Lancia Y10 GT I.E.

1961 Lancia Y10 GT 1.3

Make: Lancia
Model: Y10 GT 1.3
Year: 1961
Mileage: 90000
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Porto, Portugal

Description for Lancia Y10 GT 1.3 1961

White Lancia 1991 Y10 G T i.e.
You have to come here and collect it ( tow away) that's why this price and then do a full service engine bay is clean and electrics work fine including the automatic heater and have been revised. Until i abruptly stopped the restoration i gave the car
refurbished steering,
air and fuel filter spark plugs
timing belt new front discs.
I believe spark plugs got dirty because of bad valve seals which leaded to misfire and consequently the camshaft pulley changed the angle.Thats why the car is stopped.

The timing belt and water pump were changed recently as well as the alternator belt.

Mail to Portugal Oporto and I will further convey the details for the picking up.