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Loaded, Cold A/C, Working Convertible Top, Chrome Wire Wheels, Great Colors

1964 Ford Thunderbird

Condition: Used
Make: Ford
Model: Thunderbird
Type: Convertible
Year: 1964
Mileage: 88911
VIN: 4Y85Z151920
Color: Prairie Bronze
Engine: 390 cubic inch V8
Cylinders: 8
Interior color: Rose Beige vinyl
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Macedonia, Ohio, United States

Description for Ford Thunderbird 1964

In this business, we're often able to spot trends happening just at the very start, and we believe that '60s Thunderbirds will be hot in the next few years. The "Bullet Birds" of 1961-63 are already the hottest Thunderbirds on the market, but we'd put money on the handsome fourth-generation cars being not too far behind. Offering impeccable road manners, high style, lots of luxury, and reasonable prices, these cars represent top-of-the-line motoring for Blue Oval fans. The same engineering that went into the remarkable Lincoln 4-door convertibles lives underneath this 1964 Thunderbird convertible, and the way it rides, handles, and feels from behind the wheel is very much the big American luxury car. This particular example is loaded with options and accessories, drives superbly, and has a long-term history with an enthusiast owner, making it an excellent choice if you can have just one hobby car.


The car wears a shiny coat of Prairie Bronze paint, which gives the big ragtop a subtle yet upscale look. If you check the door tag, you'll see that it shows code M Wimbledon White, but quite honestly, I can find no trace of white paint on the car and no evidence that it was ever a different color. That suggests that the repaint was extremely thorough, and it shows quite well even some years later. This big 'Bird is wearing all its original sheetmetal and thanks to a lifetime in Oklahoma and Texas, rust is a non-issue. Panel fit is quite good (remember that these are unit-body cars, believe it or not) and even the massive deck lid snugs itself down after the convertible top does its thing. We believe the chrome and stainless trim is original, and it's all in very good condition, from the simple front bumper to the chrome spears running the length of the bodywork to the Thunderbird script on the front fenders, none of which is pitted or deteriorated. You'll note that this car carries accessories like dual spotlights on the windshield posts (yep, they work!) and a luggage rack on the rear deck, which might actually be useful given that the convertible top eats up most of the storage space in the trunk. There's also a unique tonneau that transforms this into a sporting 2-seater, and it has been painted and upholstered to match the car. Very cool!


Code 50 Rose Beige vinyl is the car's original interior code and at some point, it was fully restored to factory condition. The handsome bucket seats remain comfortable for long hauls and the wrap-around rear seats are some of the most appealing ever installed in an automobile. Dark carpets and a black dash top offer some welcome contrast and the dash is awash in anodized aluminum and brushed stainless for a very upscale look. The Thunderbird's all-new instrument panel was clearly inspired by aircraft design, with small round pods for the auxiliary gauges and a wide band with a bar-type speedometer on top. The slender steering wheel isn't cracked or damaged, and swings away as it should with a touch of the slender shifter lever to your right. More aircraft styling includes the lever-style switches for the wipers and ventilation system, and small round warning lights underneath are a neat touch. You will note that this car includes working factory A/C, power windows and locks, power driver's seat, and a rather rare AM/FM radio. The window motors were just serviced so they all work as they should, the locks snap up and down, and all the warning lights and gauges keep you appraised of the car's condition. Even the hidden trunk button in the center console powers the trunk lid up and down without any hassles. In fact, the top mechanism works smoothly and properly, up and down, and you could probably charge money to let people watch it do its thing. The fiberglass tonneau cover is easy to remove with just three fasteners, but it does not affect the operation of the top if you want to leave it in place. The top itself is in good condition with a plastic rear window and good weather seals, so it feels suitably luxurious with the top up. And with the top up, you do have a rather large trunk that's fully finished with a correct mat set and a matching wire wheel and spare tire, along with a correct jack assembly stashed in the quarter panel. 


Ford's familiar 390 cubic inch V8 provides the kind of silky smooth torque that suits the big Thunderbird. But make no mistake, this isn't a clumsy car—that big engine moves all 4000 or so pounds of convertible with real authority. It never seems to work very hard, but suddenly you're cruising at speeds that'll get you a ticket in all 50 states and everything's very serene. We have no details on an engine rebuild, but it has a lot of recent parts and lots of dress-up under the hood that suggests it has been well-tended and it exhibits no bad habits. There's plenty of oil pressure, no smoke, no sounds, and, well, it just works like it should. The chrome pieces under the hood really look great and reproduction decals help with the OEM look. The A/C compressor has been recently rebuilt and obviously a car of this size wouldn't be possible without power steering and brakes. It doesn't run hot, doesn't get fussy, and if you're looking to be a 1-car parade, this is probably the best possible choice. It just never puts a foot wrong, no matter what you're doing.


Underneath, it's very solid, which is critical on these cars with their unit-body platform. The supporting structures in the rocker panels and transmission tunnel, plus the subframes holding the front and rear suspensions, are all in excellent shape with zero evidence of rust or damage—even the factory spot welds on the rocker panels are still clearly visible. The brakes have just been extensively serviced, including hoses, wheel cylinders, and shoes, so it stops straight and true. Ride and handling are big car comfortable, so it's not a sports car, but you might be surprised by how well this Thunderbird hustles when you need it. A muted dual exhaust system sounds exactly right—not silent, but muscular. There are also recent shocks all around. Gorgeous Kelsey-Hayes chrome wire wheels are always a great addition to a vintage 'Bird, with these carrying recent 215/75/15 whitewall radials.


Extras include a factory owner's manual and a color-matched continental kit (with wheel and tire assembly) that's ready to install if you prefer the look.


This is a heck of a lot of car for the money, and the way this big luxury 'Bird drives will win you over the moment you slide behind the wheel. You will always look like a movie star driving a car like this and with all the luxury features, you don't have to give up comfort for style. Isn't that the whole point of a Thunderbird? Call today!