RARE - 1930 Graham 2nd Series Special 8 Model 834 Dual Sidemount 7 Pass. Sedan

Condition: Used
Make: Other Makes
Model: 834
Type: 7 Passenger Sedan
Trim: Special 8 with Dual Sidemounts and Wire Wheels
Year: 1930
Mileage: 75,300
VIN: 622378
Color: Black
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual 4 speed
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Elk Grove, California, United States

Description of 1930 Other Makes 834

Graham-Paige was an American automobile manufacturer founded by brothers Joseph B. Graham, obert C. Graham, nd Ray A. Graham in 1927. Automobile production ceased in 1940, nd its automotive assets were acquired by Kaiser-Frazer in 1947

The first series 1930 cars were the last to bear the Graham-Paige name.The second series 1930 cars bore only the name "Graham," for "Paige" was reserved for a new line of commercial vehicles. (No changes were made in the corporate title, nd the public somehow never accepted the change, ontinuing to refer to the cars as "Graham-Paige" till the end).

New to the Grahamline were the Standard and Special Eights on 122 and 134-inch wheelbases and powered by 100 bhp, 98.6-cubic-inch straight eights: the Standard and Special Sixes on the 115 inch wheelbase. Mild alterations included more sharply vee-d radiators, detail shared with headlight and parking light lenses, nd a three-speed transmission was installed on the Standard models, he Special Eights like this one had a four speed transmission. Most notable was the optional availability of non-shattering safety plate glass on any model, n innovation developed in conjunction with Libbey-Owens-Ford, n which the Grahams retained substantial interest.

Graham-Paige production for 1930 followed predictable patterns of the industry: output dropped drastically, o 33,560 for the year, ess than half the 1929 high, nd the company lost five million dollars. The last Graham car produced was in 1941.

This Rare 1930 Special Eight 7 Passenger Sedan included 6 Wire Wheels,Radiator Louvers, ump seats and a 4 speed transmission with 4 wheels hydraulic brakes. There are a lot of the 6 cylinder 1930 Grahams out there, nd a few of the smaller Eights, ut it israre to find any of these Special Eight 7 passenger sedans on the large 134" wheelbase chassis. Google it, ee how many you can findpictures of or locate listed in a internet search. I have found one Special Eight Sedan that was an older restoration in 1982, red and black car,which is being advertised for sale in Arizona for $45,000, nd it is the smaller 5 passenger Model "822" which has a 122" wheelbase withwood spoke wheels and a rear mounted spare. No jump seats, o wire wheels, o side mount fenders, o radiator louvers. http://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=66431

This Is a great car, chance to get a rare car that is in excellent condition. Take it to showsand Concourses or just driveand enjoy it.


1930 Graham 2nd Series Special Eight. Vin # 622378. 134" inch wheel base. Current Mileage reads 75,254 and based on paperwork it appears the car was probablyrestored around 70,000 miles?. With an Eight cylinder gasoline engine at 298 cubic inch displacementat 100 bhp. 4 speed manual transmission. This car starts easily and runs good. The transmission works as it should. 4 wheel hydraulic brakes work well, ires are in good condition, ll gauges and lights are working. This is a very solid, onderfully elegant big car that looks very good. The interiorwas completely restored from carpet to headlineras part ofthe 1994 restoration. This car has rear jump seats and is a 7 passenger car. All 6 side windows open as does the windshield. Thermostatically controlled radiator louvers and all the chrome is perfect. The car comes with many receipts and all items in the photos. According to the receipts and logs the restoration was completed in 1994 and driven very little since. Apparently, ot everyone suffered during the great depression.


The oldest information available is the car was owned and registered toa gentleman in Corvallis, regon as of 1971. InApril of 1977 CCCA Member and car collector Jim Weston purchased the carat the Portland Swap meet and shipped it to San Francisco.In 1994 he had the car restored and it has been in his collection until he passed away. The 70k mile car had been driven very few miles from the time of its restorationuntil now and was kept with Mr. Weston'scollectionwhich was housed in his penthouse in San Francisco.In order to use the vehicle it had tobe moved by freight elevator from his collection downseveral stories to the street.

I havemost all of the receipts for parts and labor preformedduring therestorationprocess and other car related papers and his notes on when he drove the car, aid for gas and put oil in it. He evidently made constant notes on everything about his cars, assed that on to his mechanic and had any issues he found corrected, nd kept track of things even when they were going good. Based on what I have read,It appears the car was restored in time for a show in Scottsdale Arizona on May 1st, 994 and he drove the car after its restoration on 6/29/1995 to the San Ramon CCCA Caravan of which he wrote "No overheating despite delays in Caldecott Tunnel", e made this entryand said he had driven it 75 miles that day. On 5/6/1996 he drove it to the Hillsborough Concours de'Elegance.

Atthe time of restoration the entire interior was replacedwith everything new from the carpet to the headliner at a costat todays prices of over$10k, he paint was done inBlack Lacquer, nd all parts inside and out were given new chrome, ay too much stuff to list but I have all receipts. Companies involved with the restoration were White Post Auto Restorations, cKee Restorations Services, &L Antique Auto, range County Plating Company, an Jose Plating Works, merican Gear & Motor Service, aster Miles Radiator Service, orthCoast Restoration, omponent Finishing Powder Coating, lson's Gaskets, etro Classic Car rubber parts, estoration Specialties and Supply, aker Upholstery Works. The cost of restoration work for just the interior, aint and chrome would probably run you over $40,000 dollars just for those three items and that's not including everything else that was done to this car or the initial cost of buying the car.

This is a great car to have, ust drive it, njoy it and show it off. Buyer must make arrangements to transport or pick it up.

Car sold as is and has no warranties. Contact me if you would like to inspect the car, ee it in person, eed any additional photos or information or have any further questions.

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