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1973 Volvo 164E ONE OWNER 42 Years! NO RESERVE! Lo Miles, Sunroof, Auto AC

1973 Volvo 164E

Make: Volvo
Model: 164E
SubModel: Sunroof
Year: 1973
Mileage: 105,200
VIN: 1646563082611
Engine: Straight Six, Fuel Injected
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Description for Volvo 164E 1973

1973 Volvo 164E ONE OWNER 42 Years!

Low Miles, Sunroof, Automatic, AC - SOLID!

VIN# 1646563-082611


Rare to find a 164 in such nice, original condition. Purchased new in 1973, by a Lutheran minister, coinciding with his 50th birthday – and driven by him for the next forty-two years! (Remember the ad slogan?: “Volvo, for Life”!)

This was a cherished car, kept in excellent condition and evidently driven very little, accumulating only 105,200 miles in over four decades (substantiated by receipts). When it comes to vintage Volvos, this is barely broken in. And in terms of how this 164 looks, starts, runs, stops and steers, that’s certainly how it feels.

OUTSIDE: Great looking car that had one quality repaint some time in its life, in the original factory color: 110, Teton Green. Any corrosion issues appear to have been taken care of at the same time the paint was done. Some small areas of rust have begun to blossom in the typical spots since that time. None are serious yet, though this should be addressed before it spreads, notably the areas around the bottom edges of the rear wheel lips. The rocker panels and the “dog legs” are good shape. There are also two small spots of surface corrosion at the windshield corners on the passenger side, and they should be ground down and painted, but they are not worrisome yet. The floors and the entire underside are notably solid looking – There are lots of pictures of all of this on the photo link. Overall the car is in excellent, solid shape. Very impressive for a mid-western Volvo.

It’s not a show car by any means: There are some small hail dents and typical paint chips in the usual spots, with careful touch-us, but this car presents really well as a nicely preserved original. It has the right stance and ride height, nice panel fit, straight bumpers, beautiful windshield (original-type with the radio antenna in the glass!) and excellent detailing all around. As an example: All of the weather stripping appears to have been replaced (INCLUDING seals around windshield, back window, vent windows and door glass). This was not a cheap or casual undertaking. It really eradicates wind noise on the highway, and keeps the cabin water tight. There are original equipment mud flaps as well as Volvo factory accessory bumper guards. The stainless steel strips along the fender are very straight and almost completely dent-free – This is just a really good looking, solid example of Volvo’s luxury flagship, and it can be parked with pride at any car gathering.

Since the photos were shot, we located an new old stock bright trim piece for the right rear fender corner and it will be installed before the sale is completed.

INSIDE: The interior is very clean and all original, including the leather, and is in very good order. The front seats have some tears and cracks (see photos), and it’s likely that the front seat faces were switched, side-to-side, to compensate for wear. The rear seat is really nice. ALL of the seating is super comfortable in this car! There is a nice custom-fitted dash cover that hides the typically cracked dash pad beneath. Instruments are clean and clear. Neither the clock nor the gas gauge work, and the hand brake cable needs tightening. All other controls, switches, warning lights and gauges work: Wipers wipe, squirters squirt, horn honks, etc., etc. The AC compressor engages when switched on, but doesn’t blow cold. The heater works like a blast furnace. The blower motor works efficiently on all three speeds, and the stepper system that controls floor/defrost/recirculate airflow operates perfectly (not always the case on old cars!) Official Volvo accessory rubber floor mats cover beautiful clean black carpets – all are in fine shape. The original simple Volvo factory AM radio is still there in working order (apparently, the good reverend was not an audiophile!) The crank sunroof opens and closes smoothly and seals water-tight and air-tight. The headliner is almost perfect; no tears and only a very minimum of discoloration in small spots. There is very little wear evident anywhere in the cabin, other than the front seat covers. Some selective leather repair on the front seats, or some sheep skin covers, would make it all look sensational. Overall, the interior is a clean, bright, cheery, and very comfy place to be.

UNDERNEATH: Solid, clean for its age, with some surface corrosion on the exhaust and other components associated with normal use. The floors of the car are beautiful (see more pics on the photo link!) Other than the previously mentioned minor rust spots, no problem areas were noted. Everything under the hood is in nice, neat order, and 100% stock. All of the crevices and corners in the engine compartment are rust free. The optional accessory under-hood trouble lamp still works. So do the lights for the trunk, which, incidentally, is very clean and totally solid. The trunk has an excellent original rubber mat, and underneath is what looks like a new gas tank, along with clean, shiny fuel lines. There is some surface rust at the bottom of the spare tire well, but the steel is solid down there – it should be cleaned, primed and painted to prevent further corrosion. This will remain a strong, solid car with a minimum of effort and continued care.

ON the ROAD:This car runs really well! It has been stored in a dry, heated garage. Starts on a touch of the key. The idle is a bit lumpy until it warms up. The faithful Bosch injection does its thing smoothly. This lovely straight six is silky on the move after it warms up, and it still delivers smooth, authoritative acceleration – exactly what this range-topping Volvo was engineered to provide for its buyers. The automatic trans had a recent service and performs beautifully. This powertrain is just plain sweet; luxuriously powerful and smooth. Shocks and springs are factory soft, but not worn out at all, and the car rides like new. Likewise, the excellent power steering is surprisingly taut, nicely weighted, and has a precision that is a real delight in a car of this age. On the move, this car’s road manners are excellent, and it provides a really supple comfort that does not isolate the driver from road feel (qualities utterly lacking in new cars!). For an old car, it’s quiet on the highway with little wind noise. The 164 is an eye opener for any vintage Volvo enthusiast who is only accustomed to the 4-cylinder models -- This included us: We were really impressed beyond expectations.

There is a fresh oil change with a genuine Volvo oil filter. Air filter, coolant, belts, hoses and ignition components all look good for now. Likewise, the tires (Goodyear Vector, 195/75–15) are all matched, evenly worn, and should provide a lot more miles. Just get in and drive.

Compression readings (cold) in lbs/sq. in. are:

#1 - 125 ; #2 - 120 ; #3 - 135 ; #4 - 130 ; #5 – 125 ; #6 - 140

(And since the old sparkplugs were out anyway, we installed six fresh NGKs for the next owner)

SUMMARY: A vintage Volvo in superior condition, slavishly cared for and maintained by one owner for forty-two years. The sunroof is a very desirable option. A classic that is still luxurious and comfortable, and practical enough to use every day for years to come.



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