Jaguar XJ6, E Type triple SU's, T700 trans,

1972 Jaguar XJ6

Condition: Used
Make: Jaguar
Model: XJ6
Trim: base
Year: 1972
Mileage: 157,750
VIN: 1L67494BW
Engine: 6
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

Description for Jaguar XJ6 1972

Willow Green 1972 XJ6 - No reserve.

I’ve owned this car 29 years, but it’s time to sell and work on other Jaguar projects.

Using other Jaguar models, many modifications have been done to improve the power, handling and braking. The car has triple E Type SU’s, Grand Tourismo fast road cams (Lou put them in himself), GM T700 transmission (John’s Cars Quartbreed conversion), 4.09 differential, front suspension and steering rack from a S3 XJ12 (springs lowered), front and rear anti-roll bars, S3 4 pot brakes, 7 inch headlights, electronic ignition and electric rad fan.

A complete blue 1972 parts car (not running), is available.

The car is plated and insured, as it has been during the last 29 summers.

Peeling clear coat has prompted this sale. It was a question of spending on a paint job to keep it, or sell. If I was to paint the car, I would install the new rear valence and new gas tank cover panels I’ve collected, as well as swap on a mint used driver’s side front fender, and remove the windscreens; so a lot of work. These new and used panels are available for $500, or we can discuss it.

The seats are very poor, but the seats in the blue parts car are very good with no holes or pulled stitching and soft leather. I operate Leatherique Canada (E Bay will not allow me to add my site address), and planned to re-dye these to Suede Green, and swap them in. I’ll supply dye and the blue seats shown, with this sale.

I did the headliner years ago, but the rear-most panel won’t stay up.

I’ve painted this car twice. The first time was a bare metal job using epoxy primer. The second was after crushing the driver’s fender against a guard rail. The car had sills put in before I owned it. Floors and under-body are good. I’ve used rust proofing often over the years.

The engine starts and runs well, has 125 Lbs compression on all cylinders. I’ve removed the AC components, but have the parts. I wanted clean and simple. The electric fan makes the engine bay clean, and a belt change a snap! The fan runs after shut down until the engine’s cool. The front exhaust pipe is stainless.

Acceleration is much quicker than stock with the low gearing of the 4 speed overdrive transmission coupled with the 4.09 diff. It will actually spin the tires. The transmission locks up in the 3 and 4th, and lock up is manually controlled with a red switch on the shifter base: see pictures. It’s great fun to shift manually, and try all 6 ratios. The car pulls hard in 3rd with the lock up engaged, from 50-80 MPH. The wire to the transmission that controls the lock up broke loose I just discovered, you can see the wire hanging in one of the under shots. Access is difficult, above the exhaust, so I didn’t repair it today, but I assure you it’s working when connected. The transmission does hit the tunnel on hard acceleration and requires some hammering in that area. The prop shaft also has a slight wine. Overall the car is not as refined as stock, but goes much better. On a club track day it was as fast as an e type around the track. This surprised many there, as they assumed my car would be the slowest of the day. The quicker steering and Moto Lita wheel help.

The tires have 50 miles on them.

Only one fuel tank works at the moment.

The front windshield was replaced once and is still excellent. I have new front and rear screen rubbers too.

The rear hand brake calipers have been removed, but I have them.

So here’s a good project car, or buy it for the rare parts.

The car can be driven home. I live near Niagara Falls/Buffalo. I’m SURE an American person can simply drive across the border with a receipt. But if having the car shipped, a broker is needed. TFX International do this near me.

E Mail for more pictures. There's a short You Tube click of my car. I can't seem to put a direct clickable link here, so please go to You Tube and search: Rob's Jag for sale 190

Thanks, and good luck with your Jaguars,

Rob 905-937-0264