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Clean top-down V8 Mustang. Beautiful red paint, nice interior, drives great!

1969 Ford Mustang

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Year: 1969
Mileage: 75,782
VIN: 9F03F176300
Color: Red
Engine: 302 cubic inch V8
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Interior color: Black Vinyl
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Macedonia, Ohio, United States

Description for Ford Mustang 1969

Is it impossible not to smile when you're driving a Mustang convertible? Give it a try. Ford's original pony car has been a favorite of millions for more than five decades, which should tell you all you need to know about the fun it promises every single owner. 1969 was perhaps Mustang's finest year, offering arguably the most attractive styling with the widest variety of engines to that a buyer could create a perfectly tailored pony car that did everything they needed it to do. This handsome 1969 Mustang convertible, for example, offers a strong-running 302, a brilliant red paint job, and enough comfort and convenience features to make it a pleasure to drive anytime, anywhere. And it's affordable!

The red paint on this car isn't how it was delivered (that would be code F, Gulfstream Aqua), but when it was repainted a few years ago, they chose the most perfect red we've ever seen. It's brilliant, a deep, rich red that isn't orange, isn't pink, but a pure red that seems deep enough to swim in. The color change and the fact that you can't see any trace of the original Aqua paint means that the repaint was incredibly thorough, not just a quickie at the local spray shop, and it's holding up remarkably well. It has been driven, of course (who can resist?), but it has a deep shine, the panel gaps are good, and someone invested the extra time and money to do a wet sand and buff to make reflections clear. You don't usually see that kind of investment in a car at this price. They skipped the extra stripes and spoilers, adding a single black pinstripe that accentuates the fender line, especially the kick-up behind the doors. Most of the chrome was replaced, too, so the bumpers shine up well and the stainless grille surround adds just the right amount of flash. There are a few original parts such as the grille emblem and some of the stainless around the top opening, and they're showing some age, but honestly there's only very minor stuff to nit-pick on this car.

Code 2A black vinyl bucket seats is how this car was delivered and that's what is still in the car today. We're guessing that the interior has been replaced at some point—it's just too nice to be original, although it does show some minor signs of use. Most notably, the driver's lower cushion shows some stretching, but it doesn't affect how comfortable it is once you settle in and fresh foam is easy and inexpensive. There are no rips or tears in the upholstery material, the black carpets are excellent, and the door panels are like new. Even the original gauges are bright and crisp, covering the basics of speed, fuel level, and temperature. Someone has thoughtfully added an aftermarket center console with a pair of cup holders and some extra storage, and we're pleased with just how right it looks in the car. It's not real heavy on options, but it does have an AM/FM radio, power steering, and a recent black power convertible top that folds easily. Matching carpeted floor mats help keep the interior looking tidy and the trunk is properly finished with a reproduction mat and full-sized spare with cover (in fact, we believe that's even the original spare tire!). Peel back the mat and you will find that although this car spent most of its life here in Cleveland, it is not and never has been rusty. Nice!

We have every reason to believe that's the original, numbers-matching F-code 302 cubic inch V8 living under the hood. It shows signs of care but has never been out of the car and still runs superbly. Of course, you already know that it's virtually indestructible, as its later incarnation—the 5.0—has proven that you simply can't hurt these motors. Thanks to a lot of recent maintenance, including a rebuilt carburetor, new coil and ignition parts, and fresh belts and hoses, it's ready to hit the road. It has not been altered significantly from stock and while it's clean, it isn't detailed for show, so you could invest a little time over the winter if you really wanted to brighten things up. On the other hand, it works so well and remains so worry-free, that maybe you just leave it alone and start having fun! Turn the key and it fires quickly and idles well, and there's plenty of torque to make the Mustang feel quick on the road. You'll also note as you look around the engine bay that the repaint was incredibly thorough—there's no overspray anywhere but the inner fenders are original. As we've learned in this business, sometimes a well-maintained car is better than one that has been torn apart and put back together, and this is a great example.

Underneath, it's still using the original C4 3-speed automatic transmission it was born with and again, the hardware is incredibly durable and easy to service. In back, there are towering 2.79 gears, making this a fantastic long-distance cruiser that was just made for a road trip, and ride quality on the modest 302-powered ragtop is quite good. Power steering makes it easy for anyone to handle, and while it's not built to carve corners, it feels competent in just about any circumstances. The undercarriage is a bit grimy and there's surface scale on some of the heavy metal parts, but that's pretty normal and doesn't raise any concerns for someone who is going to keep driving the car. There's a brand new dual exhaust system, an upgrade over the original single exhaust, and they wisely chose mellow mufflers so it never gets annoying. Drum brakes are standard and more than adequate to the car's performance and it sits on a set of period Cragar mags with big 225/70/14 Goodyear radials that look great.

Documented with some maintenance receipts, this is a no-worries car that you can get in and enjoy immediately without additional investment. It has obviously been someone's favorite toy for many years and given the robust hardware, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to do the same. And you'll never get tired of the attention that a brilliant red Mustang convertible attracts everywhere you go. It really is America's favorite car. Call today!