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1992 Acura Integra GS-R B17A1 DOHC VTEC 1 Family Owned DB2 GSR CLEAN NO RESERVE

Make: Acura
Model: Integra
SubModel: GS-R
Type: Hatchback
Trim: GS-R Hatchback 3-Door
Year: 1992
Mileage: 176,150
VIN: jh4db2389ns001246
Color: Aztec Green Pearl (AGP)
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Black
Safety: Being good at driving, More VTEC, Anti-Lock Brakes
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Freeze your self out of car original R-12 Freon, Extra VTEC, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows
VTEC, Less Options Less Weight, Sunroof, Cassette Player

Description of 1992 Acura Integra GS-R

FYI this is a no reserve auction. meaning whatever it goes for it goes for. I don't care what it ends up at. This isn't about the money; it’s about bringing cars to the light of the world that deserve life. If you have zero feedback contact me to let me know you're legit. I'm a Toyota guy let’s be clear about that. I went to college for it. I've owned 40+ of them. but this car is what’s up. I loved it so much I bought it. It was shortly after that I realized its ok to relate inanimate objects to living beings and this car is basically a guy that is too hot for you. Your mom says he just wants to use you. your sister thinks he isn't hot. your grandma thinks he is douche. but what do those bitches know about the first B-series VTEC engine to ever hit our shores. Remind me to tell you about my 10 point scale here in a second. So back in college my friend had 3 cars to my 1. We lived in a gated apartment complex (the gated part is a fluid concept). We had all 4 of our cars parked next to each other in the parking lot. It went his Saab turbo; his 1JZ swapped supra turbo (formerly mine). my black AE86 GTS hatch. and then his blue AE86 GTS coupe. In the morning all 3 of his cars were gone and my car was just sitting there un-touched. Of course he wakes me up thinking I moved them to mess with him. I walk outside in my boxers and his mom was there. she had driven 2 hours down to baby sit the situation. Turns out my friend was so smart he kept keys to the other 2 cars in 1 car. and a spare to that car in the nearby tree of idiocy I guess. What really sucks is none of those cars had super awesome VTEC yo. because if they did we would have heard it cross over as they stole them! And I dare anyone to prove me wrong. prove that the VTEC doesn't actually open up a micro worm hole inside the engine that funnels inordinate amounts of hopes. dreams. and panty dropping noises. People that think VTEC is just turbos with all the lag but none of the power have clearly never tried to ride a VFR 800 VTEC motorcycle without cheesing through their helmet. Long story short we found all 3 cars before the cops did in random parking lots and neighborhoods. someone had stolen all 3 just to joy ride them and apparently ramp them all off some jump because all of the oil pans were busted. In the end I’m just upset youtube wasn’t a big thing back then because I feel like they would have posted that. Right thanks for reminding me to tell you about my 10 point scale. so human interaction is based off the law of attraction. You get a base rating created off a true bell curve scale with a dead corpse on one end and a photoshop super model on the other end. You can only truly happily bridge that scale in a relationship by 2 points. 4's will be happiest with 4's in the long run period. But a 4 can become a 6 with the 2 point variance. 1 point for wit/intelligence/personality (basically the soul). 1 point for wealth (basically luck). If this car is a 10 named Jake D then I recently bought Isabella (Corolla FX-16 GTS listed in my other auction) and she is a 7. 5. Problem is he has reverse erectile dysfunction issues in the form of a power antenna that will go all the way up but only 3/4 of the way down leaving a constant chubby. And shortly after he arrived Isabella gained an STD in the form of an oil leak. So my only possible conclusion is they have been having an affair behind my back. and I'm pretty sure one of them has a fake twitter account because I keep getting strange and oddly informative tweets. So I’ve decided the only sensible thing to do is separate them and bring their relevance to the world. Before I have baby momma daddy issues (and then shortly after trap queen issues). I don't really know what any of that means but when in Rome. So some fast specs on the car. It is a 1 family owner car; it has had 3 owners technically. the grandfather. the father. and then the son. Great story though. they all have the exact same name. Michael Timothy Stewart Sr. Michael Timothy Stewart. and Michael Timothy Stewart Jr. So as far as I'm concerned it’s a one owner car. if you disagree you can go to a very low grade laser tag arena and huff whippets for all I care. the absolute pile of receipts I have for the car from the very beginning until now makes up for the generational differences. I also have the carfax on it which shows no wrecks ever. and a ton of dealer maintenance. It would appear they saved everything ever done to the car; I'm surprised they didn't save gas receipts. Oh and it was originally used by the dealer as a show room queen demo car so for the first 26k miles it wasn't titled and was serviced solely by original Acura dealer. I dare you to find a cleaner stock original AGP (Aztec Green Pearl. only offered on DB2 G2 Integra GSR) DB2 Integra GSR for sale. It has just the right amount of miles for its age to be driven and well cared for so nothing rotted from sitting. These are the rarest FWD Hondas and rarest B-Series ever imported into the states. Here are the details. Interior: 9. 5/10 I deduct half a point because the original front floor mats are gone and there are 2 small cig burns. It is basically a perfect interior. I did a bad job putting armor all on the dash. I might as well have been drunk. it didn't need it. so feel free to do a better job than me. Everything looks feels and smells perfect. might as well be a new car on the inside. The blower motor knob doesn't work on the lowest setting. I think that is because the lowest setting is for pussies and you wouldn't be able to handle the VTEC if you wanted the lowest setting. All the lights. switches. functions. gauges. features. doodads. bells. whistles. accessories. latches. levers. and buttons work as they should. The windows and sunroof open and close like brand new. and this car has the optional Honda security system. The radio code is written down in the back of the owner’s manual along with dollar amount someone paid to get it. Hatch struts work perfect. spare. tools. and jack are all in there. The power seat belts work perfect. there are no warning lights on the dash. all the gauges work (coolant temp is slow mishimoto radiator is overkill). THE R12 A/C STILL WORKS AND BLOWS ICE ASS COLD INSTANTLY. the heat works great. as does the radio etc. Just needs a person to sit in it. Exterior: 9/10 AGP paint is in garaged condition. No issues with it. There are a few touched up spots on the bumper. and the spoiler is the only thing that could use a polish. This car SHINES. The Undercarriage looks BRAND NEW. like it has never been driven in the rain. All of the factory undercoating etc is still there. There are a few small dings. by small and few. I mean small and few. Any paintless dent repair guy could knock them out and make the car perfect. Power antenna goes up. comes down 3/4. costs about $9. 99 to fix if you care. All the lights windows wipers handles etc work perfect. This car has never ever been in a wreck. all the panels fit perfect. and I would eat food off the inside of the engine bay it is that clean. The engine bay paint shines almost as good as the exterior paint. You could put a 50k mile odometer in the car and it would make sense. No leaks. no issues. original wheels. original exhaust. original GS-R badge. original VTEC side trim pieces. original everything complete with no douche bag illest vinyl stickers. Mechanical: 9/10 It has a new clutch. new hawk autox pads. slotted cross drilled rotors. goodridge SS braided lines. Falken Azenis tires w/6k miles. mishimoto radiator. and every other fluid/maintenance item possible for years and years. Car drives perfect. recent alignment so it tracks straight wheel is straight. shifts like butter. engine is strong. no smoke. no leaks. no big issues. All original B17A1 VTEC engine w/ YS1 transmission. 8. 00+ RPMS. 170 degree thermostat. VTEC hits hard. look how clean it is in the engine bay. Almost everything looks brand hammer new and original. Exhaust has a shield that sometimes rattles. leak back by the muffler. upper rad hose could be replaced on smell alone. and the brake master cylinder eventually. All of those parts total about $50 for the car to be absolutely perfect. No pops. squeaks. etc. or any other issues with the car. Drive it to Cali and back no issues no doubts. Valves could even be adjusted if you feel so inclined as it would appear the valve cover has never been off the car. and it doesn't leak oil which is amazing on its own being from 1992. It is the only 1. 7L B-Series. it has VTEC. I don't know what else on the planet matters. Thanks for looking. good luck bidding. if you have any questions that I forgot to answer on here ask away. I’ll respond promptly. GSR GS-R DB2 On Apr-08-15 at 16:01:19 PDT. seller added the following information:Totally forgot to mention the drivers side view mirror is chipped at the very edge. took me awhile to notice it which would explain why I forgot to mention it initially.