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Ready to finish! 63 Ford F100, 114", Styleside, V8/auto, power discs, READ AD!!

1963 Ford F-100 Custom

Make: Ford
Model: F-100
SubModel: 114" wheelbase
Type: short bed standard cab pickup
Trim: Custom
Year: 1963
Mileage: 87,923
VIN: F10JE422199
Color: Turquoise & white
Engine: V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: auto
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Turquoise & white
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Thurmont, Maryland, United States
Cassette Player

Description for Ford F-100 1963

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Chevy (yes...) 350 V8 / automatic transmission (originally built as a 223 6-cylinder with 3-speed column shift) Build plate says 3.89 open rear; looks like a 9" to me 114" wheelbase, Styleside bed, 2 wheel drive manual steering power brakes / front discs VIN plate reads (according to online research): F10: F100 2WD J: 223 6 cylinder 1bbl carb E: built at Mahwah NJ plant Wheelbase 114" Color BM (Caribbean Turquoise / Corinthian White) Model F100 Body 81B Custom Cab Trans A 3 speed manual light duty Axle 12 3.89 ratio open differential Max GVWR 5000 lbs DSO 26, Washington district

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We are an RV dealer in the mountains of Western Maryland. You are looking at a non-RV that we took on trade towards an RV. It is a privately-owned unit that was traded in to our dealership - it is NOT something we bought at an auction, it is NOT a repo, it is NOT a salvage piece. We avoid items like those, for the same reason you do - you just don't know what you're getting. But if a customer wants to trade an item like this in, towards an RV purchase...well...equity is equity, and if we think we can sell it, we'll take it on trade!

First, right off the bat, up front, no question and no trying to hide anything... This F100 has a 350 CHEVY motor and transmission in it. I know. That's sacrilege for some folks. We didn't build it. Don't go sending me hate email telling me how offended you are that this was done. All we did was take it on trade towards an RV. Nice thing about it being not-original? You can do whatever you want with it!! Drive it just the way it is (it actually does run quite nicely, and as an added bonus you can use it to run and get its own parts!!). Restore it back to all-Ford. Turn it into a street rod. Bag it and put the frame on the ground with some big ol' billet wheels. Patina it and make it a rat-truck. Basically what we have here is...a strong-running, totally-driveable, actually fairly respectable-looking work in progress. The end result is YOUR choice. Unfortunately since we didn't build it...I don't know what all was done to make the swap. A quick Google search turned up a number of bolt-on kits to enable this sort of swap. I didn't see any floorplan changes other than the Hurst Pro-Matic shifter (which, having installed those in my personal cars before, is simply a few mounting screw holes and a single grommet for the shifter cable). I am going to PRESUME this is a bolt-in swap and they didn't do any cutting - so all you blue oval types out there, you should be able to put this one back to all-Ford without any major surgery. It does appear to still have the factory rear under it; albeit with new brake lines, I would assume to go along with the obviously-new power brake booster and master cylinder. It also has front discs - this truck stops NICELY. Not "original"...but I'll take "safe" over "original" any day, especially something as simple as a brake upgrade. Now, even though it's not the original motor...it does run extremely well. No radical cam, no lumpy idle, good driveability. It was about 35 degrees when I went out to start it from dead-cold, after sitting in pouring rain for 2 days. Two taps on the accelerator, turn the key...fired RIGHT up. Let it idle high for about a minute, tapped the gas once...and it dropped right down to a 1,000 rpm idle. Smooth as silk. No smoke, no noises, no issues. It's almost a shame they put this engine in here, because it's probably a 99% chance that the buyer is going to take it back out and put a Ford motor in here, no matter HOW nicely it runs! But the good news is either a) you can simply drive it as it sits, and just don't open the hood if you're worried about it being a Chevy mill in a Ford...or b) pull the engine/trans and sell it to help pay for your Ford parts when you put it back together! As nicely as it runs, you shouldn't have any problem getting some decent money for it to help put a Ford setup back under it, if that's the way you want to go. I drove it a bit and it's nice and solid. The dual exhaust sounds good (no header leaks that I could hear, either), the transmission shifts just like it should, and the brakes are definitely strong! They were a little grabby at first, but I think that was because we've had non-stop rain the last 2 days and everything was soaked. After I drove it a couple miles they calmed down and worked properly - no pulling, no pulsing, just good solid braking. And after driving it, it idled (full temperature) at 25psi oil pressure. And the heat - whoo, boy, does the heat work GREAT!! All the dash stuff seems to be working actually - wipers, blowers, defrost switch, lights, speedo...the one thing I found that didn't work was the right turn signal. Left works fine, but no light for the right. Mileage...I have no idea if that's right, accurate, or just some random number on the display...but being a '63, I doubt most folks are going to worry about miles on it! Along those lines....the speedo moves, but I have no idea how accurate it is or isn't. Again - it's a '63. The interior cosmetics? Look GREAT. Nice color-matched dash (shinier paint than outside, actually), good upholstery, refinished fuel tank, and the floors felt nice and solid as well. The headliner wasn't perfectly cut, but it's up there well enough for a driver. The glass looks good all around. Outside, this appears to be one of the "mismatch-bed" trucks from what I can tell. We figured the bed was just "wrong" when we traded it, but a little research online shows that Ford just...did this for a while, to use up some old beds they had in inventory, towards the end of this body-style's production run. No way that I know of to verify if it's the "right" bed for this truck or not...but it very well could be. And it's not hateful - it needs finished, obviously, but it seems nice and solid with only a couple spots that need some bodywork before prep and paint. The cab looks mostly prepped, though. We don't appear to have gotten any of the missing trim pieces with the truck, sorry, but what is there looks nice enough. The grille especially looks good - needs a good polish and shine, but I didn't see any bends or dings in it. The paint outside...it's a "starter" coat, definitely. It appears to be the original colors for the truck (if my online VIN plate research was correct)...but it's not a finish coat by any stretch, just enough to get the right color on the truck so it can be driven around for a while. I didn't grab a magnet or anyhing, but it's a decent looking body - especially when you consider it's a 53 year old TRUCK. Most of these were beat to death; used hard and put away wet; and nobody gave them a second thought. Just the fact it's HERE is impressive - original, modified, whatever; it's still a complete vehicle! And...once again... YOU get to decide how it progresses from here! No stress over "do I change a rare original"; no worries about building it exactly the way YOU want it to be. No pressure, no judgement, just...do whatever you want with it. And that's a great place to start, with a classic old truck like this.

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