not light up at night—ok, ok, it’s not perfect)

Cold Weather—Plan on parking this baby outside in the cold? I have an OEM block heater installed and ready to be used. No worries about hard starts or excess wear on the battery.

Trunk—The rubber liner is perfect. I installed new OEM cardboard inserts on the back side. Looks great. The spare tire is perfect. No rust whatsoever back here.

Glove box—Can you believe this? I still have the original key and spare. I also have the owners manuals ready to go. I will include three sets of keys, the owner's manual, the driving tip booklet (how cool is that??), a dealer directory (good luck with that...), a warranty service booklet, and two neat color brochures.

Ebay works not because you get to see what you buy, but because you have the opportunity to purchase the trust of the previous owner. I have every receipt from the past ten years. I have put well over $10K in maintaining and upgrading this fine beauty. I am looking to pass it along to someone who will enjoy and preserve it. I trust that if you are the winning bidder, then you will follow through on your winning bid. Consequently, you can trust the description I have provided as candid, accurate, and up-to-date.

I am not in a rush to sell this car. Save low-ball offers for when I become desperate. Now is not that time. If you like the car, buy it now at $7,995. Believe me, it’s a very fair offer. It not, bid away. Perhaps we’ll run into one another at a car show or Volvo meet.

The 140 line-up, while not an established collectible, is a wonderful automobile that will look great in your garage. After ten years of proud ownership, I'm ready to let it go and upgrade to an 1800. Again, I invite inspections and test drives. Wanna talk? I’ll answer all of your questions and talk Volvos with you on the phone. 303-929-8667. Best of luck to all.