1972 Land Rover Series III 109 Station Wagon

1972 Land Rover Other

Make: Land Rover
Model: Other
Type: SUV
Trim: 5-Door Station Wagon
Year: 1972
Mileage: 38,735
VIN: 11111111111111111
Color: Blue
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: four-wheel-Drive
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Romeo, Michigan, United States
4-Wheel Drive

Description for Land Rover Other 1972

This Land Rover is a 1972 Series III 109 Station Wagon with the standard Series non-turbo Land Rover 2. 25L diesel. The vehicle starts. runs. drives. and stops well. It is currently registered and I drive it when the weather is nice. It has free-wheeling front hubs and an overdrive. It does not pop of gear while driving and the four-wheel-drive low and high ranges both work well with the levers shifting with minimal effort. I've owned a number of Series Rovers so I have quite a bit of experience with them and I'll try my best to describe this one. The odometer shows 38. 35 miles but there's no way of knowing the true mileage on these older Rovers. It may be 138. 35 miles or may not even be close to either figure. You never know for sure unless you've owned it from new. What I can tell you is that this is a good running driving vehicle. It smokes a bit on start up (see videos) but it clears up once operating temperature is reached. An adjustment of the injection pump would probably clear a lot of this up. It would be good for the person looking for something they can drive while they work on it. Some people refer to this type of vehicle as a rolling restoration and think that's a good description. It needs a lot of little things like: Window tracks throughout; The shroud is missing from the steering column and the ignition switch has been moved from the steering column to the dash so those things could be set proper if desired; The passenger side door top could be replaced but looks fine with the trim on it; The headliner is missing. It's stuff like that. Or. if you're looking to do something more ambitious like a complete restoration it would be easy on this vehicle because it was completely apart less than a year ago when the previous owner cleaned. repaired. and painted the frame so all the body hardware is clean and rust-free and could be easily removed. In addition to the photos. I made four videos. I highly encourage you to take a look at them as they say a lot more than what I can say here or what can be seen in the photos. All photos and videos were taken on Friday 12/5/14 - the day before this posting. Here are the four video links: http://youtu. be/M_-TE39DSA8 http://youtu. be/Bw-trVkCwUw http://youtu. be/5T4Pt2O6Bpg http://youtu. be/v6tQKlkG4zQ When I refer to "new" in the following paragraphs I mean within the last six months to a year: All four springs are new and parabolic. The shocks are also new. The radiator support panel is new-old-stock and completely rust free. No rust holes in the bulkhead or the footwells. The footwells were replaced by the previous owner. He didn't do a concourse job on it by they aren't bad either. They're rust-free with no holes. The frame had been patched in numerous places by the previous owner but then thoroughly painted to help prevent further corrosion. The frame is solid. but I did want to disclose that it has repairs. The battery is new. The alternator was rebuilt. Except for the glow plug heater indicator all gauges and lights work as do the turn signals. wipers. low fuel light and heater blower motor. I haven't been able to get the glow plug heater light in the dash to come on. The glow plugs work though because I've started it on some pretty cold days and it's always fired right up. The engine has a freeze plug style block heater. The tires are good. They have some dry cracking to them but they' have nice tread and don't leak. There is no spare tire and no jack. All engine and transmission mounts are new. The exhaust is solid. The brake lines are new. New side view mirrors on the front wings/fenders and interior rearview mirror. All three front seat backs are new. The bottoms are still nice with no tears. The back seat bottoms are nice as are the faces but the back of the seatbacks have tears and tape. Another "rolling restoration" fix that could be easily addressed. The interior trim is all there except for one small piece that goes in one of the rear corners. It all in pretty nice shape considering the age. If desired. I have a full-length galvanized roof rack and ladder (see photo) that bolt right on. I will include these items if desired for an additional $700. Yes. I have a reserve on the vehicle because I don't need to sell it. I'd like to though because I need the room for a new winter project. I'm not going to give it away. but I'm not trying gouge anyone either like some of these supposedly "restored" Rovers you see on here - Like the one I saw a while back where they're asking $30K. calling it a Defender when it's a 60's era SIIA and it doesn't even have interior trim panels on it. Anyway. this is not a concourse vehicle and has a reserve that is priced accordingly. If you don't want to wait for auction's end. I'm open to offers. The vehicle is located in SE Michigan just north of the Detroit suburbs. Buyer responsible for shipping or pick up. No type of warranty is being offered. Ebay does not allow for pre 1981 vehicles without a 17 digit VIN. The actual VIN for this vehicle is 94700290B. Please email with any questions. Thanks for your time.