1952 Willys

Condition: Used
Make: Willys
Year: 1952
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Santa Rosa, California, United States

Description for Willys 1952

Late 1952 Willys M38 (MC) for sale, /52. These are relatively rare in the world of military Jeeps (only about 60,000 units made between 1949-1952, ompared to the WWII Jeep run which totaled more than 637,000 units). A little history: The M38 is a military version of the CJ-3A. The M38 differed from the CJ-3A in numerous ways, ncluding a reinforced frame, tronger suspension and axles, nd a waterproof 24-volt electrical system. When driven, t has a noticeably more solid feel than my WWII Willys MB and the seats and driving position are much more comfortable. The seat cushions were replaced upon my purchasing it in 2013.

This Jeep was surplused by the US Army in 1967 and purchased by a family for use at their lake house. They sold it in 2013. It was very original when I purchased it. I drive my vintage vehicles often and want reliability during filming. Shows a nice worn patina on the outside. The Jeep looks slightly different depending on the photo, s each look is tailored to meet the needs of production studios and commercial ads at the time. Currently the paint does not look as shiny. However the look, he Jeep is virtually new underneath. New parts have all been painted with Late WWII 23070 Olive Drab, he original factory color. (The Jeep was repainted by the Army in the later brown-toned drab common to the Vietnam era vehicles and hence the colors do not match). A very expensive PPG two-part epoxy primer was used underneath the paint. Wears like iron. Much more durable than the original Army paint system. I planned on repainting the outside of the Jeep in Late WWII Semi-Gloss but never got around to it.

· New Old Stock Complete Dana 25 Front Axle out of the crate. Inspected, efreshed with New Seals

· New Old Stock Complete Dana 44 Rear Axle out of the crate. Inspected, efreshed with New Seals

· New Old Stock Rear Propeller Shaft with New Spicer U-Joints

· Reconditioned Front Propeller Shaft New Spicer U-Joints

· New Old Stock Spring Bushings, ubber isolated type, amp; New Grade 8 Bolts

· New Old Stock Axle U-Bolts, ll

· New 11"Brakes on all 4 wheels (replacing the original 9" size)

o New 11"Brake Drums, 4)

o New Brake Adjuster Kits

o New Master Cylinder and Brake Lines

o New Wheel Cylinders, 4)

o DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid. Non-hygroscopic--does not absorb moisture.

· Rebuilt Steering Box

o New Old Stock Worm Shaft (nearly impossible to find)

o New Old Stock Sector Shaft

o New Old Stock Bearing Kit

o New Old Stock Pitman Arm

o New Old Stock Drag Link

o New Old Stock Horn Switch and Push Rod

o New Old Stock Steering Wheel and Horn Button

· New Old Stock Tie Rod Assembly and all New Old Stock Tie Rod Ends

· New Old Stock Bellcrank

o New Old Stock Bellcrank Pin

o New Bearings and Seals

· Fully Rebuilt T-90 Transmission

o New Old Stock Case

o New Old Stock Shifter Cane Top Assembly

o New Old Stock or New: All Gears, ynchro Assemblies, earings

o Specially Hardened Main Shaft and Idler Shaft from Novak-Adapt for increased longevity

o New Transmission Rubber Mounts

o Repainted Skid Plate, ross-member and Transmission Mount Plate

o New Old Stock M151 Clutch Pressure Plate (stronger than original)

o New Fiber Clutch Disc

o New Throw-Out Bearing

o New Throw-Out Bearing Carrier & Spring

New Old Stock Shifter Boot, orrect g740 marked.

· Fully Rebuilt T-18 Transfer Case

o New Old Stock Front Bearing Cap

o New Old Stock Rear Bearing Cap

o New Old Stock: All Gears, hafts, ew Bearings

o New Old Stock Emergency Brake Drum

o New Emergency Brake Shoes

o New Old Stock Emergency Brake Actuating Arm

o New Old Stock Heavy Waterproof Style Speedometer Cable

o New Rubber Mounts

New Old Stock Shifter boot, 740

· Relined Original Gas Tank

o New Old Stock 24v Sending Unit & Filter Assembly

· New Exhaust Pipe System

o New Exhaust Header Pipe

o Aluminized Exhaust Line for added longevity

o New Muffler

· Re-cored M38 Radiator with New Drain Petcocks

· New Water Pump

· New Fan Belts

· Repainted M38 Engine Fan

· New Coolant Hoses

· New Stant Thermostat

· New Old Stock 24v Coolant Temperature Gauge, tewart-Warner, 20-240 degrees

· New Old Stock 24v Coolant Temperature Sending Unit

· New Old Stock Oil Pressure Gauge 0-60lbs

· New Old Stock Oil Pressure Gauge, C manufacture

· New Old Stock Oil Pressure Sending Unit

· New Old Stock Oil Pan (does not leak)

· New Old Stock Oil Pick-Up Float

· New Waterproof Sparkplugs

· New Sparkplug Wires

· New Old Stock Cuno Oil Filter Assembly

· New Oil Lines, SA made

· Rebuilt Fuel and Vacuum Pump

· New Old Stock M38 Carter YS-637 Carburetor

· New 12v Batteries in Series (24v system), original battery box

· New Tires (5) on Correct M38 Rims

· Original Data Plates

· Original Air Cleaner and Pre-Cleaner

· Not originally set-up by Army for 24v Bendix Slave Adaptor / Has hood cut-out fill panel

· Original 24v Voltage Regulator, echanical type, elco-Remy

· Original 24v Generator

· Original AC Speedometer, C Ammeter, nd AC Fuel Gauge

· RMC Engine (correct military rebuild designation). Speedometer shows 42,843+ miles but I do not see a rebuild tag, o mileage on this engine is unknown.

Jeep runs, rives, nd stops very smoothly. Engine shows 32psi on the Oil Pressure Gauge and will reach 55 mph on the Freeway (These Jeeps with their 5:38 axle ratios prefer 40mph which is normally where I drive it). It is old though and smokes a little on start-up. For the new owner to address: Engine Rear Main Oil Seal leaks (what vintage Jeep doesn't?) Wiring needs to be updated.

1952 US FORCES GERMANY License Plate included in sale. These Jeeps were used for patrolling the East-West border during the Cold War.

USA Sales only. Local pick-up preferred but will ship if you make all the arrangements. Forklift available at location. Open 24 hours. Located 1 hour north of San Francisco just off the 101 Freeway. Sold with clear California title and Bill-of-Sale.

Happy bidding!