20,811 Actual Mile One Owner Belvedere GTX 426 Dual Quad HEMI V8 4 Speed Dana 60

1967 Plymouth GTX Belvedere

Condition: Used
Make: Plymouth
Model: GTX
SubModel: Belvedere
Type: Other
Doors: 2
Year: 1967
Mileage: 20,810
Color: Blue
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Description for Plymouth GTX 1967


20,811 actual miles / Professional, round-up restoration completed in October of 2013
Goodguys 2015 Mopar Muscle Pick / Goodguys 2015 Award of Excellence winner
Original 426 cubic inch Hemi V8 / Original A833 4-speed manual transmission
Original Dana 60 rear axle / Correct Sure Grip differential / Correct 3.54 gears
Original sheetmetal / Correct Bright Blue Metallic paint
Correct Black vinyl interior
Sale includes: Original Broadcast Sheet / Original Certicard / Original vehicle registrations
Sale includes: Galen Govier paperwork / Restoration photos / Goodguys awards
Correct power steering / Correct power front disc and rear drum brakes
Original 14-inch wheels / Correct redline tires

Ever have one of those moments when you find a spectacular classic that seems too good to be true? The 'coolest of the cool' that's survived almost five decades of vehicle downsizing trends, uel thirsty gearheads and stoplight fisticuffs? Well, ou don't have to worry about getting pinched back to reality this time because this killer 1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX is a highly original, ully documented MoPar that's been professionally restored by some of the best names in the business! But wait, here's more. Not only is this award-winning hardtop a first class show queen that presents much nicer than when it rolled off the assembly line, t also wraps original sheetmetal around an original Hemi drivetrain that's logged only 20,811 miles. If you're looking for some tough, nvestment grade muscle that's fun to look at, blast to drive and ready to hit the show circuit as soon as it rolls out of our showroom, ongratulations, ou've found your next classic!


It seems only fitting that a super clean and equally fierce B-Body, ike this impressive Belvedere, ould begin its life in the golden California sun. Fast-forward to the late 20th century where the solid hardtop, till owned by its original purchaser, as thoroughly researched and carefully documented. And step in to the early 21st century when the car benefitted from a professional, round-up restoration that was completed in October of 2013.

When you're restoring a classic of this caliber, t's always good to start with an unmolested body that retains as much authentic feel as possible. Accordingly, his GTX's thorough reboot began with solid, ll-original sheetmetal that was stripped, ightened up and eventually reassembled by Classic Garage Automobile Restoration of Coeur d'Alene, daho. Once the stage was set for paint, hris Lidgerwood of Spokane, ashington's Extreme Customs sealed a sweet coat of correct Bright Blue Metallic base in tough and glossy clear. That pigment and metal work, abbing out at roughly $31K, as complemented with new stainless, ew emblems and an array of correct trim that includes a tint-free windshield, fresh vinyl roof, manual driver's mirror and chrome drip rails. And today, his Plymouth rolls as one stunning, rrow-straight showpiece that, n 2015, as bestowed a Goodguys Mopar Muscle Pick and a Goodguys Award of Excellence.


Authenticated by a famous 2468330 casting number and October 10th, 966 casting date, he car's original, 26 cubic inch Hemi benefitted from a completely documented rebuild that was conducted by Hemihaines of Daytona Beach, lorida. As Plymouth's top option for power hungry gearheads, hrysler's legendary elephant block utilizes cast iron heads, n oversquare bore, forged steel crank, orged steel rods, orged aluminum pistons and a hydraulic cam to twist stout 10.25 to 1 compression into a stated 425 horsepower and 490 lb./ft. of torque. All that high performance hardware spins in a familiar Hemi Orange block, hich hangs requisite Organisol-coated valve covers over correct, ow-restriction exhaust manifolds. Oxygen is supplied by a polished and decaled air cleaner, hich rides original Carter carburetors and a correct aluminum intake. Compression is sparked by Chrysler Electronic Suppression cables, hich are snapped onto a correct points distributor. And a correct, 6-inch radiator utilizes pliable hoses and old school squeeze clamps to cool combustion. Visually, he body-matched engine bay is both clean and accurate. Thanks to impeccable upkeep, he big mill cruises just as well as when it rolled out of the restoration shop. And naturally, roster of correct ancillaries includes items like factory decals, reproduction MoPar battery, n old school washer reservoir and a monochromatic brake booster.


Park this pristine GTX on a lift and you'll find a fully sorted undercarriage that's been finished to the same exacting standards as the car's impressive engine bay. Glossy blue 2-stage protects solid, riginal floors that probably haven't seen much daylight since the car's restoration. Behind the stalwart engine, n original A833 4-speed twists power to an original Dana 60 that's fitted with a correct Sure Grip differential and correct, .54 gears. That drivetrain rides a factory-spec suspension, hich mixes correct power steering with correct power front disc and rear drum brakes. The car's correct dual exhaust system centers an H-shaped crossover in front of factory replacement mufflers and polished stainless tips. And power scorches the pavement through original, orrectly painted steelies, hich spin correct 7.75-14 Firestone redlines around correct Plymouth hubcaps.


Open this Plymouth's solid doors and you'll find one of the coolest interiors ever bolted behind a big block engine. Billed as the 'Gentleman's Muscle Car' and finished in correct Black vinyl, t brings a real sense of class to a platform with a solemn and brutish nature. Front and center, correct combination of bench and bucket seats frame a correct fold down armrest. In front of those seats, classy dash frames decidedly retro telemetry above a rare Reverberator radio. At the sides of that dash, rnate door panels complement correct door toppers. Those panels are sandwiched between a tight headliner and clean carpet, hich frames an original Inland shifter. In front of the driver, correct, -spoke steering wheel frames a chrome, lymouth-branded horn ring. And behind the passengers, fully restored trunk hangs a fresh mat and correct jack over an original spare tire.


In addition to significant historical provenance, his Plymouth's substantial documentation includes Galen Govier VIN, ender Tag and Broadcast Sheet decodes. Here's a detailed look at how the car left Chrysler's Lynch Road assembly plant.


RS: Plymouth Belvedere GTX
23: 2-door hardtop
J: 426 cubic inch Hemi V8 that utilizes two 4-barrel carburetors to create 425 horsepower
7: 1967 model year
1: Produced at Chrysler's Lynch Road assembly plant
XXXXXX: Sequential Production Number


RS: Plymouth GTX
23: 2-door hardtop
73: 426 cubic inch Hemi V8 that utilizes two 4-barrel carburetors to create 425 horsepower
3: 4-speed manual transmission
48: 7.75x14 red streak tires
5: Five tires included with car
B23: Scheduled for production on Wednesday November 23rd, 966
05147: Shipping Order Number
15: Drip rail moldings
A6: 9.75-inch axle that's fitted with 3.54 gears
X8: Sure Grip differential
TP: Premium trim grade
R6: Vinyl bucket seats
MX: Black interior
P8: Bright Blue Metallic roof paint
N8: Bright Blue Metallic body paint
T1: Monotone paint style
UB: Black upper door frames
A1: 26-inch radiator
D9: Front disc brakes
E1: California Cleaner Air Package
F5: GTX special body style
R1: AM radio that's complete with a front speaker
Y6: Black vinyl roof
a5: Center front seat that's complete with a fold down armrest
b5: Molded bucket seats
j4: Sill moldings
u1: Sold car


B: B-line broadcast copy, ynch Road plant
081005: Job Sequence Number
B23: Scheduled for production on Wednesday November 23rd, 966
05147: Shipping Order Number
RS: Plymouth Belvedere GTX
23: 2-door hardtop
J: 426 cubic inch Hemi V8 that utilizes two 4-barrel carburetors to create 425 horsepower
7: 1967 model year
1: Produced at Chrysler's Lynch Road assembly plant
XXXXXX: Sequential Production Number
8: Bright Blue Metallic roof paint
8: Bright Blue Metallic body paint
1: Monotone paint style
B: Black upper door frames
306: Black vinyl roof
P: Premium trim grade
6: Vinyl bucket seats
X: Black interior
73: 426 cubic inch Hemi V8 that utilizes two 4-barrel carburetors to create 425 horsepower
393: 4-speed manual transmission
*: Dual exhaust
406: 9.75-inch axle that's fitted with 3.54 gears
408: Sure Grip differential
*: Front heater
421: AM radio that's complete with a front speaker
48: 7.75x14 red streak, ylon-belted tires
5: Five tires included with car
451: Power brakes
456: Power steering
471: California Cleaner Air Package
479: Front disc brakes
485: Center front seat that's complete with a fold down armrest
487: Cigar lighter
365: GTX special body style
509: Glovebox lock
*: Clear glass
*: No headrests
*: Driver's side manual rearview mirror
535: Drip rail moldings
564: Bucket seats
565: Rear armrests that are complete with ashtrays
691: Sold car
648: Police/Handling Package (Hemi Suspension)
544: Sill moldings
75: 426 Hemi distributor (Compliant with California Cleaner Air Package)
2462885: .94-inch front sway bar
2785934: 26-inch radiator
516: 426 Hemi V8 with manual transmission (Compliant with California Cleaner Air Package)
394: A833 Hemi 4-speed 18-spline manual transmission with an 11-inch clutch
634: 9.75-inch Dana 60 axle with 3.54 gears, Sure Grip differential and 10-inch drums
2538935: 35-tooth orange speedometer pinion
14: 14x5.5-inch stamped steel wheels
8: Bright Blue Metallic wheel paint
2823008: Hubcaps
45: R-model heavy duty propeller driveshaft
1857781: .92x41-inch left Hemi torsion bar
1857780: .92x41-inch right Hemi torsion bar
2539795: Left Hemi rear spring assembly
2539965: Right Hemi rear spring assembly
29: 4-speed with power disc brakes clutch and brake bracket
29: B-Body front disc brakes
2206832: Firm ride front shock absorbers
43: Firm ride rear shock absorbers
2642969: Series 27 heavy-duty red cap battery (70 amps)
13: B-Body floor shifter
X: Black steering column
12: 3-spoke steering wheel that's complete with horn button
X: Black steering wheel
18: B-Body Hemi/4-speed stub frame
2843225: Steel 7-blade engine fan (Compliant with California Cleaner Air Package)
1825932: 1.24-inch fan spacer
2806186: 26-inch radiator inlet hose
2658931: Heavy duty radiator outlet hose
00: Carter AFB dual Hemi carburetors (Compliant with California Cleaner Air Package)
00: Carter AFB dual Hemi carburetor chokes


An original Broadcast Sheet
Original accessory paperwork
An original Owner's Manual
An original Certicard
Original paperwork for a disc brake recall
Original vehicle registrations
Original vehicle prep paperwork
Galen Govier paperwork that includes the aforementioned breakdowns
Ample restoration photos
The car's Goodguys awards

Every car has a story. But how often is that story so good that it seems ripped from the pages of an octane-fueled fairy tale? Think about it: this incredible GTX is a rare, ighly authentic classic that, uring its long tenure with one owner, ogged less than 21K miles on mostly original hardware that's been professionally restored to an award-winning sheen. If you're looking for an exceptionally documented investment that enjoys near limitless appeal, his top-notch Plymouth is the car you've been dreaming of!