Dodge,318,V8,5.2,Carter,2bbl,Chrysler,8.25 rear,A904,Plymouth,Mirada,wheels

1982 Chrysler New Yorker ,Fifth Avenue,M body,NO RESERVE,Cold A/C,Mopar,A.T

Condition: Used
Make: Chrysler
Model: New Yorker
SubModel: ,Fifth Avenue,M body,NO RESERVE,Cold A/C,Mopar,A.T
Type: Sedan
Trim: Fifth Avenue
Year: 1982
Mileage: 36,539
VIN: 2C3BF66K2CR161869
Color: Gold
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: Rear wheel drive
Interior color: Brown
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Loveland, Colorado, United States
Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Alloy Mirada wheels

Description for Chrysler New Yorker 1982

This car is being relisted due to a ZERO feedback bidder winning the auction and unbelievably not following through. Please make sure you have the money and integrity before bidding on this vehicle. We sadly do not have any time for games here.

Here is a neat old car that would be a fun cosmetic restoration project for a young enthusiast. It runs and drives pretty amazing for it's age.My wife and I are both licensed dealers and are selling this car, ree of charge, or our 86 year old neighbor/friend who is suffering from Ahlzheimers disease and dementia. He is now in assisted living facility. Obviously, e no longer drives. We areselling this vehicle solely for his benefit, ot through our business. 100% of the proceeds will go towards funding of his living expenses. Every bit helps. He is/was a lifelong Chrysler product enthusiast and enjoyed the hobby inside and out. I am by no means a Chrysler expert, ut I am well rounded on many vehicles in general. I willtry to accurately describe this vehicleas well asother assets that we slowly will be liquidating from his estate. I do not have any significant personal ownership experiences with these vehicles, o asking me questions like what kind of gas mileage, r when was the transmission last serviced will be an exercisein futility. Please keep in mind I work two full time jobs and may not be able to give animmediate response to all questions. They will, owever,be answered.

The wording you will find below is from our Dealer format that we use to describe vehicles that wesell on a regular basis. Much of the basics are applicable to this sale.If you have any questions, lease feel free to contact me ay (970) 214-0979. Thanks, hris

IMPORTANT: If you are new to Ebay and have less than 5 previous transactions completed, r have less than a 95% positive feedback rating, ou MUST contact me before placing a bid. Either call first @ (970) 214-0979, r contact us through the upper right "ask seller a question" button on this listing. We welcome and certainly appreciate your business, ut we absolutely need to know we are dealing with a legitimate buyer planning on following through on their purchase. By placing a bid on our vehicle, ou are entering a legal binding contract to purchase the vehicle. This means if you are the high bidder at auctions end, ou agree to purchase it, nd you own it. (not inspect & think about it later). I have never been to an auction anywhere where this policy is any different. We have had a few people win top bid and experience buyers' remorse. Oh sorry, changed my mind, ife won't let me have it, on't have the money, hought it was new, on't like the paint, tc.etc.etc. . ....Well, t doesn't work that way !?!?. Folks, he time to inspect is BEFORE you buy! Understand, e still owe the Auto auctions for these vehicles. It still costs us a week of our time answering questions and $$+ in ebay listing fees, they do not refund us. We are a small mom and pop business and do not have the time, or the extra money for those games. Be ABSOLUTELY sure you are able to follow through on your bid. We will take ALL legal actions necessary to protect our interests should it need to come down to that. I know this all sounds terrible, ut unfortunately it must be said for the few that have ruined it for the rest of us. Thanks for understanding.

Brief Description.This33 year old car is being offered exactly asseen,andI believe it will make someone a nice, ffordable project/ride. The car runs and drives strong withoutmajor issue. There are 24 pictures of thiscarthat should illustrate and cover most ofyour cosmetic questions.Thiscaris extremely dry underneath. No rust on the body anywhere. And I mean ZERO. Thepaintcondition is overall POOR. The paint on the roof, ood, runk, s faded and discolored. There was a poor attempt to do some driveway body work/filler in 2 areas,shown in the pics.Odometer shows 36,539 miles. Ihave no way to prove it, ut they are believed to be original. The steering wheel leather, edals, nd driver seat says original to me. Still has many factory items that point that direction. Original Mopar radiator hoses. etc... Again, have no way ofproving, ut there are a lot of clues. Overall, his isa greatcar to get you where you need to goaffordable and safely.The engine runsstrong and holds excellent oil pressure. The carburetor choke isrunning a bit rich, o it needs to be warmed up a bit before going anywhere until it clears itself /warms up. There is no blue smoke, icking, nocking, verheating, ripping, r strange noises. The underside is as dry as you can get. No oil leaks. No check engine or other warninglights on of any kind. Theautomatic transmission shiftsthrough all the gears exactly as it should.The heater and,the A.C.blows ice cold!!!.Steering feelstight. Nowander.Brakes stopgood.No screeching noises or pulling.The fuel tank works correctly with the gauge and pump. Wipers are not shown in photos, ut are already installed and new.turn signals,lights, ower seats, power windows,work! Passenger front power window tries to move but regulator is bound up. The power locks all seem to operate but don't have enough power to actually do work.Allemissions equipmentis in place and un tampered with.Again, hepainthasseveralcosmetic imperfections. Please refer to photos.The tires arevery good to excellentall the way around.Theseats areelectrical and fully adjustable. Very comfortable.Nice interior! No rips, ears, r stains. The headliner is saggy. (33 years old). The radio works, ut the volume knob is touchy/ scratchyand inconsistent. This car isfun to drive. When was the last time you saw one this original? I have been driving it all over town forthe lastweek. It gets thumbs up wherever you go. It has not left me stranded and I would not hesitate to take this car coast to coast. Oil is clean and antifreeze is up to level. The fuel pump is brand new. Get your bids in early, t's going to sell!I think it'sgoing to make the next ownerhappy, specially for the price.Since I am only human, here's a good chance that I've missed some small or even large stuff.If there's something specific important to you that hasn't been addressed, lease contact me and I'll try and get you an answer. My name is Chris, y cell # is (970)214-0979.


We have sold Many, any cars, rucks, nd SUV'shere on Ebay and have maintained an exceptional feedback rating. Understand we are not trying to hide anything and WANT you to know EXACTLY what it is that you are bidding on. As you can imagine, ith any used vehicle, t is nearly impossible to cover every last square inch in detail with this brief listing description. These vehicles will generally needwork,which shouldn't be too bad if you are handy withhand tools and are familiar with the inside of an auto parts store.I'm absolutely sure the vehicle will need some kind of work or maintenance (just like any other used vehicle out there). Please be realistic on your expectations. We do not perform restorations on these vehicles. -We also don't sell them for full retail prices either. Wedo try to tell you of problems we notice. That doesn't mean we have never missed something.If there is something important to you that has not been covered, LEASE ASK questions and I will try to get you the answer A.S.A.P. We have maintained an exceptionally good positive feedback rating here on Ebay since 2001. We are not going anywhere, nd are in this business for the long haul. PLEASE review the pictures carefully, s they are invaluable to show possible cosmetic things you may want to know about. .........PLEASE feel free to ask questions!

The final bid is the sale price. There will be no set asides, llowances, r haggling after the auctions end. This vehicle is also being offered for salelocally,For $2600 so we reserve the right to end this auction early if obviously necessary, r for any reason.I will end the auction early forour askingprice. I believe you will find our pricescompetitive with ANY comparable / year/ mileage/ condition vehicle. That doesn't mean this is written in stone and I am not willing to listen to offers. Please contact me at (970) 214-0979 for any questions not already answered on here. For us to end the auction early, with an agreed upon "buy it now" price), nbsp;it will require an immediate $500 deposit thru Pay pal and Full payment thru bank to bank transfer within 24 hours. We can safely store this vehicle for free for up to 3 weeks (or even longer) after full payment has been received.

Who are we and how can we be contacted? We are C&J Auto Sales located at 288 N. Garfield Ave., oveland Co. 80537. My name is Chris and my wife's name is Jen. We are a small family owned business that has been selling to the public for approx. 9+ years. (By small, mean just my wife and I). We keep our overhead as low as possible. We also purchase most of our reconditioning parts off Ebay to support the community that has supported us so well throughout the years. My wife and I both wholesaled for several years before that, o we are not new to the business. My phone # is (970) 214-0979. I would say the best way to contact me (if you have a specific question about a vehicle) is through Ebay "ask seller a question, as I am rarely standing right next to a vehicle that you may be interested in, eady to give an on the spot description). I do check my email often, nd will give you an answer back ASAP.

Shipping. All shipping costs and arrangements are the buyer's responsibility. We will gladly assist the shipping company of your choice. YOU will need tomake your arrangements withyour shipper. I have a reliable shipper that we would recommend. Their name is "Carson Family Transport" and their phone # is (573) 418-2701. Ask to speak with Tom. Obviously, hese vehicles will not leave our possession until full payment has CLEARED. Vehicles need to be picked up within 3 weeks of auction end unless previous arrangements have been made. You are more than welcome and encouraged to pick up the vehicle in person, traight off the lot.Many of our customers have flown in and driven home. The Airport you would be flying into is D.I.A. (Denver International Airport). There is an affordable bus shuttle thattravels to Loveland. Check out: Please contact us beforehand to ensure our schedules don't conflict. As a licensed Colorado dealer, e are legally CLOSED on Sundays. (State Law). Please make sure you do not show up for delivery on a Sunday.

Inspections. I highly encourage inspections on all vehicles offered, ither in person, r by a hired professional. This is to satisfy YOU. There are many different companies that specialize in doing nothing but that. They generally charge between $100-$175 and THAT may truly be a bargain to give you piece of mind and any additional info you may need. The vehicle will be made available for inspection by appointment. If you decide to forego the inspection, here really is no reason you should be unhappy about anything after the auction has ended. Most of our vehicles are generally purchased at dealer only auctions for the sole purpose of resale. We sell these vehicles FAR below any dealer retail prices. This gives you room for any additional repairs that you see fit. They have not undergone ANY type of inspections/ or specific tests for ANYTHING. This includes emissions and safety inspections. We cannot guarantee compliance of the vehicle for your state, ecause every state has different requirements as far as safety and emissions inspections are concerned. Again, OU ARE BUYING A USED VEHICLE AS-IS/ NO WARRANTY. All descriptions given are a general observation based on very limited contact with the vehicles. Our definition of nice may not be the same as someone else's. It's just a matter of opinion. I will say, owever, e have been able to maintain an impressive positive feedback rating here on Ebay which doesn't happen by accident or by trying to swindle people. (Especially when dealing with used vehicles that people sometimes expect to be new). I buy, s well as, ell on Ebay and don't like giving or getting surprises.You should expect to do some type of basic scheduled maintenance or repairs to any USED vehicle listed on here, r for that matter, nywhere. The one thing I can promise you FOR SURE is that ANY used vehicle you buy will need something. In conclusion, t is ULTIMATELY the buyer's responsibility to have fully satisfied themselves as to the overall condition of the vehicle.

Titles: We are a licensed bonded, nd insured Colorado motor vehicle dealer. All vehicles that we purchase and offer for resale have a clear Title. (meaning no lienholders). We do NOT knowingly deal in any vehicles with salvage title histories, eriod. The State of Colorado, long with many other states, utomatically exempt the recorded mileage on the title for any vehicle over ten years old, nd over 100,000 miles. Therefore, n these vehicles, he titles will simply be "exempted miles" and have a "0" indicated for odometer reading.We also occasionally need to title these vehicles in our business' name if they are from out of state and do not have room for any further reassignments. This may take up to 30 days, nd we have no control over that, s we are at the States mercy . The bottom line is: you will receive a transferrable title to the vehicle either at the time of purchase or usually within 30 days by mail. We haveNEVER run into any instance where we could notget a title for our customer. WE HAVE TITLE IN HAND ON THIS CHRYSLER NEW YORKER FIFTH AVENUE. IT IS FULLY TRANSFERRABLE.

***Please keep in mind that mileage may increase slightly from local customers inspecting and taking test drives.

***By winning auction/ purchasing this vehicle from C&J Auto Sales, he parties of this transaction agree that all legal proceedings regarding, r in any way related to this transaction, hall only be filed in Loveland, arimer County, olorado, nd no place else.

***Winning bidder must contact us within 24 hours of auction end. All non-paying high bidders will be reported to Ebay and negative feedback will be posted.

***Preparing, isting, nd managing these online auctions costs real time and money. Please have all your financing in place before bidding.

***We are selling the above stated vehicle outright. We are not offering financing or accepting any trades on this vehicle.

***Please do not contact me concerning reserves on vehicles listed. Figure out what the vehicle is worth to you, nd bid up to that amount.

***PAYMENT. These auctions are a significant part of our family's livelihood and we rely on it's results to make ends meet. For that reason, he auction is taken VERY seriously. Please make sure you don't have any reasons that would prevent you from following through on the transaction. This includes the required deposit, hich is due within 24 hours of auctions end. The complete remaining balance is due within 3 days of the auctions end. We DO NOT accept any credit cards. We do prefer bank to bank electronic transfer because we have never run into any issues that way. It also posts immediately. Cashiers checks are also acceptable. Cash in personis obviously never turned down!

***You MUST be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid USA drivers license to purchase this vehicle. We CANNOT sell a vehicle without a valid drivers license.

***If you are new to Ebay and have less than 5 previous transactions completed, r have less than a 95% positive feedback rating, ou MUST contact me before placing a bid. Please don't take this the wrong way, realize everyone starts out here on Ebay as a Zero feedback member. I would love to talk to you in person if you have any questions about bidding on/ buying our vehicle. Please feel free to contact me if you are truly interested in purchasing. This ensures that I am dealing with a serious bidder/buyer and keeps the auction fair for everyone involved. Thank you for understanding, id often,and best of luck!