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1992 Acura Honda NSX - JDM parts exclusive build - clean and one of a kind !

1992 Acura NSX

Condition: Used
Make: Acura
Model: NSX
Type: Coupe
Year: 1992
Mileage: 70,374
VIN: JH4NA1151NT000015
Color: Black
Transmission: 5 Speed Manual
Interior color: Black
Safety: Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Fair Lawn, New Jersey, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Leather Seats, CD Player

Description for Acura NSX 1992

Hello and thank you for stopping at my auction.

For sale is my beloved 1992 Acura NSX.

(Please take time to carefully read all the details below as I am doing my best as my feedback has shown to be clear, oncise and as open as possible to the condition and history of my car and items included.)

First and foremost, eriously sad to see her go, ut with a recent job relocation / move set and engagement with wedding plans in the works and planned near future family (kid(s) in mind I no longer have the use (for some time now) and storage to keep this amazing, ne of a kind super sports car from Honda / Acura.

This has been my dream car to own since its release and Im very happy to have the opportunity to own it. Hence I truly would like to find a new owner who can enjoy and utilize the car for its beauty and technology as a staple in time of great super cars.


I am the third owner (lists as 4th with the broker), ought from an exotic car dealer who was good friends with the owner. Therefore he knew the history of the vehicle very, ery well. The owner brokered several cars, ncluding this one through the exotic dealer as he was downsizing his car collection due to an ongoing divorce settlement though unfortunate circumstance to him I landed a great find for this car. All worked out perfectly.

Bought the car with 56,000 miles in July 5th 2000 right before my birthday.

Car was from the Florida, rlando, ompano, t Lauderdale area, hipped in enclosed high end transport to my current location here in Northern NJ.

After taking ownership I only have used the car strictly on nice days, ar shows, ar events and anything personal business related with shop openings meets and trade events, tc. The vehicle has seen a handful of spring / summer rain fall due to being caught out during an event, ut always babied, lean, overed and kept in an attached, limate controlled garage. I have the lucky opportunity to win many local import class car shows and have been part or featured in International and domestic parts catalogs, dvertisements and magazines, .e. Import Tuning and Honda Magazine Rev Jpn.

The car has and been insured via collector insurance with Hagerty which limits the amount of miles, se, ocation and activity to a strict minimum. Hence proof that it has never been abused and placed in any harm's way.

I was at the time in the process (2012~2013) of applying to NJ Collector Registration, hich is not only cheaper, onger time between inspections and also only safety and not emissions required. Again finding time has been the biggest issue with personal and family requirements and at the time my father had just passed away making time for any personal leisure activity a last thing on my to do list.

In keeping with the spirit of a super sports car, hich is friendly to drive as well perform and look the part the following is what is done. 95% of the parts were imported by me when visiting Japan to see family and work / trade shows (Auto Salon) (as I've worked or been around the car and racing industry for over 23 years).

With Honda reliability which was the new benchmark at the time, aking Ferrari quiver this car is a rock solid performer and no doubt for its huge rave reviews for long term trouble free ownership that can be seen with a simple web searches.

From its stock ownership I have performed the following modifications as seen listed below. I have spent well over $45k in modifications.

Again I love this car, ate to have to let her go, ut its time for a new owner to take flight.

Current mileage is as seen in pictures as 70,374 hence I only put 14,374 miles in 15 years. Again you can see how babied this car was.



- Science of Speed Front end bumper 2002 conversion(Converts and blends generation 1 and generation 2 with modified large air valance for improved airflow to radiator)- 2002 headlight assembly with Bosch HID kit- Carbon fiber lightweight hood Kakimoto Racing in Japan- FRP Side Skirts from Wings West- Carbon fiber Rear Diffuser from Taitec Racing in Japan- Carbon fiber Type R wing from Gruppe M in Japan- Carbon fiber Type R gurney (down force) from Gruppe M in Japan- Carbon Side air ducts from Gruppe M in Japan- Carbon B pillars from Gruppe M in Japan- Custom front side splitter with bottom facial bumper protection rails- Front LED foglights- Rear center taillight JDM NSX-R Tinted tail piece with outers tinted to match- PIAA Aero windshield wipers CF pattern

*Front bumper, ide fender and rear bumper painted or blended for new parts installation)


- Quantum UK full adjustable T5 Coilover damper kit (best for street and track use)- Phase 3 way adjustable sway bar system- Prova Strut Bar

*At the time of install, ome of suspension bushings were replaced for new.


- Basch Supercharger kit (9lbs pulley) upgraded to Novi 2000 Supercharger unit- AEM Engine Management System with map / boost sensor- Custom big bore porting and polishing on intake manifold removing butterfly system for more volume similar concept design to a large sheet metal intake.- NGK colder heat range racing sparkplugs- RC engineering 550 Injectors- Walboro 255 l pump- Paxton fuel pressure regulator with gauge and stainless lines / AN fittings- K&N ram air filter system- Big bore throttle body from MLS Racing in Japan- Taitec Lightweight stainless exhaust- Removable bolt in tip inserts to quiet noise from Taitec Racing in Japan- 3 to 1 front and rear stainless header system from Revolution in Japan- Test pipes with AEM Uego wideband sensor and extra bung (tuning) from Gruppe M in Japan- Larger oil capacity oil pan- Lightweight flywheel from Phase in Japan- Level 2 clutch from Revolution in Japan, ery street oriented dual clutch design.- Custom catch can breathing system


- Aluminum Radiator (I believe it was a Griffith or PWR)- Front debris (rock/bug) protection screen for radiator.|- Spectre Performance Magna-Kool stainless radiator hose kit with additional bleeder valve system


- Tarox 6 piston caliper with over sized rotor- Front aluminum brake cooling air winglet (mounted to suspension to direct air to front brakes)- Over-sized rear rotors- Street Track pads, ustom formulated by Carbotech Performance Brakes- Stainless brake Lines from SFIDA in Japan- Dot 3~4 street/racing grade fluid from Endless in Japan- Volk Racing Limited LE37 Titanium gunmetal special production 17" front 18" rear- Bridgestone Potenza S-03 tires 85% to 90% tread left, lean and great shape


- Upgraded dash with full audio control / Bluetooth connection for Android or IOS (music or navigation)- Polk audio front components speakers with tweeters- Sony center speaker (two instead of the stock 1)- Sony 400 watt amplifier (I may upgrade install higher grade amplifier that I have for you)- Kenwood remote subwoofer system, ounted behind driver seat- Momo Course Cup VTR bucket seats with additional lumbar padding- Seat rail kit from Phase in Japan- Actis from Japan steering wheel with Boss kit (Currently at the time of pictures there is an easy removable steering wheel kit that I will remove and hard mount the steering wheel to the boss hub)- Side sill carbon fiber trim panels from RITMO Japan- Mugen made for the NSX racing pedals.- Momo CF shift knob- K's Garage from Japan short throw shifter- Interior rear view mirror LCD and backup camera system- Carbon fiber gauge bezel panelfrom RITMO Japan

- Upgraded from factory alarm (works jointly) with 2 way messaging if car has been tampered with- Custom fuel cut security


The car is in great condition, onsidering the year from which it was produced. Paint generally is clean and clear with usual rock paint chips and slight scratches from environment all touched up and not noticeable as seen in pictures.

There are however 3 very minor and small dings I've been meaning to complete the repairs using PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) but personal and family responsibilities have side lined the time and budget need to complete these minor repairs.

The following two are hard to notice other than looking at the right lighting or angle conditions

- 1 ding (located on driver lower fender) was a rock less than 1 cm big but no scratch.- 1 ding (located on rear center of roof) was from Acorn nut falling from the tree from past girlfriend's parent's house, bout 2cm big and no scratch.

The following one dent is noticeable at an angle.

- Final ding is from a door edge from a car show I attended from a 911 owner. Sadly the wife of the owner swung the door too fast and gravity took hold (was on a down hill) and just slightly dented the rear fender outer lip, bout 2 to 3 cm big and no scratch. Luckily not a crease so no worries on ease of repair.

** All of these dents have been quoted and easily repairable using PDR (Paintless Dent Repair). Quoted in the $300 ~ $400 range for all 3 as they are very easily reachable with minimum disassembly of liners or trim.


Engine runs perfectly, rives perfectly, lutch and transmission shift smoothly. Idles and easy to drive with current tune AEM ecu. Current tune is on the rich side for improved performance, f you like to add the factory catalytic converters you should retune to reduce the AF ratio to no damage the catalytic converters, r option is to go with a high flow units which would be a simple bolt in.

- Water pump, iming belt have been replaced by Acura- All major fluids (DIY) have been changed on their scheduled time frame- Accessory belts were all changed when supercharger was installed- Laser wheel alignment was done on all corners as well as coilover suspension settings- Interior carpet was replaced new when completing the interior as parts were faded from the Florida sun- In 2012 I was changing the A/C refrigerant from r12 to r314. Had the system cleared of r12 (legally) and was slowly buying parts to replace to the new r314. Currently needs 2 parts a new dryer and pressure switch (recommended to me by AC Tech) and final step to vacuum, eak check and refill. This could be done yourself or to an AC tech or Acura dealer.- ABS pump needs to be flushed from what I was told via diagnose, ime line schedule (special tools needed) to flush the pump (bleed tool). Occasionally shows MIS light but this doesn't affect stopping performance in any way. The current brake package is incredible brake performance, ar stops well before ABS even has the chance to kick in, s any true big brake package should before lockup.


I will be including many extras and stock parts to the new owner.

If I find any additional items to give you I will add them to the list below and update you.

There as follows currently:

- Factory ECU / ECM computer- Factory fuel injectors- Factory Fuel Pressure Regulator- Factory Crank Pulley- Factory AC Pulley- Factory Air box and Intake boot- Factory Rear Spoiler (I should have will confirm)- Factory Catalytic Converters - Factory Miscellaneous engine parts (I will let you know what I have in storage)

Spare parts if you want them:

- A/C Compressor (spare from another motor I was building)- Alternator (spare from another motor I was building(I should have will verify))- Direct Fire Ignition coil packs (spare from another motor I was building)- Resistor pack for fuel injectors (spare from another motor I was building)


- I will include factory owner manuals, eneral paperwork, arfax report and any other paper material, nstructions, atalogs or items I have on file to you. Title is New Jersey and in hand.

- This vehicle is sold : AS IS and to my absolute best and forthcoming to accurately describe everything included and any issues that I knowingly see that will need maintenance or repair if you chose to do it or not. The vehicle currently is ready to run and be enjoyed thoroughly !!

- Deposit must be made within 24 hours after auction has ended. You must contact me shortly after and final payment must be made within a few days after deposit and auction is completed.

- Please do not bid or win the auction and then try to find financing or a loan. Have everything ready to go on your end. If you do not meet these terms then I will relist and cancel the transaction.

- Again I do have the NJ title in hand, lear and will ONLY sign off with a bill of sale and hand off once payment has been cleared and confirmed with my bank.

- I am willing to set up time with my schedule to be readily available to show the car and help assist where I can in final pick up.

- Any flatbed or enclosed transport towing aka vehicle transportation must be organized, cheduled and researched and paid by you. I do know of an exotic warehouses in the Lodi and Teterboro NJ area thus this should help simplify your search.

- Vehicle is currently insured but not registered therefore I cannot drive it to any set location.

Though 99% of the ebay community is seriously awesome... Please take time to understand my timeline to making this a simple and trouble-free transaction. Therefore:



- I will only sell the item within the Continental United States. If you are in Canada or are willing to ship overseas then you must first contact me before you place a bid so I am aware of your location and check to verify if it's a reasonable option to safely process the sale.

- Low Reserve -

Thank you in advance for looking at my action and carefully reading what I have written here.

I hope in a timely fashion I will find a new and good owner to this beautiful car.


(UPDATE - 7/24)- I have ordered new front left and right splash panels (had someone take a look at the car and in prep I saw they were a bit worn so I figured a replacement is best practice). They will be available by next week and may be installed or not (depending on time) with new clips. Simple job but I may leave it to the new owner, ould take less than 20 min a side.- I did find some additional stock OEM parts and hardware to add to the sale for the new owner, f you like them at the time of purchase please let me know.- Today I lowered the Reserve and Buy Now as special incentive. Been getting some great offers here and local and felt it was better to keep the pricing competitive without taking a significant loss in what has been invested. Granted its hard to get a solid ROI (return on investment) but I more concerned finding the NSX a good new owner that meets expectations for both buyer and seller.* I totally appreciate the many, any questions and more recent trade offers (car swap)(some are some very beautiful cars and thank you for the offers) and part(s) sell off to disassemble my car. I completely understand some of the parts here are very rare and or no longer being produced, nless special ordered (possibly)... However with time, ersonal and work and future living location I cannot have a similar level of vehicle as we do not have the space to store or park it and I do not have the current time to disassemble and have access to replacement parts to some of the larger items like bumpers, ear spoilers, ims/tires and some smaller exterior body parts. This ultimately was the reason why I have decided to sell the vehicle in one package without leaving the NSX in a mixed modded / stock look what took many years and of course a lot of money to build. Thank you again for thecorrespondence, ery much appreciated.=)