1947 Willys CJ2A Jeep Restored Red

1947 Willys CJ2A

Condition: Used
Make: Willys
Model: CJ2A
Year: 1947
Mileage: 24
VIN: CJ2A 125594
Color: Red
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Joplin, Missouri, United States
4-Wheel Drive

Description for Willys CJ2A 1947

Ifyou want a nice CJ2A you've just found it. I've owned it for about two and a half years. Ibought it from a dealer who had taken it in trade. Documentation (see partial pics showing restoration, upplied when I bought the Willys) shows it had been restored, owever the dealer said he did not have receipts from the seller showing work done. The dealer said the gent who traded it in did the work on it, ut once he was done decided he needed a corvette more than the Willys. After receiving the CJ, t's my opinion theengine was rebuilt, long with most of the vehicle's components. I have examined the brakes and they appear to be new. The CJ drives and runs like an original one (I've driven them) and it runs strong and steers straight. Top speed is approximately 50 MPH and it holds it well on hills. It has electronic instruments and speedo which showed 12 miles when I got it. However, he odometer portion stopped working soon after and I have not been able to figure out how to get it to work correctly. It comes onand off at times. I have driven it approximately 150 miles since I bought it, ithout any issues. The only off-roading I've done has been very easy stuff on the pasture on my property here. It has never been in the rain or snow since I've owned it.

I've bought about $1,000 worth of bits and parts and replaced many small things and/or polished or tweaked or fixed small issues, s is the case with any restoration. I also installed new rear springs and all related assemblies for the rear, ncludingwelding on new brackets for shackles on the rear. I installed an after-market horn and button (under the dash). The clutch works fine, rakes work fine (but keep in mind they are single master cylinder type and old-style drums so don't feel like new disc brakes!). Emergency brake works fine. Engine stays cool on hot days and there is no heater. I have windshield wipers (new) but they are not installed. There are after-market turning signals.

This has what seems to be a CJ3Awindshield assembly, hich folds down. However, t rides higher than the stock CJ2Awindshield when folded forward, o I built custom blocks for the hood (see photos). Theredoesn't appear to be any rust issues anywhere and it shows clean and in solid condition. I have a spare tire mount included, long with many small parts like gaskets (head and oil pan, tc.). I have installed new plugs, oints, tc. and new plug wires, hanged oil and coolant and maintained it at everylevel. It has simply been a toy to enjoy and has never done a day's work since I've had it!

I also have several maintenance books and manuals, he key, lear Missouri title, tc. The original vin plate has long-ago rotted away (common on these old jeeps) but the vin supplied by the dealer shows to the correct year of this vehicle. I bought a new VIN plate from KaiserWillys (along with many new parts) but have not stamped and installed the new VIN plate. My state of Missouri licensed the Willys completely and I have the clear title in my name ready to sign over.

The only issues which I would attend to would be a syncro issue in second gear. If you shift to second then let off the throttle abruptly, t tends to want to pop out of gear into neutral. However, uring normal driving around town when you're shifting from first, o second, hen to third as youaccelerate, here is no issue. I have not fixed it due to the fact it's not been a bother. KaiserWillys has every part you'd ever need for this model and the syncro ring is very cheap if you can do it yourself.

It has Dualmatic hubs (locking) which I'vejust left locked as they are old school and I'm too lazy to get out to lock hubs!

The carb type makes this engine cold blooded. To start you choke with no throttle and let it crank. If it's been started within the past week or so, t will fire within about 10 seconds or so, hen you may need to start it a couple more times until it will settle into an idle. If it's set for a couple of weeks, t may need to crank a bit more, tc. It's the nature of this model of carb according to the Willys experts I've chatted with. I have installed a new fuel pumpwith a manual priming lever on it and a fuel pressure unit in-line to help with fuel delivery. It seems to help the cold start process a good deal. Also a common fix for that. The Willys has also been expertly converted to 12 volts (alternator) so you have bright lights and sure starting.

There is no top supplied. The off-road lights on the roll bar are aimed to the right and left so I could see on either side of the roads on my property at night.

Please see the photos for any details. There are a few small cracks inthebody filler on portions of the body and windshield frame and some minor pitting on a coupleof chrome items, ike the underside of the headlight trim. Tires are in excellent condition. There is a minor oil leak which I have not been able to track down, ut I think it may be in one corner of the pan gasket (hence the new oil pan gasket supplied!). Horn button on steering wheel doesn't work but I have not looked into why. The after-market turning signals work, ostly, ut sometimes they hesitate. The oil pressure gauge appears to work (electronic), emperature and amp meter works, ut the fuel level gauge seems to have a life of it's own. I have not tried to chase the issue down. These are all very minor issues and frankly, ould give a new owner something to putter with for fun.

The Willys has lived inside my shop during it's stay here and hasbeen covered and pampered. I'm selling because I have my heart set on a Packard these days. This has been a great Willys to own and when I've driven it, get constant thumbs-up signs, omments whenever I park it, nd have had many enjoyable chats with older gents who tell me how they "drove one in the army during the war" and such. I always let them sit in it and theyalwayssmile broadly!

This Willys is sold as-is, ith no warranty or guarantee at all. It's 70 years old so expect minor issues at times, s you would with any antique. But it has only a handful of moving parts and one of the delights of owning it has been the fact you can work on it in your own shop, ith simple tools, nd there is a huge support base on-line. Any question you may have can usually be answered almost immediately by a simple web search.

If you have questions, lease ask them upfront. I've made every effort here to show you details of the car and to answer most questions you may have, ight up front.

I will need a Pay-Pal deposit of $500 within 24 hours, nd communication from the buyer within 24 hoursconcerning final payment. Payment must be by a bank check or other reputable guaranteed check. No personal checks will be taken. Any bank-issued check (Cashier's type check) will need to clear (I'll verify it with the issuing bank) before releasing the car. I'd expect final payment in full to me (via fed-ex, tc. ) within 7 days. If there is a delay, expect the buyer tocontact me and keep me updated, lease.

I will cooperate with the shipper of your choice and store the car for a reasonable amount of time (up to one month), hile you arrange for shipping (cost of shipping is the buyer'sresponsibility). I shipped this Willys in an enclosed trailer from Indiana to Missouri for about $650with a shipper I found through the dealer, ut eBay offers shipping help for vehicles.

If you buy the car and put a deposit down then decide not to go through with the sale, ou willforfeit your deposit, o make sure you can afford it and can arrange for payment in the manner laid out. I am not interested in trades for other vehicles or products.

Send me a note if you have questions or need to see a photo of something specific which isn't shown.

This is a solid, ice, lean Willys and you'llneed to look long and hard to find another.