1958 Chevrolet Impala WHITE CONVERTIBLE TOP

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala
Year: 1958
Mileage: 36,750
VIN: F58A137627
Color: RIO RED
Engine: 348 4BBL
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: AUTOMATIC
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: RED/CHARCOAL/GREY
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Citra, Florida, United States
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Description for Chevrolet Impala 1958

RESTORED 58 convertible in excellent condition.i bought this for my father in law at a CRUSE auction in ft lauderdale over 20 years ago( back when CRUISE was one of the biggest names in classic car auctions).i bought it for my business partner and promptly told my father in law about it. he was so excite, "he said if he does'nt like it please sell it to me, as that is my dream car". i had gone there to buy a early 50's cadillac convertible for him, but the price had jumped on them 100% in 1 year so i found this paticularly nice 58 chevy in reo red (i believe was the color name). in a flash it was mine. at the last minute i decided to sell it to my father in law as he would appreciate it much more than my wealthy partner. ( as he would have driven it once or twice and never have a desire to drive it again ). example: i bought him a fuel injected 57 corvette over 25 years ago and he drove it twice. FINALLY ( 7 years late, I got him to sell it to me.) i still have it to this day...SO my father in law has babied it since that day. it is MUCH nicer today than it was 20 years ago after a full restoration. he sadly passed away recently and i am selling it for the estate.my wife took it out of its trailer today and took it for a drive. it runs and drives perfectly. when i washed it i told my self there must be 20 coats of wax on this car.the paint is high gloss( no orange peel at all) and in great condition.on a 1-10 i would rate this car a 8.5 with 10 being perfect. the only thing that keeps it from being a 9.5 or 10 is it IS an older restoration, but it looks like a fresh restoration.i have alot of classic european sports cars. i recently bought a perfectly restored 52 xk120 jaguar. (it is a 3 year old restoration.) in brilliant black. this impala has an equal gloss on it as the jaguar does and the previous owner spent over $20,000 on the paint job alone on the jaguar. the interior looks new and top/tires and engine are all like new.he has taken more trophies than there was room in his shop to store them.i have pictures of him on the track in daytona beach with this car. it was used as a prop in a young Hawaiian tropics sun tan oil beauty contest at the speedway. it is equipped with the desirable 348 engine with 4 bb carb. 1958 is the FIRST YEAR of the IMPALA,and the first year of the big 348 engine, it was the biggest engine Chevrolet ever made up to that point.the car is easy to keep tuned and runs tirelessly at turnpike speeds.it is also equipped with a continental kit,and fender skirts. under the spare tire cover is a new wide white tire shown in pics . this car shows as good under the hood and trunk as any car i have or have owned. today i took my wife out for a drive in it as it was the first time it had been driven by anyone else in well over 20 years. i though it fitting for his daughter( my wife) to be the first person to drive it after his passing. she had a smile on her face the whole time. everyone gave her thumbs up at every stoplight!!--the car does'nt leak any oil that i can see,not does it burn any oil( smoke) the engine is real quiet. the powerglide transmission shifts easy and smooth. the passing gear kick down is also adjusted properly. --this is a turn key drive it home; drive it across country type of vehicle. the chrome is also equally as nice as the rest of the car.i ran out of good overhead sunlight tonight,so i only took limited pictures of it. tomorrow i will take more detailed ones and post them on ebay tomorrow asap.i am selling it at a NO RESERVE auction,with a buy it now of $85,000. i feel after examining the market; it is at least a $100,000 car. many people want $120-$140k for theirs. if it does'nt sell on ebay, i will register it at the big week long MECUM Kississimme Florida auction in january. i thought i would give someone a chance to make a really good buy. the auctions today usually charge 17% commission on the sellers as well as the buyers price.SO if this car sold for the buy it now price of $85,000 AT AUCTION; it would cost the buyer approx $100,000 at auction,with buyers fees PLUS state sales tax on the full amount. by buying privately you can save substantially on sales tax fees, as well . SO i am offering this car for a quick sale at a substantial savings to a person in the market for a restored classic 58 chevy convertible. the administrator of the estate would like to close out the estate by the end of the year to avoid addtl attorney fees and personal property taxes on the car, as it is registered in Missouri, where they have such tax. her dad had a home in Missouri for the summers and he wintered in his R/V in florida in the winters,so it was never exposed to any winter driving conditions.i am also adding a buy it now option for the people who do not have a lightening fast computer and loose the bid at the last 3-15 seconds before the auction ends.i have had this happen to me in the past (several times) thus i always offer it when i sell something .I have a large collection of classic motorcycles and iF A BUY IT NOW PRICE IS OFFERED, i usually use the buy it now price if its something i want,and if is a fair price. today the 58's have surpassed in valu, "the iconic57 chevy convertble".i always admired the 58 over the 5, even as a kid. i tried to talk my dad into a new one back in 1958. he was worried about the economy in '58 but once recovered; he bought a new 59 impala. to me ;there is no comparison between a '58 and a '59. the 58's are much more attractive, rare,and they DO NOT make to my knowledge new reproduction bodies for '58 like they do for the 57's. as a result of these new bodies available, the 57's are pretty common today. it is a sight for sore eyes to see a bright red 58 convertible.. there just are not many of these around anymore.i remember when i bought it; dave rupp, the person putting the auction on in ft lauderdale under CRUISE organization and promotion( dave was THE dave rupp of the RUPP mini bike fame back in the 50's and 60's). after jokingly complaining on how much i had to pay for it,he told me," there are more buyers for the 58 convertibles than there are cars" you will never loose any money on that car...and that was over 20 years ago.( he was right)..any questions feel free to call me 352-598-7431( terry)