1961 Willys Jeep pickup Custom 4x4 with V6 ford engine & custom Flatbed

Jeep Other

Condition: Used
Make: Jeep
Model: Other
Type: Pickup truck with custom flatbed
Trim: Custom pickup
Color: Blue
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4x4
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Spearfish, South Dakota, United States

Description for Jeep Other

Selling some of our collection to fund some other projects and restorations !

Up for auction is this old 1961 Willys Jeep pickup Custom

This is a 4x4 with a V6 ford engine & custom Flatbed.

We were told when we bought this that the chassis and engine and tranny are from a 1984 Ford bronco.

What a fun pickup to drive ! This thing turns heads and is a blast to cruise around and take to local car and truck events.

We originally bought this truck to use as a local parts getter and errand runner but have alot of other projects to finish up so its time to pass her on to someone who will use and enjoy her.

Whoever built this truck must have had a ton of time and money invested into it. We have not met the builder. We purchased the truck from a local coffee shop owner who used it for a errand truck. It ended up having a power steering leak ( which we did not fix ) and bad battery so it got parked for about a year. We just put a brand new battery in i, resh gas, rake flui, ower steering flui, ct and she started right up. We have been driving the truck around and it starts up everytime and shifts into all gears. It does feel like the carb will probably need to be cleaned and the motor will need a minor tune up. Sometimes it will spit and sputter a little bit when you accelerate from a stop sign.We do not see any smoke when she is running so that is a very good sign.

This would be a great truck for someone who likes to tinker on things and who is familiar with working on older vehichles or knows someone who likes to work on stuff. There are still a few bugs that need to be worked out. The wipers move a little when turned on but do not move all the way back and forth. Vacuum leak ? Also we noticed the electric cooling fan does not kick on and will need to be tinkered with or wired into a toggle switch. The driver side door is held closed with a bungie cored because the latch needs to be replaced.

Brakes have pressure and are currently working good. We have not tested or engaged the 4 wheel drive but everything appears to be there for it. We have also not tried to see if the air conditioning is actually hooked up. we tried a few of the levers on the dash but didnt hear a fan kick on so we are guessing that will also need to be worked on if you decide you actually want to have the AC working.

Whoever built this truck was a heck of a good mechanic and custom builder but whoever painted it was not much of a body man. Truck does have some areas of rust on the lower front cab corner area starting to show through. You can also tell how some filler was used in a few places before they painted it which is to be expected for a truck this old. When you crawl under the truck you can see how they shortened the frame in order to accomodate this smaller willys cab and bed. The frame was shortened and then bolted together in 2 places on each side. Flatbed is really nicely built and has diamond plate compartments on both sides. 1 is the battery box. The wood on the flatbed should have been hardwood but it looks like they used untreated pine so that will need to be replaced with fresh wood.

Truck cruises nicely and steers good. Feels like a modern truck when you are driving it.

It is slightly underpowered but i think that is probably just the carb needing to be rebuilt and possibly a tune up needing to be done. Could also be the fact that there is still a small amount of older 1 year old gas mixed in with the fresh stuff that needs to get burned out.

Truck is a ton of fun and easy to work on. If your a willys fan and like to tinker on trucks this would be the perfect pickup for you. It doesnt need much more done to it.

The oil pressure gauge works and has oil pressure. Coolant is nice and bright green.

Pictures tell a thousand words. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at anytime and we will get back to you quickly.

Please view all of the photos that we have included. There are also many other photos inserted into the description if you scroll down to the bottom. If you have any questions or need additional information on thisCab overplease email us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Pickup is being sold as is where is with no warranty expressed or implied of anykind.

Payment terms: We would prefer not to use paypal for payment on this truck. If you have no other way to pay except paypal we will accept it but prefer not to pay the PP fees if possible. Cashiers check or cash would be preferred. We are allowing 10 days for payment so that you have plenty of time to get the check in the mail. Check must clear our bank before we will release possession of the truck.

We can store thistruck on our property for up to 60 days and maybe a bit longer than 60 days to give you plenty of time to arrange transportation . If you need longer we can probably arrange that as well but would prefer that it is picked up in 60 days or less. Drive it on your trailer or drive it home ! If you plan on driving it home before thoughoughly giving it a tune up and fixing electric fan your taking a risk that i would not take. I would personally haul this on a trailer and then just give it a check up when you get it home and tune it up. New plug wires, lugs, ap/rotor,air filter, nbsp;thermosta, lectric fan fi, luid, c, ct . Hauling on a trailer would be recommended until those things are done.

We are trusted ebay sellers with a long history of buying and selling things that we collect and restore. Feel confident in bidding that you are dealing with honest people !