Condition: Used
Make: Toyota
Model: Tacoma
Trim: DLX
Year: 1985
Mileage: 240,000
VIN: JT4LN68D3F5002166
Color: White
Engine: 2.4 2LT TURBO DIESEL
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission: MANUAL 5 SPEED
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Los Osos, California, United States
Air Conditioning
Cassette Player, 4-Wheel Drive

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Private seller

Description of 1985 Toyota Tacoma TURBO DIESEL 2LT 4 CYLINDERS 5 SPEED 4X4

Here's your chance to own one the few FACTORY MADE Toyota Deluxe4wdpickupswith the rare turbo diesel that were made for and imported into the United States. Selling my 1985 Toyota "Hilux" Four wheel drive pickup. This is an original factory vehicle sent to Washington state; that is to say NONE of it was imported and put together by a shadetree mechanic. I registered it in California from the original owners.
This truck is completely stock and unmolested. Odometer and speedo are in MPH.Five speed manual, lt turbo diesel motor with CAST IRON HEAD (not aluminum), ual batteries, wd, ingle cab, ong bed, ast year of the straight front axle, anual injection pump, C blows cold, eater blows hot, eceiver hitch, R5 wheels. I never ran biodiesel or veggie oil through it, ut I imagine it would be THE vehicle to covert. Not to mention there is almost nothing electrical needed to keep this motor running. Which makes it a good end of the world apocalypse vehicle. NEVER smoked in.Has some small areas of rust (no bigger than a dime, s shown in pictures), ut other than that is really straight. Rust under truck is minimal and can be seen in the video link below. The bed was repainted by the previous owners, ut the cab is original paint and pinstriping. She is not a rocketship, ut chugs along at 65 no problem and straight as an arrow. Starts right up, oes not smoke at all, ven when starting on cold mornings. Not sure how other states operate, ut in CA you don't need to smog this diesel because it's pre 1998. Everything works. This is an extremely rare truck, specially in as good of shape as it's in.
IMPORTANT NOTE ON MILES: It has high miles, ut that's due to living a majority of its life being towed behind an RV around the United States, o it reads 240000 but the trucks seems to have more around 150000. When I bought the truck it still had the tow bar mounts on the bumper, nd if you look closely on the photos, t still has one cause I couldn't get a wrench on the back side to get the nut off! This motor is just gettin broken in. Besides, f you think the 22r motor is bullet proof, his thing will go a million miles if taken care of! I've had it for a little over a year, ut decided I need something with four doors cause I'm gettin hitched and will have kiddos soon.
$500 deposit required at end of auction. Deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and covers my ebay fees, ime for listing, nd potential value lost due to listing item multiple times. Winner is responsible for arranging pickup or shipping within 7 days of end of auction.
No pay pal accepted, xcept to pay for deposit.

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A couple good questions have been asked, o I will respond here in case anyone else is interested:
Does the truck overheat/any compression/cylinder head issues?
I've been using this truck to do a 90 mile commute once a week and it has NEVER even thought about getting hot. There's a couple large grades that put cooling systems to the test, nd it passes with flying colors. You will see a slight raise on the temp gauge, rom normal operating temp (1/4) to about the half way mark on the gauge. Never anywhere near getting hot. Does not consume coolant. Coolant is green and oil is black. No leaky head gasket. I have put several thousand miles on this vehicle over the last couple years and would drive it to South America right now, f that says anything.
Are there any leaks from anywhere?
There is some oil present on the bottom of the engine, ut it does not produce an excessive amount. Maybe a couple drops over night while sitting. And not enough for me to have to add oil all the time. I've owned the truck for a couple of years and have added no more than a half quart over that entire time. The steering knuckles are wet, o I assume there is a seal that needs replacing there.
Is the factory glow plug circuit present and functioning?
Yes it is

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Couple more notes:
++I hadn't driven the truck in a couple months until yesterday, hen, or the record, t started right up and drove 100 miles without batting an eyelash. But I noticed that I made a mistake when building the ad. The truck has 271,000 miles, ot 240,000 like I wrote. Sorry for the mix up, have several vehicles right now and somehow had it in my head that was the miles. At any rate, here is a Hobbs meter to record the hours the ignition was on, ecause, s I stated before, he truck was towed behind an RV for most of it's life, hus the odometer does not reflect the actual miles. The miles the truck dove itself are actually quite a bit less, hich explains why the truck is in as good of shape as it is. I did some research on hours vs miles and it seems that the general consensus is that vehicles average between 30-40 mph over the life of the vehicle. This vehicle was towed long distances on highways between destinations, nd then used locally to drive around, o there's a good chance its lifetime average speed is much less than 30 mph. But, et's play it safe and say it actually did average 30 mph.
The calculation goes as follows:
30 Miles/Hour X 5380 hours = 161,400 miles
I am by no means an expert in this realm, r mechanic by trade, ut the wear and tear on the truck seems to align more with a vehicle that has around 160 k miles than one with 270 k. Just wanted everyone to be aware of the situation.
++Turbo is in working condition and spools up nicely as you can hear in the video
++There is a throttle adjuster under the steering wheel so you can adjust idle speed from inside the cab.