1975 Sebring Vanguard Ciitcar

1975 Other Makes Sebring Vanguard

Make: Other Makes
Model: Sebring Vanguard
Trim: Citicar
Year: 1975
Mileage: 2,000
Color: Blue
Engine: Electric
Fuel: Electric
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Northville, Michigan, United States

Description for Other Makes Sebring Vanguard 1975

Sebring Vanguard Citicar. Built in the 1970's as a answer to the OPEC oil crisis. Was one of the largest electric car producers in modern times before the advent of the modern electric car. Now a fun electric car project that really turns heads. I have had this in multiple car shows and people (especially kids) really get a kick out of it. For day-to-day driving, you should think of it as a covered golf cart. The max speed is 35 mph and that is really the fastest you should ever go. Would be perfect for an island or retirement community. Some golf courses will allow them on the course, so you can drive on the road to the golf course and then also drive the course! Take that, Bubba!
I bought this from a guy who always had it garaged and I have always had it garaged so the mechanical parts are in surprisingly good shape for the age of the vehicle. I replaced the master cylinder and all the brake cylinders and a lot of the brake lines. I replaced the DC DC convertor, the motor controller (upgraded to Alltrax), had the electric motor rebuilt, got a new windshield washer arm, and I had a mechanic go through and check all the grounds so the electrical works fine. The batteriy wiring is new and from a GEM electric car. In addition, I added a USB port to connect to the Alltrax (via USB serial port convertor). I also salvaged some very rare black seats with the Vanguard logo embossed on them from a 1973 Citicar. I have never seen seats like that anywhere else. It has a some neon on the front that I put there for fun. I have a valid Michigan title for it so it and had it registered and was driving it legally on the road.
Negatives are that the body is rough. The ABS plastic has cracked and is missing some pieces. This can be repaired with ABS repair kits, and there are some NOS panels available for sale from another seller. The vehicle looks OK from a distance though. The front windshield is currently plexiglass and should be replaced with regular glass. The car has been sitting and definitely needs new batteries and probably some other things. It is a 40 year old vehicle.
***Important!*** I hate to have to post this because I think that people are adults and should understand this without me repeating it, but I have had some bad experiences. This is an auction. That means that once you have the high bid, it is yours and you need to pay for it. It does not mean that you begin the negotiations to try to lower the price. It does not mean that you can pay me in two months once you get your tax return. It does not mean that you come and inspect it to decide if you want to pay. You have time to come and look at the vehicle and ask questions before the auction ends. This is the time to do that. Not after the auction ends. I am moving overseas and am in the process of selling my house. I do not have time to deal with people who do not pay, cannot pick up, etc. Please be serious about your bid or do not bid.I will be in the States for three weeks only. That includes the week of the auction, so you will really only have two weeks. You need to have picked up the car by then. A $500 deposit is due immediately at the end of the auction. If you do not pay the deposit, then I will assume that you are not serious and relist and report it as non-payment. Sold where is and as is.
Shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. The Citicar will fit on the back of a UHaul trailer but then you cannot open the doors anymore to get out (you have to crawl out the window). Some people have transported one in the back of a full sized pickup but I don't know how the heck they got it into the bed. The seller will not be responsible for any damage that occurs while loading or transporting the vehicle. I will try to be as flexible as I can and help you as much as I can with the pick up, but I am also very busy at the moment.
It is a project car but a lot of work has already been done, its easy to work on, very unique, and very head-turning and kids love it. It is also a piece of automotive history. There is a Citicar on display at the Henry Ford museum. There is a very active Citicar fan group that has annual events and provides tips and trivia.
Will post pictures when I have them, so mark this as a favorite and come back in a few days if you are interested.